The King’s Moment


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He Liang, once a genius rookie on the KPL scene, had a disappointing gaming career, and eventually, it ended with his retirement. His brother, He Yu could not bear to see his brother’s despair and decides to follow his footsteps at becoming a professional gamer in The King’s Glory. Having watched countless professional matches, he passionately rushed at his glorious moment.

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New ambots13 rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: v1c58
Starts off with a depressing and interesting story of his brother. This novel reminds me of Omniscient reader where the protagonist has high knowledge of the field but has no skill to back it up yet, rather than a typical Wuxia Novel power-up formula that we are comfortable of.

If you have read Kings Avatar then you will have the same feels when it comes to E-Sports as a fan, however, it is more focused on character development rather than team development which is a fresh experience.

A unique type of story.... more>> I give it 5/5 despite the hard to understand characters (if I had to give constructive criticism, it might help the new readers to get some notes from the translator regarding the characters played; it is hard to read this if you have little to no knowledge in MOBA especially Kings Glory where I myself have never played it aside from its cousin Mobile Legends and Dota)

Can't wait for more, keep it coming :) <<less
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springbuns rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: v1c47
Another eSports novel! From BB, too! So far, so good. Matches are very detailed. Although there's only like 3-5 skills since it's a moba game (unlike TKA's Glory which is an mmorpg thus more skills), the fights are interesting.

Trans are good, only I kinda wish there were eng trans of the team names as well as some characters' in-game names.
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Chriar rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: v1c30
Glad to see someone finally picked this up. A bit too early to really have a strong opinion about it, but so far TKM has been pretty good. Definitely getting some TKA vibes.

Only real problem I've been having is getting all the champion names straight. Thankfully most of the champions have been historical figures.
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