The Invincible Dragon Emperor


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On the Great Land of China, forces clashed for the sake of supremacy and Bloodline Warriors ran amok; the conflict of the strong threatened to shatter heaven and earth. A young man named Lu Li—nothing more than a humble Coffin Carrier from the Northern Desert—came along with Lu Ling, his sister. The two were regarded as puny insects and bullied, but little did people know that Lu Li had the strongest Bloodline of them all in him.

He mounted the most handsome of horses and drank the strongest of wines;

He bedded the most beautiful of ladies and murdered the most hated of people;

He told a huge lie and carried with him an ill-reputation undeserved;

He traveled all by his lonesome and danced with devils;

He had given his word that he would come back, that he would be strong.

And it was because of this that she was still waiting in the city—alone.

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New Andeetected rated it
July 17, 2019
Status: --
I dont know why the author would create such a dumb MC. I dont get it. Does he actually think people would enjoy reading this poor excuse of an MC?

In the first 200 chapters alone, you can tell how bad this novel is. But I hope you don't follow my mistake and continue. Reading this novel felt like my brain was constantly being mind rape by stupidity!

Our MC constantly makes decisions that could make your blood boil. His sister who is suppose to be the "All Knowing" one, also suffers... more>> from mental illness. Why else can't you just freaking tell your brother your identity? But that's only the icing on the cake. Now the real gold here is when the author separates them. This is when our MC truly transformed from being stupid to an official idiot.

Terrible in almost every angle. From plot, to world building, to romance that is so forced.

Normally, chinese novels starts out good, then gets mild in the middle and it either ends good or bad. This novel on the other hand starts out BAD and just gets stupid bad later on.

Avoid at all cost!!! (As for me, another author to avoid altogether.) <<less
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I Eat Monsanto
I Eat Monsanto rated it
November 28, 2017
Status: --
Story started out great, MC's sister was the brains and he was the brains and this was a very unique premise. We're told that beautiful women don't affect MC because his sister is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen so I was happy that this hopefully wasn't going to be another typical xianxia of MC chasing heaven defying beauties all over the place.

Well, the author decided to separate the brother and sister along with everything else hat was good in the novel and now the MC makes stupid decision... more>> after stupid decision and he drools every time he sees a woman with makeup on. The romance is absolutely forced.

Literally a woman had his people robbed while trying to go to the market, screwed him over while he was at the auction, and many other things. But once she found out that he knows how to cook she basically told him, "Don't go back to your crappy home, follow me home and you can be my cook." And this made his opinion of her go UP. Not sure which universe where being called a servant by your enemy makes you guys suddenly friends but she's a beautiful female so author had to find some way to get her in MC's good books. It was even foreshadowed that they get married.

Just goes to show that in xianxia a man can get murdered for just about anything but if you're a beautiful female then you get rewarded for bad behavior. <<less
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Yoburi rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: c400

I read raws and damn this is a classic cultivation story but I really wish the MC sister was the protagonist she is probably the greatest cultivator genius I ever read in Xianxia. This woman is so damn smart and brutal even when she doesn't have any power at all she can still pretty much kill anyone that f**ks with her and pretty much poison everybody to death.

MC is pretty much your cookiecutter but if the sister stay for the long run this could be a pretty epic novel best female support character ever.

UPDATE: Now I read all the way to chapter 400 and there was a solid plot going on with some force romance but the main problem is how all characters including the MC act in very idiotic ways sometimes. This novel have a huge plot armor for the MC and all female characters to the point it lose all tension because you just know the characters are going to be fine regardless how much despair the situation stays. So if you don't take the novel serious you are going to have fun.

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Leafron rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: c563
This novel is bad. Just plain bad. It's alright if the main character is dumb and often makes mistakes, but the author has a tendency to portray the MC as a smart person where in reality, he's a god-darn retard without his sister. Furthermore, the MC is provided many opportunities to greatly enhance his strength early on in the novel; but here's the kick - the MC doesn't use these opportunities simply because he is uncertain of these opportunities even though his instinct (bloodline, etc.) is telling him to use... more>> them. Why would the author even bother writing and presenting the MC with all these opportunities so early on and not have him use them? That just plain stupid.

