The Interstellar Male God


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When a genius cultivator transmigrates into a new world, he suddenly becomes a waste without a system. After being chased out of his family, he’ll cook delicious foods when he’s ravenous. He’ll fish when he’s bored, and in his free time, he’ll act in films. He’s really living the good life. However, there’s an annoying person who always comes seeking trouble. Although I may have a gentle personality, that doesn’t mean I’m a pushover!

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rhianirory rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: Completed
thank you to the translators. I liked the first half better than the second, (especially the last 50 ch). The cultivator angle was interesting and I liked that he doesn't magically know how to do most things at first and has to get help. It's also nice to see the MC and ML start out as fiance without one side completely loathing the other at the start, though they are both indifferent. The system angle was interesting as well, but since the MC doesn't have one, there isn't all that much detail, just a general vague explanation and I feel it was underutilized (though his comments about free will vs predetermined paths was a nice touch). I also liked that the two were equal partners who faced things together and that both the MC and ML were quick to share their secrets not long after they got together, thereby avoiding long drawn out drama and misunderstandings.

as others pointed out there are some glaring inconsistencies to overlook.

the MC is from a past so ancient its prehistory (hidden) yet he knows all about Chinese history, arts, hobbies, writing, and foods which happened hundreds of years in his future, long after his death. The MC says he can't read the language that is like squiggly worms yet he has no problems studying in school and taking tests, signing contracts, giving autographs, etc. Yes eventually he learns to read and write but he was doing some of that stuff before he learned. The MC also had very high cultivation in his world and had no need to eat yet he's practically a four-star Michelin chef. Why bother giving him the background of a cultivation world if he's going to act like a 20th-century Chinese chef with a history degree and an interest in traditional art who just happens to be a cultivator on the side? Also, what happened to the white tiger cub he brought home from his first time on the beast planet? Poor kitty is never mentioned again; when he brings home the white fox the only animal they have is a dog that lives outside and had never been mentioned once in all the chapters previously.


I more than half expected the end but was still disappointed when it came up

not every story set in the interstellar world needs to involve Zerg and war. The devil cultivator would have been more than enough for a final boss without bringing in the bugs. My interest faded once the story stopped focusing on the entertainment circle and moved on to other things, like the Chinese obsession with mecha and the military. Not that the MC and ML totally give up being stars, it's just pushed into the background because MC and ML take months of vacation at a time in between each work to play in the military and grow some kids in a vat. The school falls by the wayside completely until its suggested he switch.

this was steady at a 3.5 until we hit around c350. I started skipping once he changed school to the military academy to play with robots and I realized the focus and genre had changed away from the entertainment circle and into propaganda and nationalism; it turned into an epic starcraft mecha war against zerg + war against the treacherous demons creating victory for the country and proving Chinese superiority to the universe. I admit I lost all interest after that and just wanted to get to the end. I ended up skipping about 20ch once the fighting broke out and started reading again at the final confrontation chapter (around c400).


overall I give the first half of the story a 4 and a 3.5 for most of the second while the last 50 or so ch was more like a 2.5 because of the total genre shift. I added a.5 back for the afterward, which was warm and fuzzy and let us learn more about the MC's roommate from the school he so rarely attended. I think if I read this again I'd just stop at the award ceremony and skip directly to the afterwards.
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frandzy rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: c68
The usual interstellar transmigration trope with entertainment element. Instead of normal world, the MC came from cultivation world.

MC was a genius cultivator but he died after protecting his world from demon king then transmigrated into the body of waste person. His new body is called waste because he can't have this thing called "system". This system is like a supporting script that can assist them with their work (don't know where this system came from though) but it's not very detailed on how they grade the system (low, middle, high).... more>> Almost everyone in this world believes that system is everything, so without a system everybody shunned him except his loyal broker and his family from the mother side.

There's nothing much to know so far with the ML, he's the typical iceberg major general from the army.

I'm now at the part where I found the biggest flaw in this novel.


There's this part where the MC take in an interview with the film crew and they have to answer historical event as a minigame show. Why MC can answer them? Didn't he came from different world with cultivation? If he studied it in the school or if he came from normal world then it's alright, but he obviously came from cultivation world!. What confused me is that he mentioned that he can not answer any event in that era but if it's historical event he can do it. How?

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Larsn rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: c338
I have really conflicting feelings about this story...

Although the summary practically has almost nothing to do with the plot (aside from a few lines probably in the first chapter), the story is pretty good and funny. Even with some clichè, exaggerated parts etc. as these can still be accepted since the story is complexively good.

The only weak point in my eyes is... well, I can't stand how the ML treats the MC as the story goes on. I mean, the MC is the stronger one of the two in combat... more>> (for now, the ML is catching up fast) and his body's level is growing stronger, but even after the ML knows this... he keeps treting him as a delicate, fragile flower who should do nothing he hadn't approved first.

