The King of Special Warfare


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He rose from abjection and achieved eternity in glory.
He embraced the prettiest beauties and killed the strongest opponents.
He was able to shift the clouds into rain and cover the sky with one hand.
He could overrun the entire world and go anywhere as he pleased.
He pacified wars and held the world in awe.
He was matchless in the world.
However, his hair turned white overnight for his beloved woman and he was on the verge of death.
He was surrounded by enemies who were trying to take his life.
He struggled his way to become mighty and fought for everything he cherished.
For this age, he was the only king of the Dark World.
His name was a byword for might.
As a man living in the world, his only ideal was to pursue brilliance.

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SoraKuzuryuu rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: c46
Well, this novel so far is proving to be very good, the translation is very good. MC is still showing up as a person who has common sense, is not all full of himself but he is also resolute in some respects. The main heroine is great, has many secrets, she is so perfect that me and MC seriously question why she is so good to him!
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WENTIAN1O1 rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c33
I wanted to rate this book a 4.5, but since there is no option I'm rating it a 5 because it deserves it. I really just started reading this book on a whim and I really can't understand why people are rating this so low or why it has little to no popularity. The main character, Li Tianlan, is one of the best main characters I have seen by far. He is a talented person and has been trained by his grandfather since birth to try and solve the conspiracy... more>> of his father who was a peerless genius but later deemed as a traitor. The MC is not an idiot and is very decisive with his actions going as far as killing a guy who threatened his family. The main love interest has already been introduced but you don't know much about her. Please just give this novel a try and I'm sure you will enjoy it :) <<less
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gamestee rated it
August 1, 2019
Status: c194
It is indeed a good work, but it is extremely boring at times.

For example:

... more>>

many chapter showing a fight, at the last moment where everything may end someone appears and BOOMMM a turnaround. More dialogue chapters and fights.

-Almost every fight has to burn its potential to advance kingdoms. This is extremely annoying, MC burns your potential almost every fight, or it does something that can affect your future. This happens and some chapters ahead show a way to cure it.

-the author creates several mysteries, and does not solve most of them, he inserts several mysterious characters, which are powerful and were hidden. This has happened several times, especially in fights. (Some may find this good, but would like to see things resolved and not complicated)



-this work runs away from some cliches, I loved it.
- the heroines are interesting mainly the main heroine (the first girlfriend)


this was done on google translator, sorry for the mistakes <<less
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Gigel rated it
November 12, 2019
Status: c60
You know when people complain about something despite having a tag for that? Well Strong to Stronger, & Ruthless Protagonist sounds like something I would like so my expectations of this novel are higher than a casual read, I want to have a fun time and it better give me what I want.

Since it's just at the start and future might get me what I want, i'll stick with it for a while longer, but I have to say the beginning is a disappointment. The world building is trash, the... more>> rules and the scenario are there just to be, and provide some kind of background but can be totally ignored. I fear it's more like poor quality of the writing than anything else.

Since i'll explain a bit, there will be things that happened in the story, I don't consider them spoilers but some ppl don't what to know anything so...


Here goes the story of our MC, last heir to a big family that was once, on top of the world and that has since fallen. First thing his family does, is send him back to the big cities to "get back what they had, and revenge on those who took it away" They don't explain anything to him and that makes not just us but the MC just as clueless as us (the reader). This whole mysticism is poorly done imo.

Then we have a problem with his power. He is strong, but for some reason he is at the bottom of a system that is as useless as i've ever seen, since ppl ignore levels all the time. He also sacrifice a bit of his future every time he powers up just to solve the issue, or get even better hours later. USELESS

Then we have his secret identity that has to be protected all the time, just for everyone to figure it out immediately after seeing him or after reading a report about him, but that is not revealed cuz it's not the right time. Let's not mention that some powers kill regardless of consequences, yet he still chooses to offend ppl and hope for the best. BS


This whole mysticism is poorly done imo, and has a deep impact in the world building. We don't have to know, but the characters should, otherwise you invite "plot armor". The action scenes are ok, the girl seemed more developed than in other novels (not in that way u pervert) but nothing too extraordinary. The MC might not be an idiot but he has his flaws, which makes him more like a normal guy and not a perfect machine, I guess!?

Conclusion: I think the start can make or break a novel, and I find the beginning of poor quality that might turn away some people, I can't say what the future holds but it would be a sad thing to move on and forget about it cuz of the start. I have more faith in the tags than in what the author showed us so far. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
August 2, 2019
Status: c194
Well, I feel like the ratings for this novel should be slightly higher... it's not a bad novel. It's full of flaws (in my opinion at least), but has the makings of a novel with potential.

It's an unpredictable novel. Quite fast-paced. Lots of things happen at once and events seem to strike the MC out of nowhere. I'd say the best thing about this novel is the intrigue and mysteries everywhere. The worst thing would... possibly be nationalism and sexism. I wouldn't actually call it a blatantly racist or sexist... more>> novel, but it has its moments. I'd appreciate if the word "slutty" was used less (3 times isn't a lot, but), as there are better adjectives. Dude, ya don't need to tell us her panties are wet just to emphasize how cool the MC is. Too much of a reaction, haha. As for the nationalism, well, they're fighting, so it's not too bad. I've noticed the language being called ugly and the enemy kidnapping MC's countries girls, but nothing too bad besides that.

The women are complex in the novel. Don't be put off by the early chapters of the MC meeting QWB. I don't know what, but there's something more to it. Even if the descriptions of QWB are hella annoying (I know she's a literal goddess/best girl ever, but chill), there seems to be a purpose besides inflating the MC's status as a hot harem owner. I feel that the sexy moments are there just to emphasize the MC's status, so eh.

The fight scenes and world building is interesting, and the mysteries are the best part of the novel. It's a new novel, so I'm expecting them to be solved in the end. If only the MC's friends would show up more...

Battle Academy:

Well, if you came here for the Battle Academy tag, it hasn't been too important so far in terms of what you'd normally expect from a Battle Academy. The connections are more important than the actual school part.

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