The Hunter Expelled from the S-Rank Party is Actually the World’s Strongest ~The Man with 9999 Range, Unrivaled as the Empire’s Sniper~


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The protagonist, Ganma Snipe, is an archer.

One day, he’s expelled from his S-Rank Adventurer Party as an incompetent who doesn’t do anything.

In fact, however, there were many times when they were saved by Ganma’s covering fire.

However, because Ganma’s sniping was so fast, and because he took down the enemies from ultra-long range, the members of the party were unable to appreciate his meritorious deeds.

After being kicked out of the party, on his way out of the Royal Capital, helps a carriage attacked by monsters.

Inside were Mabel, a female friend from school, and Artemis, the Imperial Princess.

[I’m here to scout you!] [You are an excellent sniper. We would be delighted if you would join our Empire’s military.] Meanwhile, Twilight Dragon, which has lost Ganma, is collapsing due to the loss of their excellent rear guard.

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S-kyū pātī kara tsuihōsareta kariudo, jitsuwa sekai saikyō ~ shatei 9999 no otoko, teikoku no sunaipā to shite musō suru ~
S Kyu Party Kara Tsuiho Sareta Karyudo, Jitsuha Sekai Saikyo Shatei 9999 No Otoko, Teikoku No Sogeki Shu Toshite Muso Suru
S級パーティーから追放された狩人、実は世界最強 ~射程9999の男、帝国の狙撃手として無双する~
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