The Immortal Doctress: Emperor’s Consort


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She is the female overlord of Tianyue Dynasty, who bullies men and women.

She is notorious to the point that none dares to marry her.

He is the most powerful and mysterious Emperor in Tianyue Dynasty who was above ten thousand people.

Was loved by thousands of women but none could get close to him.

It was not until she met him that she knew what it meant for a wicked woman to be afraid of a pestering stalker.

‘The Madam emptied out the entire herbal shop today.’

‘Move, by the way, send the deeds of all the other medical stores to her.’

‘ Madam injured Xu Shizi, he is threatening to teach Madam a lesson.’

‘ Is he tired of living? Even my people dare to move too! ‘

She is black-bellied and ruthless, unrestrained and temperamental, quick to revenge, but he’ll forever put her at the top of his heart.

To protect her at every turn, like a rare little treasure.

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Xian Yi Di Fei – Immortal Doctor, Emperor’s Consort
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New Lachaize rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: --
This is mediocre.

The story is just a mix of all the cliché you can find. Everyone is dumb/useless except the FL and the ML.

There is also no common sense. I guess it's readable. You just need to shut down your brain.

I was there for the romance but even in this aspect... Well it's tr*sh

Read this when you have nothing else to read.
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