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Same, yet different worlds. Everything changed when I put the ring on. I’m Haneul Kang and I have become a hero.

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더 히어로
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Hamsta rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: v7c2

It reads like a crappy fanfic of My Hero Academia (Hmm, both came out in 2015...) hodgepodged with a mix of other well known works such as World Trigger (spiderweb sky portals bringing neighbors monsters), Worm (serious MC with common sense, general deconstruction of superhero genre & realistic consequences), MHA/Dial H for Hero, etc (Haves vs Have-nots, Normie MC gets artifact/power that forces him to become a hero, aspires to become a true hero, etc. *Wouldn't be surprised if the ring is literally brainwashing the MC.). Even the first fight... more>> mirrors MHA almost exactly, the only difference is the motivation which actually makes the MC look retarded.

It wouldn't be so bad if there was more consistency....... Characters act extremely out of character or acts stupidly to the point of being jarring. I'm not surprised the series went on hiatus as it's obvious the author ran out of works to rehash since the quality drops noticeably and silly plot-lines are introduced to try to struggle forward.


The MC is a mass of contradictions.
1) MC is set up to be a guy with common sense & military training. Gets caught up in danger, wisely decides to runs from danger, danger finds MC anyways, hero saves MC & takes him away from danger, MC stupidly runs back into danger, same hero has to save MC again resulting in fatal wound to hero.... MC decides to run away from danger again......

Then it copies MHA's first chapters almost identically: MC spots helpless child in danger, realizes he's just a normie and decides to run since he's got no way to fight, right?....... NOPE, can't run away, he decides to run straight at the monster and......punch the monster with his autistic self. Wut. Literally went against everything the MC was built up to be. To be fair, the ring might be screwing with MC's head because the ring does release some sort of light/aura around his head later, probably keeping him dimwitted or something.

2) MC wisely decides to stay away from hospitals/government because he's got a from a freaking different world with a magical ring. Wise decision, for all he knows his organs might not even be the same as the people in this world. Yet immediately agrees to get checked out at the hospital by his new GF which he didn't have in his old world, wut. (This goes wrong immediately since Obvious-Evil-Guy immediately figures out something is up with his ring but keeps it to himself.)

3) Supposedly majored in Computer Engineering, yet can't do basic research. Gets a hold of a computer to look for information and does the equivalent of browsing reddit for the day. Wut. Why the hell wasn't he looking for basic information like what the hell magic is, where heroes came from, and how to use his powers?

4) Goes to school, decides to keep a low profile since his otherself doesn't have hero powers (according to token GF)..... immediately decides to explode the training lizard. Wut.

Along with many other examples.

BUT...... it's not only the MC that has issues:

Token girlfriend, she's basically only there for exposition yet she never fights alongside the MC. She magically recognizes the MC is the silver hero even though this is his first time transforming, he said nothing at all in his interviews, & his otherself has NEVER manifested any powers. How the hell did she figure out it was him? She's apparently a B rank hero yet never shows up for any of the fights, suspicious since B ranked heroes are usually called upon the most to fight, with C/D heroes doing support work (the big 2-wizard fight is excusable since the battlefield was large & maybe she was somewhere else, but what about the other battles?). She agreed MC's probably from a different world since he can prove he's not the same person she knew (he was basically transported to this world, has knowledge of computer engineering (majored in Comp Engi in Uni, but his otherself majored in Heroing), has superpowers unlike the person she knew, & is literally wearing a magical ring that can't be removed. She agrees to answer all his questions yet leaves out some of the most basic questions anyone in the same situation would ask.... such as "WTF is magic/heroes and how do they work?" or other such simple questions.

Ironman: Supposedly a rank D hero, literally nothing special about him but his tenacity. Magically gets upgrade to a powerful monster detector that can detect monsters better than the MC (rank A hero) or other heroes can.
Likewise the military/news reporters: They've been fighting neighbors monsters for how long? They've proven cameras work (just wireless transmission of info gets screwy due to mana apparently), so why aren't they using long range methods of gathering information like satellites, drones, etc? Instead they face the same issue with every monster attack where they stupidly attempt to set use wireless, gets interrupted, then struggle to put up "wired" communications. Holy crap, at that point why aren't they just going the Evangelion route and simply wiring the entire place up? They've explicitly stated that they've managed to segregate the city into "districts" because apparently that keeps the neighbor gates controlled, why couldn't they just have wired cameras already setup?

Even the monsters themselves aren't consistent: Apparently even the weakest monster is resistant to conventional firearms, this is why heroes are needed & the military doesn't just bulldoze them with tanks or antimaterial rifles. Yet a news reporter manages to significantly damage a Wizard (supposedly a Class S threat) with a really big gun.

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ExQAlph03 rated it
August 16, 2016
Status: v7c2
Well, I'll just say that I got sucked in easily by reading this, it's really great!

One of my favorites, the actions are really satisfying (for me, at least) the story, settings are really unique? it really pulls one to it, the explanation, description and all is not boring in any away, the excitement and anxiousness are constant and people won't get tired/bored of it in any angle... lol.

Though people keep linking it to "One-Punch Man" which I find funny as I can't really get the similarities in their atmosphere/mood/feel,... more>> lol.

Anyway, I really recommend this, this is really enjoyable~ ^^.

