The Heroes Must Die


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One day, the witch Lisa, one of the four heroes who defeated the Demon King, is visited by the sage. What came out of his mouth was a sad event in which the hero was killed by the priestess who was supposed to be his lover. Wizard Lisa wondered why her fellow companion killed the hero.

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Sutad Aatma
Sutad Aatma rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: Completed
I was quite surprised when I read the twist in the middle. Definitely did not expect that! It really rips apart the happily ever after image that is set by fairy tales. They had me in the first half. XD

After completing the one-shot, a part of me wished that the author had written a novel on this but then I realized that what made it interesting and amazing was the fact that this is a one-shot. The author successfully managed to give out all the details in one chapter and... more>> yet did not make it seem as if it was rushed. Loved it.

Edit: Had to add a spoiler because the person below has given a wrong spoiler


Mage did not have superiority complex because she lost less people. She had it because of something else. Since it is a one-shot I do not want to give any more spoilers but I had to remove the misconception that is spread by them.

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kawaii12345 rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm a bit of a sucker for what happens next tales, so this one managed to get me. If you too are one of the people that wonders "Just what does happily ever after, actually mean?" this story might appeal to you. The perspective of the story is from a hikkimori mage, who doesn't want anything to do with the social life of the capitol (Probably a wise choice in otome land). A very nice take on how she has to deal with what comes next, in a more real... more>> land than fairy tale land.

Recommended as good entertainment. <<less
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Hematite rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: --
Excellent "what happens next" and "what really happened" oneshot. I agree with another commenter that while part of me wishes for a longer story going over the back-story, the longer story probably wouldn't work as well. It's good because it's a oneshot: it gives you all the information you need without going into more.
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Mashumello rated it
September 13, 2022
Status: --
Wow, how fun (?) ! It was perhaps one of a realistic way of ending.

Think about it, could there really be a beautiful ending to the protagonists of a heroic tale who survived long enough to be honored and glorified by the ppl?

In the end, their achievements came from stepping over numerous corpses and sacrifices of their comrades so... If they're even truly a morally upright person, a genuine kind-hearted person or a person with deep friendship, could they really endure the lost, sadness and despair, or even betrayal that... more>> may have accompanied their whole journey?

Let's say they're mentally strong, and they're now standing here not only for themselves, but for their past comrades as well, but so what? They still enjoys the glory of the living heroes, not thinking of mentioning those who helped fought their way to defeat Demon King, not having obvious signs of a mental breakdown nor ptsd :)

Do you say, they're nice?

No, if you read, the most twisted of them is the Mage,

selfish and rational, for the sake of survival, even as an introvert hikki she can be as green tea as can be.

I also smell a bit of hypocritical, high-handed, cynical and narcissism from Sage too.

Not much was mentioned about Hero, but a strong and self-centered person maybe. I don't know how he is, just doesn't seem to care about the lives and deaths of others, goal-oriented, and only asked to get together with Priestess after they won just bc he seem to fall for her, now? Erm...

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May 24, 2022
Status: Completed
wow, so twisted, she say she is the one who not fall to the abyss but actually she the most twisted above anyone else. The story so fascinating so dark but make sense. Worth to read and to the point the story warp up in one chapter is so cool
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