The Hero King, Reincarnate to Master the Art of War ~And Thus, I Became The Strongest Knight Disciple (♀) in The World~


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With the Goddess’ blessing, he became a 『Divine Knight』 and founded an Empire.
As time passed, he grows older, and by the time the heavens called for him to come, the Goddess showed before him, asking for his last wish.

He wished to be reincarnated in the future.
He dedicated all his life for his people, he had no time to master his own arts.
This time, he wishes to live for himself, forging his body to the utmost limit.

The Goddess complied with his wish.
In the far future, the King shall reincarnate as the 『daughter』 of a renowned Knight family.
And, under some circumstances, she is labeled as a failure of a Knight, however——

「How convenient. I can stand on the foremost line without needing any rank. No better training than actual combat!」

Thus, the legend of the world’s strongest, most beautiful Knight Disciple (♀) has begun—

Associated Names
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Eiyuu-ou, Bu wo Kiwameru tame Tensei su ~Soshite, Sekai Saikyou no Minarai Kishi♀ ~
Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire ♀ (LN)
The King of Heroes reincarnates to polish his skill to the limit and becomes the strongest knight in training in the world ♀
英雄王、武を極めるため転生す ~そして、世界最強の見習い騎士♀~
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ssj4maiko rated it
February 24, 2021
Status: c104
This is an entertaining story, by no means it is for everyone or in any mood, but that's usually for anything. I will point out the positives and negatives from my perspective. I will start with the negatives first, because I think the positives outweigh the negatives here.

    • The protagonist feels like a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Now, let me explain it. Originally, the Hero King, everyone liked him and stuff, blessed by the goddess, reincarnates as a gorgeous girls that everyone is fascinated by. Everywhere she passes, she catches everyone's eyes. Usually the genderbending trope turns the protagonist into a loli, but not here, she looks more mature than she is, and at 15, she already has the looks of a 18yo. The story describes her in such a passionate way that sometimes it's a little cringy, and I don't know if it's trying to make fun of something, if its an attempt at funservice, or really is going serious at having to repeat that.
    • The " heroine" (?) of the story is a typical "hero of justice", a pure person that will declare right or wrong, and of course, that may get them in a bad situation. But she could be worse, I mean, many such characters are the hypocrite types that will suggest not fighting against the evil enemy, but this one doesn't, after all, with the influence of MC who is a battle junkie, she is more than used to fighting when necessary, she even tried to get one of the evil guys first to help MC, so you can treat her as a slightly twisted version of the trope. The MC is overprotective of her, treating her like a granddaughter that he never had in his past life, but in the current life their are cousins.
Now, for the positives.

