The Journey of Flower


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When they first met, he is the aloof and remote high deity of Chang Liu, whereas she secretly sneaked in by transforming into a small insect lying on the tree but was blown off into his wine cup. “Accidentally fell down?” His smile is mild but merciful, that was the only time in her life that she saw him like that even if for a mere insect. Because of a one year pact, she did everything possible just so she will be able to eventually call him shifu. “Shifu why do you accept me as a disciple?”

He did not reply but gave her a small bell as a present, stroking her head lightly.

A shadowy figure in a billowing white robe, standing visibly on top of the stone daily, overlooking the hills.

She vowed that she will never let him feel lonely anymore.

But the frequent companionship and mutual support in Heartless Hall finally came to an end.

To save him, she committed a really big blunder. However ……

“A mistake is still a mistake.” He remained indifferent.

Eighty-one overwhelming nails, as well as the highly raised unbreakable sword.

Shifu, do you know how painful it is to be hurt by the person you love most?

Do you know when you feel sorrow to the extreme but still holding on to the happy memories, unwilling to forget, longing day and night for that person is how painful and pitiful?

I don’t believe in good, don’t believe in evil, don’t believe in happiness, but I believe in you!

So, with a smile she did not give up, even if that love is colder than death.

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Hua Qian Gu
Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua Qian Gu
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catharcity rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: epilogue
Summary of the plot & ending:


The first half of the book is the usual comedic xianxia story, following Hua Qian'gu's life as she becomes Bai Zihua's disciple. Along the way, she befriends numerous people, including Sha Qianmo, the Demon Lord; Dongfang Yuqing, the owner of Yixiu Pavilion; and Xuanyuan Lang, the human Emperor.

The second half is where the book truly shines, and the plot picks up.

Hua Qian'gu is tricked by Lan Yuhui (aka Lanyu Lanfeng), and Bai Zihua is grievously poisoned after saving her life. To save Bai Zihua's life, Hua Qian'gu willingly commits a huge mistake, precipitating a chain of events to result in the birth/ release of demons into the world. There, she meets Nan Wuyue, the Demon God personified, who transferred all his demonic powers to her when they were fleeing from their pursuers.
Bai Zihua discovers the two of them and realises that the powers of the Demon God now resides in Hua Qian'gu. Despite knowing that he should kill her, he chooses instead to spare her life, and hide the fact that she is now with the demonic powers.

Upon her capture, Hua Qian'gu is trialed and judged by the three leaders of Changliu, including Bai Zihua. There, she is sentenced to death by enduring 81 nails which will eviscerate her soul - a merciless punishment where the victims are tortured to their death. Taking into consideration her young age, the leaders of Changliu decide to be merciful, by allowing her to retain a silver of her soul, such that she will be able to reincarnate hundreds of years later.

Hua Qian'gu endures 17 of the crushing nails, before Bai Zihua, who has been remaining silent all these while, finally speaks up. But the relief is short-lived: Bai Zihua halts the sentence, but with a caveat - using the duannian sword which he personally bestowed to Hua Qian'gu, he attacks Hua Qian'gu 103 times, severing all her arteries and veins, leaving her an inch from death.

Hua Qian'gu is then thrown back to the prisons. As such, she did not realise that Bai Zihua then endured the remaining 64 nails on her behalf, where his powers became heavily weakened.

In the prisons, Ni Mantian, Hua Qian'gu's long time rival in Changliu Sect, visits Hua Qian'gu, and douses her with water from jueqing lake. Hua Qian'gu is heavily scarred and disfigured by the water from jueqing, and her vocal chords are destroyed. Because the effects of the jueqing water intensifies in proportion to a person's desire/ love, Hua Qian'gu, who by now has immensely deep feelings for Bai Zihua, endures a pain which she describes as a thousand times more agonising than the already infamous torture from earlier. Mo Yan, another leader of Changliu, exiles the now blind & mute Hua Qian'gu to Manhuang ("Emptiness"), without the heavily-injured Bai Zihua knowing.

In Manhuang, Hua Qian'gu meets Zhuran, who used to be Mo Yan's disciple in Changliu before his exile. They later escaped Manhuang with the help of Dongfang Yuqing, where they attempt to save Nan Wuyue, who has been sentenced to execution.

In the great battle between the immortals and the demons, Hua Qian'gu fails to save Nan Wuyue, who is successfully executed as per Bai Zihua's plans. Hua Qian'gu also realises that the more she tries to use her powers, the more Bai Zihua is weakened, as though their powers are inversely linked. Hua Qian'gu falters and is ultimately captured and imprisoned in the depths of Changliu for 16 years, where Bai Zihua willingly accompanies her in the imprisonment.

However, Tang Bao, who has cultivated her powers over the years to finally achieve a human form, tries to free Hua Qian'gu, and is murdered by Ni Mantian. In her rage and sorrow, Hua Qian'gu breaks free from the seal on her demonic powers, hence truly becoming a Demon God. In the aftermath, she also murders Luo Shiyi - the only person she would ever kill with her own hands - to avenge Tang Bao, so that he can accompany her in her death.