The romance is extremely forced, and the MC is alway being manipulated and tricked by others. The best part about it? The MC thought he was the one that's manipulating others and is also easily scammed by women. I'd imagine him getting cuck-ed by some pretty girl of his and him still being self-satisfied about "winning" the affection of said women (this is just my impression of the MC of this novel, it does not actually happen in this novel up to the point I've read).

So then, what about the supporting characters and his servants/followers? Well, them actually following such a huge dumbo like the MC should tell you enough about them. All in all, this novel is extremely hard to read, especially with such a MC; one whom is not conscious about being cheated while being all self-conceited about himself and all so full of it. Plot armour is extremely thick in this novel, and the author always tries to make the MC look smart and whatnot whilst preventing the MC from getting stronger by not letting him use all those opportunities the author has the MC encounter in the story. I would not recommend this novel to anyone, unless you have absolutely nothing left to read.

p.s. I'm giving it a 2 star only because I like the MC's sister. The MC's sister is one of the only decent characters in this novel. The rest are mostly trash characters in terms of their development, personality and intelligence. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: c71
It's okay I guess for the genre, my issue is as I was reading with the QI releases until recently that it was too predictable for the most part, which made the enjoyment dull, but its wasnt to the point where I disliked it as the pace of the novel is pretty quick which allows a person to ignore the fact that you can pretty much guess what would happen, and within the next few chapters it did...

tbh the novel I would compare it to the most is AGM as... more>> they are similar I guess, and since I enjoy AGM, I am somewhat okay with it, which is why I read ahead, but I just couldnt be arsed anymore when I reached 70s the side characters are also a bit meh, and if I were to chose between this and AGM I would stick with AGM as I have been reading it longer and got used it...

you will likely enjoy it if you are okay with AGM, but for me its just a choice between the 2 of the same genre and I prefer AGM... also like the other review said, the sister is pretty cool, and also the brain of the sibling duo which tbh I find amazing as a concept as during these 70 chapters that I have read the MC was never stated to be smart or anything and never tried acting smart (except during combat), everything for the MC was decided by the sister, which allowed her to shine in this novel, so my only hope is that she doesnt get forgotten in the future eventually and starts cultivating herself!! <<less
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HaremLuVer1 rated it
February 2, 2018
Status: c288
I really love this story..."BUT" I have been just going nuts due to a few things author decided to write or didnt write. My overall love of this story would be through the roof with just a few fixes.

  1. Since he got himself Noble Realm bodyguards its as if he gave up on cultivation. He has huge resources/pills and a cheat inside him and has just not made any progress for like 50 chapters. Its mentioned he goes in room and cultivates but no mention of how his necklace being absorbed is affecting his cultivation or how those awesome pills the Phoenix guys have accelerated his growth.. Nothing just depending on his Nobles and Dragon roar.
  2. The false sense of urgency for him to leave to Central Plain is driving me nuts. His sister guidance was to get strong and then go get parents. He was handed a entire region chalk full of resources, safety and is nearby his Little world friends. Instead of working on leveling for a year or so. He decides for no reason that he has to immediately leave. It Drives me nuts!!! Why? He has massive cheats and resources how awesome could he be in 1 year.
  3. The Bai sisters. This was so close to being so moving. Him being so upset and worried about the sisters and then doesnt even check on them after battle. His roar about killing anyone that hurts them was awesome and then he just heads to auction house without saying a word. Then he thinks its so kewl as he is leaving for maybe forever to just look at them from distance and not talk to them (because that is best way to make them feel better about family being slaughtered and him leaving). His emotions are written very inconsistently, It Drives Me nuts!!
  4. Keeps worrying about money but he has ring of resources each worth billions. Did he forget?
  5. His main Bloodline skill has been pushed to back and downplayed. Always focuses on Dragon's roar. Yet sister estimated that his main bloodline would be stronger than father's. His skills, level, and bloodine's seem to have taken a back seat.
  6. Poor Hunchback. Lost his arm and didnt get 4 more pages.... Just hanging out on island on vacation. Chilling with one arm.
  7. Old Lady that took his sister happened to be hanging out for little crap war in middle of nowhere but when all Noble realm in area attack and kill warlord of entire area no one takes notice. Good chance to sneak in sister and master for a visit.
  8. I really really like the development of Bai family women leading up to the big war and then went to crap.... BUT... Now I fear it will be 1000 chapters before we see them again. What a waste.
Overall would love to see about 50 chapters re-written that: (1) fix his focus on cultivation, (2) Fix his interaction/relationship with Bai sisters (3) slow his roll... more>> to get to Central region and focus on getting stronger.