    • "Overpower"? yes. Omnipotent? No. As the Hero King, you would expect the previous life to have all sorts of super skills, then he reincarnates, and nobody can do that stuff he does, and so you get that overpower protagonist, that's how it usually goes, right? Here, it deviates from this a little. The Hero King, as he complains just before dying, was strong, but had to eventually stop fighting to act as King, meaning, although he likes fighting, he couldn't, which raises his dissatisfaction. Thanks to the goddess, he had access to more power, but he never got to fully go into it, so it's no wonder that its quite early, in the second life, that he notices that she had already surpassed the Hero King in power. Her abilities are also overall related to physical skills, so although it should be possible for her to use simple magic like fireballs and such, she doesn't know how, and even if she knew, she prefers to go close-combat anyway, but she can imitate the effects of any simple Artifact, she may even be able to imitate complex ones, but she is still not that good at mana manipulation.
    • Humans regressed... But not really. As MC notes when she reincarnates, humans seem to have lost the knowledge to use Mana, however, they have Artifacts (magical weapons) that can be used with a rune on their hands that can act as a mana catalyst. MC suggests it as being a small placebo effect, in that the runes just helps them into using their own mana effectively. But she recognizes that such artifacts may contain very complex and incredible magic, and at the same time, there is technology that was impossible at her time, so there is no "modern knowledge cheat" on her. Also she can't explain her ability to others because that is derived by her Divine Knight class in her former life, meaning, only those blessed by a God would be able to replicate what she can do. In the end, she is not really that good with magic anyway.
    • The MC is a battle junkie, and not a Hero, and that's very explicit in her behavior, if we try to compare her style with another famous character, I think Son Goku from DBZ is very similar in that regard. Both like to fight, both like to face stronger enemies, and both may even allow enemies to flee if they can get stronger and fight again later, for better or worse, hell, if there are 2 sides and she is not in any of them, and doesn't know which one is the good and bad one, she may join the weakest side just to be able to fight against the strong guy, and yes, she wants to fight strong allies too, and actively asks them to do so. The difference is of course their circumstances. Inglis is by no means Goku levels of dumb (like healing his enemy, well, at least, she has no means of being able to do such.), and there is a fineline: Try to hurt her cousin, you die. No buts. The enemies are usually monsters though. This also means that MC is unlikely to deal with politics, and she refuses immediately anything of the sort.
    • Hiding her power, but not really. The MC wants to fight against strong foes, which is why she doesn't want to be tied down to a country or to other people's affairs like her previous life. Fortunately for her, the world has a rule based on a Physical trait, if you have a Rune, you have higher chances in society, if you don't, it's impossible to climb high in society. She is stronger than anyone, but because her strength relies on another undetected power, she goes "runeless", so when people will think that she is weak or try to defend her, just for the girl to go ahead and make a show of agility, so it doesn't take much time for everyone that saw her to recognize that she is absolutely abnormal, although nobody has any idea what's with her.
    • The plot... Isn't really a masterpiece, but at least, it has an objective, and it's not a pure slice of life, it does try to work a little on it, but the plot is constantly advancing at a somewhat fast rate, so the "slice of life" moments are just for the laughs, like when they have to fight monsters while trying to protect a ball's party food without ripping out their dresses [The MC and the heroine (?) are big eaters, and they had skipped lunch just to be able to eat more at the party, that was suddenly attacked. They also speak with their mouths full... My thanks to the translator.]). There are monsters of semi-unknown origin (They appear when prism rains, and it hits animals), there is a caste system on the civilization, with "highlanders" that live in floating islands and have over technology to unethical levels sometimes, and "midlanders" who has to defend themselves from the monsters (I guess it doesn't rain on the highlands, maybe?), but highlanders need supplies from the ground, and for that they sell technology, including the artifacts needed to kill the monsters that can't be killed by normal means.
    • Self awareness. As I said, the plot isn't a masterpiece, and I think it's quite predictable in many points, but due to protagonist being a Battle Junkie, what usually would be an "this new character feels like a waste of time", ends up entertaining as we see the trope being deviated due to MC's faults, meaning you get new resolutions for generic tropes. In this one case at the second arc, the character felt so damn generic that I even thought there may have been a catch, and MC says the same, but after being revealed to be truly generic, I felt like "just get this over with". I was very surprised at the following events that completely betrayed my predictions though, which was very entertaining.
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BistAkal rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: c47
I don't understeand why the people under in the reviews think that way "not recommended for boys" like what the hell, that is totally BS, as a guy I trully enjoy this novel. Altough I have to say that the gender bender aspect is a guilty pleasure for me at least.

I generally like a novel were the MC is op and interesting, in terms of bland characters I would disagree. I also like the whole magic systeem and how ether works.

In Conclusion you could say that I disagree with all... more>> the negative points that were said by the (earliest) first two comments <<less
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mytelefe rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: c33
I really like the setting for this novel. Former king returning to the land that once was his kingdom after being reincarnated in unspecified future in order to perhaps pursue a different path and maybe witness the legacy of his previous life. I think it has great potential.

The world building isnt great but it is there. You have Nobles, the Knight's Order, the enigmatic Highlanders, Magical Stone Beasts there are runes and artifacts that knights use to battle said stone beasts. At least there is no "game skills", levels and... more>> adventurers guild as of yet (c33).

Characters are really bad. Main characters are cliche one dimensional bundles of tropes. MC is overpowered goofball with no accountability for anything doing whatever comes to mind. Calling secondary characters shallow would be unearned praise since they have only flat surfaces.

Story is predictable and linear filled with repetitive and meaningless happenings.

Overall it is a cliche feel good story about overpowered main character that is perfect in everything except few minor things that in the end wont matter. I wouldnt recommend this novel to anyone that has developed critical thinking and cannot simply follow the story without questioning it.

As sahs228 said in the other review I do not recommend it for boys. I dont know sahs228 reasons for it but for me it is the misandry coming not only from the author but also the translator team. <<less
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SilvaLau rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: c74
Hero King is the story of a past king reincarnated, tired of the stifling life of authoritarianism, she seeks naught but the thrill of honing her martial prowess and fighting powerful opponents. A once wise king, now reduced to a battle-hungry maniac who lives solely by her own rule. Inglis was reincarnated far into the future, where the kingdom she once ruled was gone from the annals of history, the people around her had all but forgotten about the magic techniques she once fervently spread around, and most of all,... more>> the ground nation now lives in fear of mutated beasts known as Magic Stone Beasts and had to rely on the technology of the Highlanders, those who live on a floating island, to fight back against these monsters.