Residing in her own demonic palace with Zhuran, Hua Qian'gu gives Zhuran free reign to wreck harvoc on the world. Ni Mantian is captured by Zhuran and tortured for over a year before being forced to su*cide by Hua Qian'gu, due to her part in Tang Bao's death.

During this time, Bai Zihua chooses to leave Changliu and stay by Hua Qian'gu's side alone, in order to turn her back from her demonic path.

However, by now, Hua Qian'gu is no longer the carefree and innocent child she once was. Disillusioned, she said, 'I have no shifu (master), no friends, no lover, no children. Once, I thought I had the world in my hands, but it was all an illusion. The people who loved me, died for me; the people I loved, wanted me dead; the people I trusted, betrayed me; the people I depended on, abandoned me. There is nothing I want, nothing I wish for, except to live a simple life. Yet the Heavens have forced me - you (Bai Zihua) have forced me! Do you think that I can still turn back, now?'

Finally, Hua Qian'gu sees the scars left behind by the water from jueqing lake on Bai Zihua, and realises that, deep in his heart, Bai Zihua does love her, hence he was also similarly scarred by the jueqing water. Yet, when confronted, Bai Zihua refuses to admit it, right till the very end. Hua Qian'gu is devastated when she comes to the realisation that every cruelty Bai Zihua inflicted upon her without feeling, he did so while having her in his heart.

Now without desire to continue living, Hua Qian'gu forms a plan to force Bai Zihua to murder her and put an end to everything. She creates an illusion to make Bai Zihua to choose between her and the world, forcing Bai Zihua to kill her in order to stop her destruction of the six realms.

As she lays dying, the illusion shatters. Bai Zihua, who had intended on accompanying her in her death, uses his powers to severe his own heart vessels. Yet he does not succeed: Hua Qian'gu uses her powers as the last remaining God in the world to curse Bai Zihua: in this life and for all eternity, Bai Zihua can never age nor die, can never suffer nor be hurt.

Hearing these words and realising that he can only suffer in agony and regret for the rest of eternity, Bai Zihua descends into insanity, and the mark of a fallen immortal begins to be imprinted upon him as destruction follows in his fury and sorrow. For the first time in his life, he wonders, what does the fate of the six realms have to do with him? And what does Hua Qian'gu mean to him? For what reason did he choose the world over her? With great irony, Bai Zihua begins to feel a hatred for the very world he had always sought to protect: because of this world, Hua Qian'gu is dead.

Fortunately, Zhuran, who manages to decipher Hua Qian'gu's intentions, uncharacteristically made the first (and last) selfless decision in his life by sacrificing himself to save a silver of Hua Qian'gu's soul. Sha Qianmo, who finally awakens, snatches Hua Qian'gu's soul and disappears with her. By the time Bai Zihua regains his senses from his insanity, Sha Qianmo has already fled with Hua Qian'gu's soul.

Bai Zihua leaves Changliu Sect and wanders around the earth for many years as an insane and fallen immortal searching for the missing Hua Qian'gu and Sha Qianmo. He eventually learns from Dongfang Yuqing where the reincarnated Hua Qian'gu resides. As the reincarnated Hua Qian'gu only has a fraction of her soul, she does not have any memory of her past life, and is also a mentally slow child.

Bai Zihua reunites with Hua Qian'gu and becomes her shifu once more, and the two of them spend many years together at Yunshan, reminiscent of their days together at Changliu. (This is where the new edition ends. The old edition continues on and describes their days together at Yunshan, and includes the extra story 'Gamble'.)

Years after Bai Zihua and Hua Qian'gu retreat to Yunshan, Dongfang Yuqing finds the reincarnated Hua Qian'gu and gives her the chance to choose whether she wants to recover her memories. Hua Qian'gu, believing that the one Bai Zihua truly loves is the old Hua Qian'gu and not her reincarnated self, chooses to restore her memories. Afraid that she would forget her time with Bai Zihua in Yunshan, she leaves herself a letter to never forget those days of happiness.

Ultimately, Hua Qian'gu chooses to forgive Bai Zihua and the both of them get together. But because the recovery of her memories is a forbidden art, Hua Qian'gu loses her five senses in return. However, this time round, it's different from her exile to Manhuang where she was left blind and mute: now, Hua Qian'gu has Bai Zihua and all her other friends by her side, so she is no longer alone.

In any case, at the ending, Bai Zihua and Sha Qianmo put aside their enmity to help Hua Qian'gu, who begins to slowly recover some of her senses.

In the extra stories 'Gamble', Bai Zihua and Dongfang Yuqing make a gamble on whether Hua Qian'gu, if given a second chance in life, would fall for Bai Zihua once more. This was because, years ago, when Hua Qian'gu was still the Demon God, she once vowed in her despair that while she did not regret her choices in life, if she could redo her life, she would definitely not love Bai Zihua again.

