The King of the Battlefield


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Humanity was on the brink of destruction. Muyoung, an assassin from the Forest of Death, fell to his knees. There were corpses all around him. For years, he had worked for the Forest of Death and had finally been able to eradicate them. Now, he, himself, was about to die. He closed his eyes as he felt his heart stop beating.

Suddenly, Muyoung opened his eyes. By some miracle, he was still alive. He then realized that he had actually gone back 40 years in time. Join him as he decides to fix humanity’s past mistakes and fight against the 72 demons of the Underworld.

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Vị Vua Trên Chiến Trường
전장의 화신
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BrotherofHavok rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: c107
Absolutely love this light novel (LN). Main character (MC) is badass, vicious and takes no-sh*t from anyone. Bides his time when necessary and then absolutely slaughters everyone when he gets the chance. I came to this series after reading Summoned Slaughterer and I have to say that if you liked that series you're going to like this series.
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Aina Seira
Aina Seira rated it
August 24, 2016
Status: c59
Yeah, there are several similarities with Reincarnator. There is the concept of humans being sent to Otherworld (Reincarnator) or Underword (TKOFTB), time traveling of the MCs, systems and rewards. Of course, there are also many differences and one of the biggest one is the plot narration. For me, TKOTB is almost like some Xianxia stories. I understand that the MC managed to get the good stats, equipments and skills because of the past experiences and knowledge from the previous lifetime and it's actually almost similar to Reincarnator's MC. However, I... more>> just can't shake the feeling that when I read The King of the Battlefield I was reading a xianxia. And honestly, I'm getting tired of the xianxia type so...

But I can't deny that the plot is good. Readers who love steady story progression and clear and logical narration will like this. I can say that the MC is somehow cool and his coldness is a plus point for people who like MCs who acts cool and OP. Though it only really reminds me of Xianxia because most of the MCs there were like that. <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
July 22, 2016
Status: c31
I was skeptical at first. A former brainwashed assassin who killed heroes and tyrants alike, being sent back in time for the chance to save humanity... you can't say it's unique. Very similar to Reincarnator, for instance. However, the execution so far has been close to flawless. This is easily in the top 3 novels I look forward to most now.

The world is incredibly rich, and gives off a feeling of being much deeper than what the author has revealed so far. With mysterious figures like the Masters of Darkness... more>> and neutral/moderate demons, this is more than just another "humans vs. evil" story.

Combat is brilliantly written IMO, and a true pleasure to read. Too often have I skipped fight scenes in other novels, since it's just an endless cycle of DBZ-esque shouting and punching. Here it's visceral, realistic, and imaginative. I actually find myself wishing that the conflict lasted for even just another paragraph - it's that good.

It has the typical RPG game elements of skills, stat points and equipment. But do you know that feeling you get when you get an extremely good weapon in an ARPG, and you can't wait to try it out, knowing that it's going to be bloody awesome? That's exactly what I felt whenever the MC got a power up.

Oh my god, the powers - see, secret classes are a thing here, and they're wonderful. When the MC got his first class, I knew that it had a ton of potential, and the author delivered. It's a very macabre version of Weed's power from The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, and it's already proved to be amazing. I can't wait to see what else he does with this power, leave alone with all the other classes he has yet to unlock.

What about the MC? He's satisfyingly ruthless and cold. Personality's fairly plain, but you've got to expect that given his background. I really like his goal, though; it's not just something abstract like "save humanity", it's a very concrete goal of wiping out the assassin guild he was once part of before it can do so much damage.

There's a lot of good and original ideas here. It's very fun. I can only hope that the author doesn't mess it up later. <<less
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Baddermawan rated it
June 29, 2016
Status: c23
Great storytelling. The author's psychologically approach on human vs demons makes the story's world rich and gripping. MC also smart and strife to grow in different directions than his former life.

My only complaint is the translation speed need to gear up as to not make this amazing story be forgotten sooner than later.
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askrack rated it
June 27, 2016
Status: --
ok am leaving a 5 since I like the story, same as reincarnator with more lucky lucky, I mean the author should just include the same names by this stage.