This aspect comes and goes in the story, being more prominent in some moments while in others almost non-existent and the start was pretty good as well, so I kept enduring. However, by ch 338 I couldn't stand it anymore. What's worse is that the MC follows what others say he should do. Guaranteed, it's only tied to his family and the ML and done under indulgent feelings, but still...why?? And while it may appear like a balanced thing, with the ML also giving in to the MC in some points, it's not. Because the only things on which the ML makes a concession over are things about the MC and thus should not concern his imput outside of giving his opinion or counsel. Certainly not his Permission.

In short, the MC in this novel is seen by the ML and the people close to him as the fragile little wife who should only follow and do what 'her' housband lets 'her' do even though 'she' apparently has the ML wrapped around 'her' little finger. This terribly angers me as he's the total opposite of weak and the ML, at least, knows it! I lament what otherwise would have been a perfect power couple.

I get that the author may have wanted to play on the contraddiction between the truth of things and other people's perceptions, and it does work in some points, but it becomes too much in others. Especially as the MC lets the ML place more constraints on him as the story goes on, and I'm not talking about jealousy-related things (or at least not especially as that is pretty mutual and maybe even moe). Even for the rest, there's a feeling of "I let him do it because I want him to be happy" in the ML's thoughs. Which can be moe to some degree but only to a point. I mean, why the f*ck should you 'let' me do anything while you can do whatever you want aside from practically chaining me?? The MC is even given the title of 'wife' and 'daughter in law' and in general addressed as female when speaking formally. Which is something pretty common in these kind of novels, I know, but I really can't stand it. Fortunately this appears only a few times, but the point still stands.

In any case, sorry for the rant (and for my grammar) but I had to put this down somewhere. It just really angers me because I mostly read BL so as to get away from this sh*t, but I guess it can depend on different tastes and points of view.

Well, anyway, all in all I give this 3 (3.5?) stars and I do reccomend this to people since, as I've said, the story is complexively good. The relationship between MC and ML is also pretty good at the start, it's just that things pile up as the story goes on and the bond between them grows stronger. <<less
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Ri Hikaru
Ri Hikaru rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall it was a good read although there were some things that disappointed me.

First thing is a minor gripe (that is overall inconsequential) at the implication in the early chapters that just because MC is male that he's immediately in love with cars cause "natural attraction" is some BS (Source: Me, a man)

Second is the insistence in not showing the in-universe public the full extent of MC's OP-ness relative to the ones around him ... more>>

and hiding all of his achievements behind the ML just like A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy. The public knows that OP is good but for some reason is forced not to show the full extent (well not the full full extent but all of his martial arts prowess is always shown always to a select few people so the public questions MC)


Third is

the need for a more powerful ML. MC starts more powerful but for some reason, ML needs to surpass him like they cannot be at equal or stronger to the ML and because of my second gripe, he cannot even show his power when he was more powerful.


Fourth is that the ending was way too rushed and unsatisfying. Usually there are extras showing what happens to MC, ML and their family (and maybe what future generations thought of them) after the climax of the story or even just a couple of paragraphs but this one ends with

the whole empire's most popular people were MC and ML because they defeated the <enemy from MC life 1> and all of the Zergs and reporters asking about random people's idols

. There were so much unfinished plot points.

There were technically extras but they had no relation to the main story. <<less
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hanarealbess rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: c195
I am tired. Lord this book has gone on for way too long and I just want it to end.
1) The amount of dropped or ignored storylines, characters and other plots is genuinely shocking. For example; the tiger he brings home is literally never mentioned again and he only kept the cub tiger because of a previous pet he had that was also never mentioned until he met this cub. But there was a scene from his past life I the first chapter??? Why not just show the pet then?? His family rarely show up or interact with him. They literally don’t matter most of the story. And I’m shocked that they just let him go back to the place

he was almost beaten to death

without checking up on him constantly or even at all! The other characters only show up to serve a purpose, push the plot forward or because they have to be. Side characters are neglected.

2) I don’t like the main character. He’s kind of op in a way that breaks my suspension of disbelief. Like he’s op in ways that aren’t even close to justified giving his backstory. And he’s a pushover. He almost never fights his own battles and let’s others deal with things for him because he can’t be bothered to pay attention to unimportant people. Except those unimportant people are the villains.

I hated his actions during the star thief arc. Why did he act against them only to leave them alone?? He said he didn’t want to do anything without having a clear picture of what’s happening but then he made a move anyway. Also you can tell what’s happening sir, y’all are being attacked. He got so many people killed because of how he handled that.

3) I don’t dislike the ML I just don’t care for him. I liked him in the beginning but that feeling has been worn down. I was really anticipating his secret being exposed and Lou Lous reactions but the MC literally told him everything about him and taught him cultivation and the ML still hasn’t told him. Also the MC technically cheated imo


4) the depiction of women is horrendous. Like just cut us out of the story completely if you don’t want to write proper girl characters. Like we got so many unnamed fangirls and a few villains who only got a few paragraphs and were never mentioned again. And that’s it. The only female characters.