Bai Zihua agrees to this gamble, because Dongfang Yuqing promises to heal Hua Qian'gu's eyesight in exchange. Hua Qian'gu is adamant and refuses, but eventually gives in, and acknowledges that her words then were borne out of despair, and not representative of her true feelings. So she tries to cheat their gamble by leaving herself a message ('I love Bai Zihua'), to remind herself that the one she loves is Bai Zihua, so that she will fall for Bai Zihua once more even without her memories, so that Bai Zihua can win the gamble. But Dongfang Yuqing changes her words to 'I love Baichi (literally translates to 'I love idiots'), and Hua Qian'gu, without her memories in the gamble, cannot comprehend what she wrote to herself. :D

In the gamble, Hua Qian'gu falls for Bai Zihua once more. Later, Shuofeng (aka Liu Huo) reveals to Hua Qian'gu the gamble. Annoyed, and thinking that Bai Zihua only cared about her because he wanted to win the gamble, Hua Qian'gu spitefully states that the one she loves is Shuofeng instead, hence bringing the gamble to an end, allowing her to recover her memories and eyesight.

Ultimately, the ending is a happy one, especially for Bai Zihua and Hua Qian'gu, who have endured a lot to finally attain their happiness.

As for the others, everyone who died eventually revived, except for Zhuran : (


One interesting thing about this book is the contradiction within Bai Zihua - he is benevolent but unfeeling. The greater he loves the world, the less he can love an individual person.

In his life, Bai Zihua lived up to his obligations towards Changliu Sect and the six realms, lived up to his responsibilities to the world or any person, yet, in the end, by doing so, he inadvertently abandoned his own chance at happiness with Hua Qian'gu.

A translated excerpt from the author's afterword, which I feel describes a lot about the book:


"Hua Qian'gu, as a novel, can be said to be a story about persevering in one's love. Many people will be unable to accept such a love, but in my eyes, love is just so stubborn and unadulterated. I think someone who has truly tried to love in such a manner, and who has whole-heartedly invested their love before, will be able to understand this book.

Some people may like Dongfang Yuqing's kind of love without requiring reciprocation: "Even if my body is crushed, even if I have to give everything up, I will still choose to be with you."

Or they may prefer Sha Qianmo's domineering, all-encompassing love: "If you dare to hurt her for the sake of Changliu Sect or anyone else, I will slaughter every single one of them. If you dare to hurt her for the sake of the world, then, I will destroy the world."

But most of us will most love Bai Zihua, her shifu -- an untouchable, distant figure -- even if all we can have is to look at him from afar.

Hua Qian'gu is (the author's) fairytale, and Bai Zihua is a fairytale within a fairytale."

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May 7, 2016
Status: --
As of now, I don't know what to say except that I first read the manhua then the novel. (Didn't know there was actually a novel for it) I really like the story but it is not my favorite anymore. I feel Hua qian Gu is a little bit naive and too obsess with her shifu. But that's okay, she must be the most forgiving person ever to forgive Bai Zihua for all he has done to her. I started out liking Bai Zihua but not anymore. I also feel... more>> sad for all the things she has to suffer, and she is awesome for being strong. All the guys are pretty cool. Otherwise, I recommend to try and read it. There is also a little worm! A magical being! A cutie! Hey hey, cuteness is life! Cuteness is justice! Cuteness is everything! <<less
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MissFluffy rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: epilogue 6
This is my very first CN read and also my very favorite. I love tragedies and this story is amazing, painfully beautiful and heart wrenching. I don't think Hua Qiangu's way of loving Bai Zihua is childish or st*pid because she is selfish but for me for me as long as you truly love someone it is beautiful whether selfish or not as long as you want what's very best for that person like how Hua Qiangu wants the best for her Shifu. Everyone has their own way of loving... more>> someone and that's uniquely beautiful so I think being selfish in love is fine though, it is a beautiful flaw that makes us perfectly imperfect just like how Hua Qiangu love Bai Zihua even if is against the world:) Give this a try would you? :) <<less
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foxygal rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: --
Thanks to the translator for picking this up, my favourite forbidden love novel by far. Watched the drama and super love it! The novel is very much better than the drama with more details and back stories, the biggest plus is the happy ending! Even though I am not a big fan of multiple male leads falling for the female lead, this is still my most favourite xianxia romance.
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ilovethevillains rated it
December 28, 2022
Status: Completed

Bruhh y'all need to read this or you will missed out an excellent xianxia novel with great amount of angst but not a sad ending.

This novel can't be described as light read but the first half of the novel is quite light hearted if compared to the second half. If you would get mildly stressed for Hua Qiangu at the first half, then you will become depressed and gained few PTSDs in the second... more>> half 😭 I really recommend this for those who liked angsty, heart wrenching novel cuz the climax part really squeezed my heart to pieces

I feel like the ML didn't actually deserve the MC. He's super late to realize his feelings. And even after he realized it, in the end he still restrains himself from showing his love to MC in favor of his love for the world, which lead to the most angsty part. The second male leads, on the other hand, almost always put the MC as the most important person above everything else (Sha Qianmo, I'm talking to you) and always be there for the MC (Dongfang pls be mine instead). I feel like she could have lived a few happy lifes is she chooses anyone other than the ML. But I'm here for the angst soooo 👀 <<less
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