The Hero-Slaying Bandit


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The protagonist is an adventurer and a bandit. A rascal of sort.

Varde is the third son of a noble, and is a bastard who was born of an affair with the maid. Still, his family did take care of him until he was five years old, allowing him to live, although with much shame. On his fifth birthday, however, his magic affinity was tested, and his affinity was found to be poor. In the end, he was chased away from his house, sent to his mother’s relatives, and forbidden from associating his name with his noble relatives.

After that, he went out on an adventure with the brother of his mother, his uncle. As his uncle was an adventurer, he was able to learn many techniques to allow him to survive.

Before long, he was able to stand up by himself. And in order to live in this world of injustice, he dirtied his hands.

This is the tale of living in a fantasy world based on the moral values of the protagonist, Varde.

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03/19/16 Neo Translations c1
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