What happened to her kingdom? Why did people forget about magic? How or where did the Highlanders or Magic Stone Beasts come about? While all these questions are of interest, but does Inglis care about them? Nay, all she cares about is to fight against the strongest Magic Stone Beasts and hone her skills! <<less
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sahs228 rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: c24
Somehow, there is no explanation of being OP, and wanting a fight, without cause.

the hero in the title is just a joke.

first 10 or so chapters are so girly and feel good stuff and contrasts with the later chapters.

Not recommended for boys.
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kawaii12345 rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: c138
TLDR: It's s*upid 2 STARS

There's works that deliberately play with being bad, think of the airplane movies, Leslie Nielsen movies with OJ Simpson etc, Then there's works so bad they are good, Plan 9 from outer space, Chinese Mary Sue novels etc. Then there are works that are just bad. This is just bad. The only reason it gets 2 stars is the translation.

How is this bad?

Well let's start with the premise. You have a hero king whose one goal is to get better at swordplay. He reincarnates as a... more>> young girl and decides to hide his ability because if he doesn't THEY won't let him? Improve.🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I get it nobody in Japan can say no and must do what they are told, choice is not an option. Anyway this is bad but bad can be redeemed. The author can transform it and transcend it. Look at Zorro or the Scarlett Pimpernel. The problem is that this author can't and reading this is all about watching things get progressively worse.

It's a waste of really lucid translation <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: c91
Honestly, I know this one isn't a masterpiece but it's not as bad as what people reviewed here.

MC's personality is one of the ‘weird’ one that people will rarely like. I've seen similar personality in Desumachi or Shinka no Mi; MC who are strong but not be bounded by their power. There's no heroic tendency, nor there are any notion of showing off their power for fame. Simply strong MC who have barely adequate moral values and like to do their business without minding other people's demands.

That kind of MC... more>> usually incites two different response; either you loathe them or you're okay with them. In this case, seems like some people had just wasted their time reading something that doesn't suit their preference LOL <<less
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memetichazard rated it
December 16, 2020
Status: c30
I have no real issue with the premise of the story or the characterization of the MC. The main problem is the shitty writing. Examples:

  • Author likes to repeat himself and state the obvious.
  • Author likes to emphasize how MC looks older than she actually is and how she's super pretty and even has MC gaze upon her own reflection like a narcissist. Multiple times.
  • Chapters that drag on with no real content going on, like a bag of chips (80% hot air!).
  • No depth to the actual story. No interesting interactions between characters. The tropetastic r*pey bad guy does bad guy things plotline is not a boring straight line only because the author added a twist of mixing tropetastic terrorist freedom fighter into the plot. The combat was so lackluster I can't remember a word of it.
It gets two stars only because the premise was interesting.
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Koshiro rated it
December 8, 2020
Status: c36
The hero king reincarnate to master the art of war is soo misleading it should be the hero king reincarnate to became a meathead battle frenzy.....

Why? Cause MC just keep going brawl than using her head, she doenst give a F whos the villain she only cares to fight whos the strong..

The plot too is s*upid

Same old cliche, they just change

Male mc=male spirit but female appearance

Demong race=high lander
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DDosGaming rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: c30
it is story about super duper op protaganist fighting in serious world with comedy keep things together. eminient of shadow and one punch man are good examples of this done right

firstly, the protaganist in this troupe must have something he stick and emphasize with. pure mary sue is boring after all. heroism for saitama and childhood's fantasy for lord shadow.

but this hero king girl only has urge to fight everyone.... that only work if she's underdog you know. like son goku from dragonball always got beaten up by new enermies.... more>> but she's op....

second, the comedy. all I can tell is it's really dry. art of crafting words to get specific emotion response is above me. but I notice it try to pull off 'this is too absurd!' comedy and fall flat.


go read dragonball <<less
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rasputinberry rated it
January 16, 2021
Status: c86
Eh. I would've loved this if there was a male deuteragonist that isn't the MC's cousin. Plus the "x monster/ x beasts" plot is so overdone by now. I already had my fill with that during the battle harem era. I sticked around to see more of the traitor character who is the only interesting character so far plus how the living weapons work. Well guess what, the author never shown how they work nor there's any art or design for their real weapon forms.

A shame really. MC is cute... more>> but the author can't flesh out her feminization more. And it's Yuri so fml. <<less
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minidiamant rated it
October 13, 2020
Status: c46
Ok from the other review I sort of understand what they don't like, I will put 4 stars because it is good but be prepared.

Even if not the real title, the title of this novel would be:

"Ex-Hero king, the greatest battle junky can finally fight"

... more>> Basically it sorts of meets your expectation in terms of knowledge of a king sometimes, the thing is that know from the story, the king is just a knight originally. And in the story, she just is the biggest battle junky in the world.

I personally like it, but I admit, because she just want to fight, there seem to be a lot less of a king, which could make another story of it's own.

Edit: to simplify my comment, its good, but it doesn't give you what you came for <<less
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