Similar plot, similar MC mentality and even same expression of feelings "he clicked his tongue". Just reincarnator with more luck. Anyway, I am still gonna keep reading it because I like the plot, and I would recommend it after reincarnator to people
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zendrix rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: c162
The book started off really well, I liked the premise I liked the main character and I liked the future displayed by the author. If you think I hated the book from the get go your wrong I read till chapter 162 where the problems that started to show earlier on become really obvious and painful to avoid ruining the book. This may seem like a long rant and you'd be right because I really liked the novel to begin with and I love the style very rarely is necromancy... more>> done well for example but the author screwed it up.


he has just defeated literally the incarnation of a god who then sacrifices himself to make an immortal monster who can learn any skill a human has and can endlessly get stronger through consuming the MC defeats with an even s*upider item that is so overpowered that he should have used earlier.. further complaints in the other spoiler


The beginning is good! However as you read on you notice it starts not making sense.... He goes from really weak to really powerful that's fine, but the author then repeats he's op no he's not op wait he has secret op ability oh no he's suddenly not op.

The power level system also fails one moment he can be classed as one of the strongest then he isnt, then despite him being the strongest he can't do this.

This isnt a spoiler but here is an example you get stronger based on stats and every 100 stat limit you break you body goes through a metamorphosis... You can gain stats by putting on equipment to go through metamorphosis.... then remove that equipment Clans/guilds (no difference just the culture of the majority) are described as rediculasly overpowered as they take over sites have over powered items but apparently don't understand and can't use them.


lawless guild has a talisman that is so op that all guilds want one and if used with a little wish something guilds apparently have becomes a true wish which only the most powerful Saint in the history of man kind could use by giving up her life.... To wreck demon god's (demon gods control demon kings

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miscjt rated it
January 26, 2020
Status: c247
85/100 for me. Well worth it if you like an adventure/vengeance story mixed in with great character development. Only real gripes were that at times Muyoung's progression was hard to follow (either extremely rapid or in ways that weren't entirely clear) -- and that there didn't seem to be any real emphasis on 'territory development' so it was hard to empathise with that portion of his journey.

Still, a solid read and I'd recommend it!
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June 26, 2019
Status: c73
The first chapters felt like there was nothing amazing. There were times that I would go ??? Because some things just didn't make sense. The MC didn't appeal to me at all.

But then shabam!

I didn't know what happened but the story just made a turn around. The MC started to become awesome, badass and likeable and quite resourceful too. He didn't made me cringe, not the same as the earlier chapters. I guess you should never really judge a story.

I have read up until ch73 and it has been a... more>> novel experience. I hope the story don't get wrecked along the way.

Conclusion, if you liked reading action KR novels, try this one. Really recommended. <<less
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zekund rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: --
The first few chapters were good. It has plot, purpose, tension, full usage of MC's past knowledge. At around 50 chapter or so, it became a chore to read. Without wickedness of humans, the story felt lost, random, no tension. Better skim though and see if it gets interesting again in later chapters.
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MissZer0q rated it
November 8, 2018
Status: c185
So far I'm in the latest chapter currently and I think I'm gonna end it here because this story is definitely badass but it just got boring. But still the MC is cool and op, he is also very contradictory and kinda hypocrite it was a nice read tho
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August 27, 2018
Status: c142
This story is very good but there are many plot holes the author seems to skip over..

... more>>

Example: First he says he didnt notice the ninjas entering the castle because well their ninjas and hes not use to it.. Couple chapters later he says his old leader researched crazily and now he obviously learned all the techniques to fight ninjas. So it's like.. Which is it? Are they weird and not use to it.. Or do you have the skills?

there are other skill dependencies as well. For instance one time a skill leveled up and then 2-3 chapters later it leveled up again.. When I said leveled up again I mean it increased to the same rank.. C-> B then C->B plus extra in a couple chapters
Another is that you need to sacrifice a certain grade of equipment and stats to summon the devil.. But the necessary grade changes after a couple chapters.


