The Heroine has Her Eyes on Me as Her Brother’s Wife


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This is the world of an R-19 novel based on Little Red Riding Hood, this time with a princess who eats the Wolf. The problem is, that wolf is my younger brother. I hid deep in the forest so that Red Riding Hood wouldn’t find us. The goal is to escape to the human world safely!

And then one day. I found a child collapsed in the snow-covered forest. You can’t just pass by a sick child. I brought her home thinking I could treat her– of all people, she was the female lead, and said, “I don’t remember anything.”

To make matters worse, she lost her memory in an accident!

“I like you the best in the world!”

I was afraid of death, but couldn’t drive the sick child away coldly, so I took good care of her. Don’t forget your gratitude, even if you get your memory back later. But this kid–

“What’s your ideal type?”

“I like tall, broad-shouldered men.”

“A handsome man? How handsome?”

I think you have a lot of questions about me. It’s my fault that your eyes shine when I talk about my ideal type, right?

Associated Names
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Frozen Wolf,Fire Dragon
The Female Lead Turn Me into Her New Sister
여주인공이 나를 새언니로 점찍었다
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November 23, 2022
Status: c2
i really hate the og novel. its honestly quite disgusting. and I find it more disturbing how the MC has no problem with that.

... more>>

RRH decided to commit genocide against a whole wolf race over her dead brother who died from a born illness, and that illness apparently was caused by wolves based on a legend. she commited genocide over a legend yall...



and during the purging, RRH decided to spare FL's bro and use him for s*x.

look I know theres all kinds of novel with this kind of premise and I dont judge, but I'm honestly sick of the sugarcoating of SA as "dominant female". if they phrased it as obsessive sick love, I would have liked it better. still wrong, but doesnt try to pull wool over my eyes pretending "its girlboss, not a bad thing" yknow.


in the og novel, the brother later developed stockholm syndrome. again, like what you like, its whatever. but the fl, the FAMILY of this dude, thought "oh I cant let them see each other, what if they fall in love at first sight~". I was stunned.



when FL said "Does it hurt your pride because you were treated by a wolf?" and then thought 'And you probably don't know that I and Zion are wolves yet.', I was like huh? you... just revealed... huh???

that was when I know maybe this novel is not for me with my small brain.

but since I only read this until chapter 2, I wont be giving it a rating. decide for yourself. the other reviews look good so maybe I threw in the towel too soon. <<less
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Grace34 rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c10
Ok this is a great novel that I'm really exited for! I know it's still in its beginnings but it still has a lot of potential. The main character is extremely sympathetic and she is smart and very analytical. She understands not only the story that she reincarnated into but also how to interact within it. She had a difficult childhood and instead of that just being treated as a pity party that just serves to make us feel bad for her she actually acts as a person who struggled... more>> as a child should. She doesn't trust easily and takes precautions to protect herself and her brother. She is also strong in both the physical and mental sense, and she can hold her own against people who oppose her.

Not only that but the translations are amazing, really easy to read and understand and the translator and proof reader notes are hilarious!

Also if you like stories that reimagine classic fairy tales then I really recommend this novel! <<less
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suga_minnie rated it
October 29, 2021
Status: c13
This is a very good novel. Its definitely not a typical transmigration novel. The Female lead is very cautious and smart for good reason and the flow of the story is very nice.
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