The Hero Wants to Be V**lated


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After clearing an erot*c RPG and selecting the new game+ option as usual, I found myself within the game. The erot*c game? Did it become reality? Moreover, due to choosing the female protagonist, my body is now that of a woman. There’s nothing left but to try out various things. Despite having reached the maximum level and completly possessing all magic and items, I intentionally get pushed down. Thus begins a playthrough driven by lust.

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Lunara3923 rated it
December 24, 2023
Status: 44+5
Bis*xual MC gets dragged into a eroge world with new game+ stats, bonuses, and all items/coins as a girl where he proceeds to lead out his innermost fantasies of getting r*ped violently. He then continues to do this with everything he sees be it demon, monster, or human he sees while trying to hide his power because he can basically only get off on being forced... more>>

(even if he can one -shot the final boss with a road side pebble)

. I enjoyed it overall though I feel like there could have been a bit more detail in the s*x scenes, not that the s*x scenes are bad just the author occasionally just glosses over a few s*x scenes here and there but nothing major. <<less
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