Very frustrating.. But a good read if you ignore those flaws. <<less
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Kingkin09 rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: c97
Its not bad if you like action and what not and the plot is okay but the MC get stale really quick and not a lot interesting characters in the story there barly any chatacter development at least on how MC see the world, on how people are, and how things should be different

First time review if made any any mistake please tell me
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Nicron rated it
January 5, 2018
Status: c8
Dungeon Hunter was much better. For some reason it doesn't feel right. Maybe it's the whole set of the novel that doesn't seem compatible with MC and the environment. I'm have became a fan of Dungeon Hunter but even though MC is similar. I personally feel the MC of DH is arrogant but true to himself. Where MC of this novel is ignorant, confused and not fitting character after dying. It might be the author wants to make everything better and surprise everyone but It already broke my egg of... more>> limit <<less
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Ginko rated it
October 8, 2017
Status: --
Real Score: 4.2

Not as riveting as the Reincarnator. However, the world and plot still keeps you enjoying.

The premise of a high class assassin reincarnated in a world set for destruction is pulled off well. But, there is nothing that makes you 'relate' or 'feel' for the MC.
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dark1knight rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c65
I have reached chapter 65 by now, and seeing others reviews I guess my hopes so far have been shot down, the story was pretty interesting in the beginning, survival, intrigue, badassery it was a good time, that is of course until they leave the Blue temple and enter the library, from there all I could see was basically Grinding, Grinding and more Grinding.

The MC goes to a diferent place in every Arc, takes all the best loot that according to him are suposed to be hero like relics, kills... more>> his enemies wich appear only for the Arc and goes to another place, from there CTRL+C, CTRL+V. If I am to be honest this adds nothing at all to the story, there is no build up in the other characters, they are disposable, and his relics ? To me they feel no diferent from the first weapon he got, they are so many that you don´t feel they are important at all. Finally his motivation, he aways says that he is doing everything to save humanity, wich was cool in the beginning, but so far I have yet to see that, he makes no allies, he does not lead and keeps himself a lone nihillist wolf believing that by GRINDING he can save humanity himself like a ultra god, how is that intesting?

Anyway this novel was a large disapointment for me, and I think it deserves a far worst score, a novel very similar to this one with the same score, I am the Monarch (also korean), actually does do Grinding but at least the MC is aways involved with familiar characters that had long build ups, with a country we have seen from the beginning, quite some tresures but not too many and all of them used many times with a great purpose, and a motivation that he follows in a way we can accept as reasonable rather than controversial. <<less
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KamiKira00 rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: c113
This novel's start was amazing, it was one of my fovourite novels, but it only got worse, everything is getting repeatable, MC goes somewhere, does impossible, gets best items, and MC goes somewhere else. It's only been 100 chapters and only a year in this story, but MC is already op, does something even top 10 of humanity can't do. Basicaly this novel isn't anything special, I can't see any character growth, no side characters (there are some, but they are bland, they are basicaly there just for MC to... more>> shine). Still going to keep reading hoping to see it get better. <<less
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GabeZhul rated it
March 4, 2017
Status: c92
A pretty good read, thought not particularly amazing.

-The Plot: In the past, King Solomon set up a magical realm called the Underworld to trap the 72 demons of Ars Goetia to stop them from destroying humanity. The system periodically summons humans into the Underworld, where they have to undergo grueling trials until only the strong remained. This has gone on for more than 50 years, to the point where the humans are now controlling an entire country in the Underworld and formed guilds and clans, constantly fighting for power and... more>> artifacts. One such guild was an assassin organization called the Forest of Death, consisting of brain-washed puppets who would kill anyone their leader told them to.

The protagonist, Muyoung, was one such assassin, one of the most accomplished who killed countless heroes of humanity even as the demons were about to destroy them all. With time he overcame his brainwashing and destroyed the Forest of Death from within, dying in the process. Upon death he gets thrown back in time by 40 years, to the day he was summoned to the Underworld, and he decides to use his knowledge of the future and 40 years of combat experience to destroy the Forest of Death once again and stop humanity from tearing itself apart before the demons would even make their move.

-Characters: This is a MC-centric story, so the only character we can really speak about is Muyoung himself. He is... okay. He is not a complete monster, but he is not a hero either. Sometimes he helps people, other times he calmly watches a woman getting her head crushed even though he could have saved her without any problem. He is also a decent schemer, though a lot of his schemes rely on the fact that everyone besides him are either incredibly naive, s*upid, or just plain insane. Overall he is a decent protagonist, and while his unnecessary ruthlessness can get a bit annoying at times, he is not a psychopath (yes, I know that is damning with faint praise, but after reading a bunch of xianxia WNs recently, my bar is set pretty low).