The downside or the bad news is currently, the translator/s aren't available, they stop the translations, RL problem/issues or responsibilities, no time and so on, really regret that this is getting buried T_T. <<less
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dy2746 rated it
February 7, 2016
Status: --
I read this because a review said it was “One Punch Man + Worm combo” and I love the anime One Punch Man and this has a similar hero ranking system but that’s where the similarity’s end. This is not a hilarious comedy like One Punch Man and honestly has zero comedy. It's nothing like “Worm” the single best story I have read on the internet for free and truthfully Worm is a lot better then just about all I have purchased and this is coming from someone who reads... more>> over 200 books a year. If you haven’t read Worm you are so lucky, I wish I could erase my memory of the story and reread it. I can't link to It here but, It's a easy search for Worm by Wildbow to get the fully completed story. Warning if you start reading it it's all you'll be doing for the next month. About this story, So far 3 volumes completed, It’s decent. The chapters are very short but the story moves quickly. I completed the first three volumes in about a hour. The MC will give you a headache but its just the writers style of making the protagonist slow on the uptake so he can explain everything to the readers. If you enjoy superhero’s nothing beats Worm but this is not bad. I would recommend. <<less
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Rosver rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: v8c8
It has interesting ideas that it seem to copy from other works, but other than that, it is really poorly crafted.

What I disliked most of this novel is its crappy pacing. I can stand slow, but... goddamn! Only a totally incompetent writer would write a whole chapter that comprise only of a few seconds of time in an action filled moment. It has one of the most shitty paced fighting scenes I ever come across. Even slow paced stories sped up in fighting scenes. This one slow down even more!

Its... more>> terribly slow pacing is specially detrimental to this novel. It is supposed to be about a hero who fights evil alien monsters... and it is filled with passages about the character walking and talking and walking, even in fighting scenes it is filled with long passages of talking.

And the characters, they are really bland. The protagonist specially. They have like zero personality or worse, inconsistent. The author seems to give them this kind of personality one moment then erase that and put another personality later, as the story required. The story is clearly more focused on plot than characters. However...

The plot is terribly derivative. Think of any popular hero stories and you'll likely see parts of it copied here. However, it does things wrong. Instead of using and developing these ideas to create intense situations, the story instead uses them more as a background and do very little effect to the overall story. It is just a bunch of random things put in because it is standard in the genre. The protagonist fights the bad guys because every superhero stories do so.

This could probably worked in a more competent hands, but as is, this is a super hero story with its vital parts removed. Instead of intense fighting scenes, it drags. Instead of interesting characters, they are bland. Instead of using the ideas (it copied) to create interesting situations, it just waste them by doing nothing interesting with them.

It is just incredibly mediocre and forgettable superhero-story wannabe. The author tries to write a superhero novel but just doesn't understand why people read them or why they interest people so. <<less
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MondoX rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: v7c2
The way the Hero system is set in the series reminds me of "One-Punch Man." However, the MC's are different, where in One-Punch you have a calm, funny hero. Whereas in The Hero, you have an OP whinny guy, not sure of what he wants, and that 'hesitates, finally acts' every time he faces a new situation. The way the monsters are summoned reminds me of "World Trigger."
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ninthlite rated it
December 6, 2015
Status: --
This seems to be solid, from the six chapters released so far it seems to be a transported to another world with a ranked system of heroes who fight off monsters who attack humanity, but it is more akin to war than power rangers.

Edit: I have been following the translation and have been disappointing. The MC is stale at best of times and the rest of the side characters are even more stale. The description of OPM without awesome characters is a incredibly good description. 4/5 (Second Rating 3/5) ... more>> (Original review 5/5) <<less
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burham pratama
burham pratama rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: v8c10
This is good novel to read actually, just say it was a classic gem, too good to let it pass, when the link is still active I read this twice, but hell yeah now it was broken and no one take a notice of this novel, hope any one there take this novel and translate it
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DekuHero rated it
November 20, 2018
Status: --
I saw someone review this saying it was like a "crappy fanfic of My Hero Academia". This isn't true at all. I'm a huge fan of My hero Academia and this has very little similarities. The only two things that are similar is heroes exist in the world and he just happens to go to a school that learns about heroes. Aside from that nothing is similar about it. It's like saying Spiderman is a ripoff of Superman just because they both work in the same field of work when... more>> they aren't being heroes.

The other comparisons that reviewer made was very reaching as well. I feel like this person and the people that liked his review had only watched/read a very small portion of mainstream popular fantasy fiction and now they probably compare everything they watch and read to those things. It reminded me of the time when I was reading another story that had a 9 tailed fox in it and someone in the comments said the story was ripping off Naruto. I was like... what? 9 tailed foxes were a thing long before Naruto.

My review:

I think this story is not a rip off of anything. It's the whole "The simpsons did it" bit. I personally didn't overly enjoy this story but it was a decent read to kill time. I found it interesting in a lot of ways. I don't want to give out any spoilers so I'll just end my review here and give it the appropriate amount of stars I believe it deserves. <<less
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Redo rated it
January 26, 2016
Status: --
Like the reviewer below, and with a little something...

This feels like... One Punch Man + Worm combo, but without the awesome crackiness of OPM or the ‘everything always gets worse’ grimdark from Worm.

Imma gonna read some more, because its still awesome. :)
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January 25, 2016
Status: --
Reviewed at volume 3 chapter 4, didn’t rate yet.

It’s... interesting, I guess. The world has a One-Punch Man manga feel to it, except that the MC was a transported person and gained his strength from a mysterious ring (note that I said it has similar "feel", not that they're exactly same; plus, different person may get different vibe). The chapters were short, the pace were fast, and the MC strength was immeasurable. So far, the plot seems solid, but I’ll be back in the future to re-review and rate it.
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