So close to being good... BUT..... <<less
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Yung_lane rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c132
To put it simply.. this novel does not stand out at all. Very run of the mill, existing on tropes and copycat plots.

It has your cliche "I must hide my identity because of my family" even at times when it doesn't necessarily make sense to hide it. The main character has very few defining points, let alone any that would separate him from other main characters in Wuxia stories. His "unique" ability is rather lack luster, I'm assuming it gets 'cool' or 'interesting' later on but.. it's chapter 132 and... more>> he unlocked his bloodline yonks ago, it really just feels like a big cock tease to keep reading yet it's done rather poorly.

That said, the writing isn't bad but it's not stand out. The fight scenes are quite repetitive His bloodline literally...

Just gives him three times his original strength at this stage, even though it's this cool dragon on his back


Even if it's supposed to get better later on and the main character stands out, who wants to read 200 chapters of average crap? I think a lot of people purposely gave this a one star rating perhaps because it's published on Qidian, but objectively I don't see it being worth anything more than a 3.5 but I'm m0re inclined to round it down to 3 rather than up to 4 because its lack of reader stimulation.

Objective review, personally I enjoy a few features of the novel, but they're all subjective enjoyments and shouldn't affect the rating.

After reaching C162 I am dropping this, how frustrating. The Main character's emotions are so inconsistent, when he should be mad he's not? Literally made me hate him and the way he's written. Peace, I'm out.

Woah back again, wild. Anyway, I kept reading, I was just salty ^ above. C183, look It seems to be getting better but for some reason it feels very slow even though it's not really, strange. Maybe it's just the way the author writes. <<less
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Harstad rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c152
This story had some potential, but the MC is too retarded to be interesting, he can`t see when a pie falls from the sky, he is UNABLE to take any opportunities to actually grow or strengthen himself, he thinks of himself as a smartass, but in reality he is so retarded that he falsly believes he is a genius. The MC nearly doesn`t imrpove on his cultivation even though he has cheats and an amazing bloodline. Bloodlines are so badly described as well, like it seems that there are multiple... more>> boons to having a bloodline, like having better talent (it is stated that the MC`s clansmen has great talent, which corrolates with their high quality bloodline, but the MC himself never knows of any matter that isn`t RIGHT in front of his half-dead slow-witted eyes), and I can only assume that the grade of the bloodline is the grade one can reach if one cultivates normally without any resources, and with immense work and resources maybe one can exceed that limit, or something similar to this, but our MC`s talent seems very bad compared to everyone he meets, he is having trouble breaking through the first realm, and needs medical boost and help from his cheat to be able to withstand it, it seems like his talent is mediocre at best, but everyone seems to think that his family`s genes gives their clan immense talent. How can one that can`t even break through the first realm without outside help be considered as a talent? And MC is paying for and giving away like 70-80% of his sh*t to the useless Liu clan or whatever they are called, honestly, abandon them and work alone with some slaves, he would make 5 times the profit, and wouldn`t have to constantly spend or worry about f**king thousands of useless people. The reason for him staying with the clan was to get resources, but now he is WASTING resources on useless people (even more useless than our already useless MC), the worst part is that the MC still has a thoughtprocess like "I have to stay with this sh*tty clan cause its the place I`m staying, and although I care NOTHING about the clan whatsoever I will still give them 80% of all my sh*t just for arbitrary reasons". The biggest flaw of this novel though, is the rushed manner it is written, the author makes the story and MC`s descisions make ZERO sense just to create drama and make MC weaker than his foes, although the MC has MANY opportunities to just cultivate normally and gain strength rapidly, he never takes advantage of this because he has to "help the Liu clan" or "save his sister", the sister who can be REBORN after she dies, and is recruited by a LARGE organization way more powerful than the MC can compare to at the time, she is safe dude, just gain your own powers instead of rushing in with 0 IQ plans and relying on the Author to deus-ex machina you out of your horrible situation.

