The Heinous Mysterious Death Green ~The Most Sinister Hero, Warmly Welcomed by The Wicked Organization~


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Rintaro Kuriyama, also known as Green, was expelled from the elite Tokyo-affiliated “Victory Sentai Victor Rangers” for engaging in too much dirty work. Through a misunderstanding, he was brought along to an evil secret society and was warmly welcomed as the heinous mysterious Death Green.

Hailed as the most atrocious and mysterious being in history, he engages in muddy conflict with the corrupt heroes of justice.

Sure-kill technique! Laxatives, bombs, neurotoxins!

An evil mysterious being. Perhaps it’s my calling?

A man who chose not to use the ways of a hero takes on the role of heinous mysterious being “For the sake of protecting my peace.” Together with his cute, sworn, little sister (shark), he bares his fangs towards twisted justice!

A peace-loving dark hero of good and evil!
The strongest and most vile hero, the heinous mysterious Death Green, is born!

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極悪怪人デスグリーン ~最凶ヒーロー、悪の組織で大歓迎される~
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Mr Popo rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: c1
Seven chapters so far, maybe there will be changes but the description at this point doesn't seem to fit properly, so, I will write something here.

This seems like a comedy based novel filled with misunderstanding, a fun light read that follows a former top hero with a twisted sense of justice or rather, the MC probably picked the wrong side to fight with, too much psychopathic behaviour for a hero/a super sentai or also known as power ranger.

I like the plot so far, trying to escape the villains, he ended... more>> up blowing up his former team comrade, seems like the author doesn't plan to let the plot follow the MC's schemes XD <<less
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BritishRaptor rated it
June 17, 2023
Status: c88
Really mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, it’s a fantastic super-sentai parody that really pokes fun at the genre. The characters are whacky and lively, and it answers the question: ‘Why didn’t the power rangers ever bring a grenade to a fistfight?’ (The answer is: cause that’s all kind of messed up, ya know?)

On the other hand, this story has every one of my least favourite comedy tropes, all jam packed into one place. Accidental groping, constant misunderstandings that label MC as not just a s*xual pe*vert,... more>> (but a pe*ophile!), constant misunderstands in general, and characters that provide very little in the way of actual entertainment but seem to exist just to torment him. (And of course, we’re expected to believe that they’re all friends.) I’m a hairs breadth away from dropping the series after its latest “gag”, where

the MC is literally r*ped off camera by the ‘love interest.

Which is obviously all kinds of messed up.

The series starts strong. Our MC, Rintaro, is initially a joy to follow. He’s that guy in the group project that’s frighteningly efficient. In a super sentai world, that means he was consistently confused by his colleagues’ under utilisation of poison, traps and hostages in taking down the dastardly mysterious beings. It’s all in the name of justice, right? Of course his colleagues, with actual human morals take issue with this, and he is “reassigned”, which eventually leads to a misunderstanding that lands him in the enemy camp.

Watching him do his best to struggle and survive while not blowing his cover or his cool exterior is lots of fun, as was theorising what underhanded tactic he’ll use next, and the unintended consequences of doing so.

Unfortunately as the story progresses, Rinatros personality is slowly leeched from him, as he becomes yet another bland first person audience shoe-in. He begins feels more like a puppet to showcase other characters talents, rarely explains his plans in any way beforehand and continues to pull bullsh*t out his ass instead of actual strategies and tactics. Not to mention watching him have to put up with colleagues that look like they come out of a 2000’s school harem character guidebook on personality types is all kinds of frustrating. Watching him getting tortured (not literally) for the sake of comedy is frustrating enough that I started to wish something ACTUALLY terrible would happen to him, to at least give me some catharsis.

The more I write this review, the more I wonder why I gave it 3 stars. But I do, strangely enough, have mostly positive feelings towards the series, and as someone who drops novels like a blind man with Parkinson’s, I’m somehow still reading this after a year or more.

If you found it funny in comedy when the MC gets slapped for accidentally peeping on a girl, this is the novel for you. If you’re really into super sentai and wouldn’t mind a light hearted parody, this is also for you. If you have anger management issues... probably not. God speed reader. <<less
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DuelMephistropheles rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: c42
I got sick of it pretty quick because the novel's main source of humor, and I use the term loosely, is s*upid misunderstandings that paint the MC as some kind of s*xual predator pe*vert. Not helped by his dumb side kick (the brat on the cover) constantly saying things that back up that false rumor. It's to the point where, if I didn't know her character, I'd assume she's doing it on purpose. I hate stories that think ragging on the MC and doing only that is a... more>> valuable source of humor. It sucks. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
August 30, 2022
Status: c36
It was fun to read, some pretty good comedy. Really liked samecchi and the protagonist. Only complaint is that no one seems to die, despite being oh so "evil", this protagonist simply doesn't kill people, he just pulls dirty and often ruthless tricks. He does f*ck people up badly but they never die, which ends up even being very unrealistic seeing what means he uses that should've killed them, but no, they'll just be within an inch of their life.

I'm willing to overlook that, however. Overall it wasn't overly memorable... more>> and the writing was so-so. Wouldn't give it 5/5 if not for novelupdates crappy vote system where giving a 4/5 means you didn't like it. Nowhere close to awesome novels such as "to be a power in the shadows". <<less
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