-Writing: Generally decent. There are some repetitions every here and there (the author really felt they should remind the reader which fairy the protagonist wanted to track down for what reason every couple of chapters), but the story flows fairly well. There are some glaring inconsistencies (a system made by King Solomon gives the summoned humans smart watches to track their stats? really?) but otherwise the world-building is good and as the story proceeds it introduces new ideas at a steady pace, such as new trials and even some kingdom-building. Unfortunately the plot itself is pretty meh so far, with no real overarching plot or even a decent antagonist (even thought early on the protagonist swears to destroy the assassins ASAP, after a couple of chapters the entire subplot disappears). It's essentially just the protagonist moving from one location to the next while collecting powerful artifacts and skills on the way, rinse and repeat. No romance either.

-Recommendation: I would recommend this if you are looking for a simple read with lots of RPG reverse-abstraction throwing lots and lots of cool loot at the protagonist. There aren't any really memorable characters, but the world and the trials are fairly interesting, and while the protagonist is not exactly deep, he isn't one-dimensional either. The story also has a fairly fast but not hectic pace with short arcs, so it lends itself well for reading in short bursts. Overall I think it's an enjoyable, if slightly unpolished story. <<less
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natsume142 rated it
January 7, 2017
Status: c81
Korean novels have a lot of time travelling eii? Nevertheless, it's still an amazing read. It started with awesome beginning and now the MC tend to be a loner and stuff (kinda boring I guess) Still waiting for the current arc to end, hopefully the next arc will be better like before
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Sairony rated it
December 27, 2016
Status: c87
I like this one, it's often rightfully compared to Reincarnator, I do like this one better however. There's a lot of deus ex machina, and the main character is gaining power ups in a ridiculously fast manner, but I still find it enjoyable, it's one of my guilty pleasures.

My only major gripe with the novel doesn't really have to do with the novel at all, but more with the translator. By that I don't mean the translations are bad, but the chapters just arrive to darn infrequently. At this pace... more>> Warlock of the Magus World will be translated before this one, despite the fact that WMW is 1200 chapters & this one is merely 270. <<less
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miles118 rated it
August 24, 2016
Status: c59
I do not understand why someone would say it is superior to reincarnator. For me it is not.

Muyoung, the MC was an assassin and was the was the best in his field. But he ended up dying killing his ex-boss and going back in time for no apparent reason. I do not like his personality as he doesn't care if anyone survives besides him. He only save people that could help him survives and he doesn't help even if it wouldn't cost anything to him. There was a moment... more>> where he thought "I don't really care if a lot of human dies. I just want to survive with a few." It's not that it's bad in anyway it's just that I don't like it. Sure he was trained that way but when you hear about a serial killer in the news, and you hear he had a bad past and he was traumatised it is still hard to find empathy for the guy. It is the same thing for me with Muyoung.

Overall if he had the same ambition as Hansoo like saving the majority of the human race, I think he would have become much more likable.

Maybe I am weird but I don't like necromancers especially this kind of necromancers. The problem I have with this is that the undead retain all their skills and they evolve when certain conditions are met. They are not as proficient as before but because the skill to turn undead is evolving they will probably be as proficient. So I am thinking : isn't it better for Muyoung to kill all those around him and turn them into undead ? That way the undeads will retain their skills and they will obey him and he will not have to worry about betrayal. And when you have a homicidial maniac like Muyoung as a MC it would not amaze me if he turned all humans into undead. As a necromancer it is better if all lliving beings die, especially if you are a lich since you would not need to eat. So it would have been better if the MC had more self control than a homicidial maniac in my opinion.

World building :

It is just the beggining but I think the world is not varied enough. There are monsters, demons and humans and that's it. At least in Reincarnator there are the Arukons, the wolfmens/beastmen, the elfs, the demons, the darkcloud race etc. The world is better builded in my opinion. There are other little thing in my opinion like the way Muyoung obtained his class by doing the dumbest thing. He didn't take his time and never took a break by going up a mountain against strong monsters, and he almost died and got the highest reward because apparently it was better to risk his life uselessly. That means in order to get stronger you have to get dumber. I don't like this system. <<less
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