Also the translation is pretty bad, constantly calling Elders "Patriarch 1, Patriarch 2, Patriarch 3..." I don`t think the translator knows the difference between an elder and a patriarch, and the FEMALE who becomes clan leader is also called "Patriarch" instead of the correct term "Matriarch"... complete garbage. There are also many other instances of bad translation like expressions written in the wrong order and bad cohesion of language. It doesn`t seem like the translator is even trying, a quick google search would double the translation quality in a day.
I wouldn`t bother to even try reading this novel. <<less
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Shirayumi rated it
July 26, 2018
Status: c163
I've never read an bad story like this.
... more>>

Normally I can sympathize with the characters, but this is just too much for me. The Sister of the main character is for real one of the biggest creeps in my whole life. She saved herself from being raped by the bad guys by eating her own flesh. In the whole beginning of the novel she was a witch. She "controlled" her brother, poisoned him and gave the dumbest reasoning I've ever seen. After the first 10-15 chapters I was just like "please let her die, bring the MC on a revenge trip to avenge her but please get out of this story". She died. But came back - F*ck!

Luckily she was brought away by someone. So I started to think the story could develop in an interesting way with the MC because It really had potential. BUT The MC started to think that he is the brightest:

He made a possible friend of his father leave cuz of a stupid view that he could be an enemy. The whole time he stayed with this lame clan, that isn't able to make one right decision and MC comes and saves all.

But the thing that made me drop this story was something else. I don't know what the author was thinking while writing the chapter with the auction but I've never seen such an dumb MC in my whole life it's infuriating.

Actually the translation quality isn't bad so that's no reason not to read..
Updates are also stable.. (As far as I could see)

Story development is without suspense (there are more examples but here is one: suspense creating chapter title was in the end just a uninteresting thing) Until chapter 163 nothing really made me see any development.

Character Design is... -.- Well we've got "Dumb-MC-san", "Witch-Sister" and "Patriarch-Idiots-that-cant-make-one-intelligent-decision" and the rest the only one I would add is this Girl which name I forgot and Hates MC in the beginning but likes him cuz he gets strong and she in the future she will be one of his girls.

World Background is nothing new... In a tribe, no resources, parents status unknown (later know that is not dead.. thanks to witch sister) oh and yes everyone hates them.

All in all I can't see why anyone would ever read a story like this.

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Anonymousse rated it
December 22, 2017
Status: c217
this novel... sigh...

i dont know should I commend it as good or bad...

Theres a reason why the story start with a sibling. The sister as the brain, while the brother as the brawn.

So when the sister gone, MC (the brother) made alots of mistake bc thats is his role as the brawn. Hes impulsive, easy to manipulate, etc2. So the story after his sister gone most probably gonna make some readers shake the heads of the MC stupidity.

still, it just started. hope it becomes better before we sick of it.
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omgitsaray rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: c760
This novel should at least have a 4 star rating but unfortunately, the translator and editor screwed it up in the beginning 60 chapters. And then the author screwed it up with the development of the MC.

First off, there's wrong translations and poor word usage by the translator and editor. It appears the company went back to fix chapters 61+ but not the beginning ones for some strange reason. As for how the author screwed up the novel, it starts when the sister leaves the MC and the author makes... more>> it seem like the MC is starting to mature and become intelligent instead of being just the brawn that listens to every direction of the older sister. With this intelligence development, the author would then randomly make the MC do something extremely stupid to further the story progress. The author would then come up with some BS stupid reason to as why the MC did something so stupid, and then throw in a plot armor to magically fix everything.

Another thing is that in the beginning of the novel, the author tries to reinforce a concept to the readers that the MC is immune to pretty girls because his sister is super pretty. This is done multiple times so that the reader doesn't lose focus on it. But then MC would do the complete opposite and have his hormones raging for a pretty girl and try to calm himself with an internal monologue.

Personally, it's okay for me when novels have plot armors and pies falling from the sky and directly landing in the MC's open mouth. But what frustrates me and many other readers is the bipolar actions of the MC that the author paints. Stick to a personality and have them slowly change to depict their growth, but don't flip flop around whenever you feel like it and make up some BS to justify it. It's obvious a lot of people aren't convinced of the reason just from the poor ratings it has gotten. The comments at the end of each chapter is rather fun to read though.

As the story progresses, some arcs are entertaining while some are just "meh". There's still incorrect translations plaguing the novel like the translator used "buddy" while the raws say "Ol' Yang." Is it a huge problem? No, but you start to wonder what else have they incorrectly translated... <<less
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