The Impostor Luca and a Black Monster


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Sorcery is taboo. People who reveal sorcery to the public will be condemned to the stake–. Luca, a young man who claims to be a student traveling and living off of scamming others, owns the banned magic “mana.” Luca hides his “mana,” which is referred to as the “devil’s magic” and goes on a journey to find his father’s enemies and the grimoire left by his ancestors. On his journey, he meets a puppy with black and white fur. The dog he named Saro has the hidden ability to transform into a monster or a human…!? One man and one dog’s medieval renaissance style fantasy opens its curtain!

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Petenshi Luca to Kuroki Maken
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02/25/17 Seijaku no Marionette v1c1 part1
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