The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin


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Wang Ji was revived in the summer of 2017. After waking up, he realized that his brain has a part missing.

An unknown short message warned him that a Destroyer, which could destroy human civilization easily, had taken root and sprouted. This civilized world was coming to an end. He was the only person who could stop it, and he had only less than 18 hours.

The Item Support from other worlds were the keys to save this world. They were being disguised as clues and were dropped into the city Wang Ji lived.

Ninjutsu artifacts, assassin features, and magical items from the black market had been dropped into Wang Ji’s world, to help him fight against the disasters from unknown space. After reviving into this world, Wang Ji wasn’t an ordinary person anymore. He would become an unprecedented hunter in the history of the whole world!

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August 15, 2018
Status: c6
A total robot of a human being wakes up and gets a message telling him to do a thing, so he does, then he gets told to get some items, and he does, as for why the items are there, who cares? The messages say "jump" and the MC doesn't even bother to ask "how high? Before jumping. All the while you are left without any real reason to care about anything that's going on with him at all, other than the thought that whole scenario (as described in the... more>> novel description) might be bad, and it'd be nice to stop it.

The translations themselves are fairly poor quality and despite having three editors, seems to have a lot of common grammatical errors and reads like a disjointed mash of small sentences.

As for a general rant, I'm not sure why authors seem to forget that in order for a character to be interesting, they need to be emotionally engaging and no, boredom is not an acceptable emotion. The author endears very little emotional investment from the reader, and there are hardly any real clues that the MC was ever a human being in the first place, so you are left purely with curiosity for the situation, and none for the character themselves.

Maybe it gets better? I don't know, but I'm having a hard time pushing through it, and I hate it when a story makes me feel like I'm forcing myself to not have fun for the mere prospect of fun existing in the future. Maybe I'm just spoiled. <<less
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