Actually wait no the hostess and host duo for talk shows and whatnot that show up sometimes. And have like 3 lines each
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ylial rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: c336
I could not categorize this novel as good or bad since some contains really hilarious, good and exciting part while some chapters are really annoying, full of flaws and inconsistencies. Both ML and MC are OP. this novel doesn't have any twist. A straightforward with a chopseuy stories (really lot of genres and very chaotic) . The author didn't focus only on entertainment/system, there are military training, zerg, reality show via VR that makes actors experience different world etc. In short, this novel contains a lot of things. Probably the... more>> author wants it to become unique and interesting. Well, she achieved her purpose on some of the stories but not on others. Hence as the story progresses, it honestly becomes annoying. I don't know if I should rate 3 or 4stars <<less
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starkaster rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: c97
Short chapters where a single scene may span multiple chapters.

After the MC starts acting, the author conveniently forgets that the MC is a cultivator whenever they want to write a pampering scene. Otherwise he's a superhero.

Plot holes, inconsistent characterization. Honestly, the only thing amazing about this story is the translator, who goes above and beyond.
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Immortal_Lover rated it
September 22, 2020
Status: c183
Thid is so awesome.

MC is physically weak from the beginning but gradually improved his physique by his unique cultivation technique

... more>>

MC will become an omnipresent-like-being. All secrets can't be hidden from him. Well except from the secret of ml; the double identity (general and superstar).

I am also kinda dissapointed with ML about his secret because in the beginning he doesn't really planned on telling the MC his other identity. He said he should let the MC discover it himself. If somehow the MC discover it, of course the MC will be angry because it feels like the MC is being played by the ML which bribg a very bitter taste, specially to the readers, like me. I don't really know if this will happen because I'm still at chap 183.


Oh. The MC is also very very cruel to his enemy. Hehehe. He is very op when it comes to martial arts and acting. And he is a good cook to. A good cook is really an understatement. We can say that he really is like on of those top chef. <<less
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jadelin rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: --
This is basically like 'The Young General's Wife Is Mr. Lucky', with cultivation from absorbing the power of 'faith' MC, but MC is not a as much of as a Gary Stu in this one, although he's still OP with his cultivation abilities from his previous life. The plot is more of an 'entertainment circle' genre, but I found it relatively enjoyable, and later on it involves some martial arts and mecha/battles as well.

The ML, though seeming the typical emotionless ML, is very sweet to the MC.

... more>>

I thought there were 2 MLs at first, but it turns out Han Junzhan has two systems that allow him to switch appearances. Anyway, I won't spoil too much, you can figure out easily his other form. ?

Like in 'The Young General's Wife Is Mr. Lucky, MC eventually teaches ML how to cultivate as well.
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toshibi rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: c336
It had a good start and the MC is good but I feel he's too much of a pushover. I mean no matter how nice you are, to be sooo good to your s*upid roommate to the point of cooking whenever he asks you to but the guy never does anything for you, it just leaves a bad impression on me on how he chooses friends. As for the ML, okay, though his liking towards MC came abruptly, I can accept it but when he goes all narcissistic on how... more>> "I SHOULD be stronger than him", "I HAVE to be protecting him", and "He SHOULDN'T have somebody get close to him", I felt like come on dude, he's stronger than you and he also has a life, give him space, what happened to you being a major general that's supposed to be working! And MC, come on dude, stop going along with what he wants, do you really have no thoughts just because he's your TAOIST COMPANION. Like if you need to do something, why go the hard way just cause he doesn't want to seperate from you for such a close distance. So, in truth, I pretty much don't like hos best friend and ML.

So that's it for my rant...

As for the good part of this story, it's probably every other character. I really love the older brothers and wish they were in the story more. The personality of their agents were more interesting than ML for me.

I don't know if I'll finish this story because it gets a bit tiring to read when it gets this long, probably will read the other parts when I can get over how annoying ML is. <<less
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Roxasfleur rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: c202
Honestly confused how to rate this story. Probably will give 3.5 if possible. Why?

Because the story starts of good and go on until it starts to drag off. I love MC and ML and their really smooth-sailing love. ML Starts off cold and awkward and slowly become cute. However, I think it's too long. So.. Gonna drop this.
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Pudica rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: c222
Enjoyable read and it was fluffy. I like the MC, but I'm not sure I can read till the end.. Too many chaps, the conflict should have ended with his former family matters, but instead inserting quite a long filler until the appearance of the next 'boss'. At this chapter there's only foreshadowing, MC and ML aren't aware yet. There're some plotholes too as mentioned by previous reviewer.

oh yeah, somehow I still couldn't see how having a system is so beneficial, can't it be replaced with CG considering the advance... more>> of technology? At least for the celebrity system I couldn't see why the people there seemed so fixated on it, aside from how author repeatedly mentioning that celebrity without a system is a dropout of the circle.

but it was a fun read nonetheless that's why I give it 4 stars. Maybe i'll continue where I left it when I feel like to continue reading it again. <<less
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