The King of Special Warfare


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The rising affairs will eventually fall. The beautiful things will eventually be broken. Everything under the sun is illusory. I came from the darkness with eternal majesty. My fingertips could close over the sky with invincible power. To be a hero in our lives.

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New hawlol rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: c15
I decided to read due to some other reviews but oh boy were they wrong.

The translation is poorly edited MTL. Several sentences will lack meaning or just have poor grammar.

The first 15 chaps were plaged by excessive info dump, the old 'tell don't show' thing. The female lead came for free in the third chapter and decides to marry the MC as soon as they met since their parents knew each other. Feelings and bonding are meaningless.

I really didn't like the writing style and several dialogues that were only meant... more>> to tell us the plot (instead of showing). Could only read until chap 15 before getting really annoyed. <<less
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New SoraKuzuryuu rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: c46
Well, this novel so far is proving to be very good, the translation is very good. MC is still showing up as a person who has common sense, is not all full of himself but he is also resolute in some respects. The main heroine is great, has many secrets, she is so perfect that me and MC seriously question why she is so good to him!
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WENTIAN1O1 rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c33
I wanted to rate this book a 4.5, but since there is no option I'm rating it a 5 because it deserves it. I really just started reading this book on a whim and I really can't understand why people are rating this so low or why it has little to no popularity. The main character, Li Tianlan, is one of the best main characters I have seen by far. He is a talented person and has been trained by his grandfather since birth to try and solve the conspiracy... more>> of his father who was a peerless genius but later deemed as a traitor. The MC is not an idiot and is very decisive with his actions going as far as killing a guy who threatened his family. The main love interest has already been introduced but you don't know much about her. Please just give this novel a try and I'm sure you will enjoy it :) <<less
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