The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life


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The Heavenly Demon, Baek Jung-hyuk, woke up as the eldest son of the Dmitry family.

He was known as the fool of the Dmitry family. He was trampled on by the second son. What people thought of him didn’t matter.

The Heavenly Demon. No, Roman Dmitry, cannot live a normal life.

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Descended from Divinity
천마는 평범하게 살 수 없다
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16 Reviews

Dec 13, 2022
Status: --
Pretty bog standard power fantasy, haven't really seen anything that puts it above the rest. Roman easily steamrolls everything he comes across without challenge, whenever he shows off a new skill he casually reveals a new title. Did you know that he is not only the "heavenly demon" but a "master blacksmith" as well as the talented assassin "shadow ghost". Sure it seems epic, but at that point there's basically no challenges for Roman to actually overcome. He does attempt to develop his personal soldiers into a group of monsters,... more>> but they barely get development apart from teaching them some murim technique. Then suddenly, he has a group of elite soldiers at his beck and call.

Tldr: If you like power fantasies, this is for you. <<less
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Aug 09, 2022
Status: c540
Legit the best novel I have ever seen. My favorite novel of all time 1000000000/10. The plot and art are amazing. Loveble characters, the MC Roman I so amazing, bada**, cool and just doesn't have any flaws. Chris/Kris is also one of my faves, in The story (so far) he is the only one who wants and actually tries to surpass the MC (such as challenging him for bettles... etc) . Another important charactet is Kevin, I also loved him and I like how he tries to be the... more>> his master's best sword. The other characters are amazing too. This novel also has some of the best rivalry's of all time (like Chris & Kevin etc). Also this novel explains why the MC reincarnated which is great because not many novels do. This novel also has so many bada** moments and smart concepts. Sorry if this is too long but, I'm just in live with every part of this novel. <<less
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Apr 15, 2023
Status: c45
I like OP MCs, and I like this MC in particular but this novel is just painful to read.

The entire world is just dumbed down to either make the MC or the female lead seem smart/cool or to move the plot forward.

I have met highschoolers who have a better understanding of politics and medieval warfare than the author.
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Oct 13, 2022
Status: c206
This novel is great in all aspects, but one.

The protagonist is powerful in battle, great as a commander and warrior, great as a ruler and politician, is pretty good in territory management. He never stops improving his strength, his subordinates strength and his influence.

He is cruel to his enemies and kind to his people. He accepts his new life and experiences character development.

HOWEVER. He needlessly tortures his enemies. He toys with them, proudly explains his great plans for the present and future and slowly corners them. Ever heard of "The... more>> villian who talked too much"? He creates needless risks and variables.

He is too confident in his plans. There is no perfect plan, which he normally understands. However if he is assured of victory, he forgets that. If just ONE enemy escapes they can spread of his methods and current and future plans.

Every other aspect of him makes his accomplishment of becoming the ruler of his former world believeable, but I don't think he could achieve this with that great of a flaw. He would either have fallen or removed this habit. <<less
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Aug 27, 2022
Status: c14
Very boring, it's not bad or anything, but something felt flat when reading the story :

  • The character change was simply too big and MC didn't care to try to hide his sudden personality change, yet no one doubted that the inept young master suddenly became incredibly powerful and overbearing. It makes everyone incredibly naive and kills immersion to me.
  • Enemies so far have been very simple.
  • In fact all the cast is simple.
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Jul 18, 2022
Status: c328
This novel is top tier 11/10.

First off, this novel has one of the best MCs I've seen in awhile. Most Korean MCs tend to be dumb and naïve, but this one got his priorities straight. Not only was he the strongest person in the Moorim (in his past life) he's also very smart and logical. Instead of being swayed by the environment, he's the one that controls it. From the moment he stepped foot on the new world he got transmigrated into, his number one goal was to become the... more>> strongest.

The MC does not judge people based on what other people say, rather, he judges them based on his own experiences (even with the people who have previously discarded him as 'tr*sh', or 'fool'. From the start of this novel, there wasn't a single moment where the MC wasn't badass. There is also no pointless romance in this novel (so far) that corrupts the MC.


With knowledge from his previous life, the MC reinvents and fixes many flaws that he finds in the new world's swordsmanship and techniques. And armed with a plethora of skills, he gathers elite troops trained by himself to rise to the top of the continent, and the world.


The side characters are extremely well written. Each of them have their part in the plot and none of them are pointlessly left behind after introduction. It is very easy to get attached to the characters in this novel due to their emotions and actions.

The antagonists are also well written. They don't have dumb reasons for killing and being evil, it is easy to sympathize with them.

Finally, I believe the author has done a great job in worldbuilding. There are many empires and kingdoms that play important parts in the plot. The world is constantly changing due to the MC meddling in political, and physical affairs. Races such as elves and dwarves can also be found in the later chapters.

Thank you for reading this review. I would love to write an entire essay giving reasons on why you should read this novel but I don't have the mental capacity nor the skills to do so. <<less
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Jan 28, 2023
Status: c465
A definite masterpiece. If you like kingdom building with an amazing protagonist and like to see him become the top in a reasonable and justified manner, you simply cannot miss out on this one. You have to read at least more than 100 chapters to judge the story because the first few chapters barely fleshes out the amazing journey that the characters take us on.

This novel really blew my mind off. The MC is such a person who despite being OP really works very hard and the best part is... more>> that we even get to see glimpses of his past revealing the reasons how he became so powerful.

Whether you consider the plot or the well detailed world or the execution of the plot line, it is really worth a thousand praise. Though it may seem to some that other character are not more well fleshed out (which I don't completely agree), the fact that it is a whopping 465 chapters of pure action and battle, it is understandable. If you were to got into further details of each character, it would perhaps be a thousand chapters or so. But, in my opinion, the current pace of the plot was downright enjoyable.

I didn't want to read the next half of the story after seeing the modern countries but well, considering the first part, it should be good too. The MTL of the story is understandable too. <<less
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Jun 18, 2022
Status: --
Thank you sky demon order for picking up this novel. I like the story of our protagonist in different world.


He is pretty much OP in this world. The antagonist come from Murim just like MC (from the empire if I remember correctly). So this is kind of kingdom/territory-building story.


I didnt feel bored at all reading this novel to hundreds of chapters! 4.5/5
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Gluttony Reader
Gluttony Rea
Dec 11, 2022
Status: c615
The definition of 'quality junk food.' 12/10

Despite most chapters being in MTL so far, you can just tell that a lot of thought was put into the story, which is why it's so well-written and entertaining.

Things do not feel forced unlike other novels since it has this 'nonsensical sense' that makes everything just feel connected and is hard to see it happen any other way. The MC, Roman Dimitry, truly embodied a 'ruthless protagonist' with a purpose.

I don't have the mental capacity to go over the details on why it... more>> is so good but if you're looking for a 'ruthless protagonist' done right and with reason, this is your novel. <<less
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Jul 30, 2022
Status: c30
This is actually quite good, it just falls short in some circumstances. I'll start off with what it does well.

  • Likeable MC. He is quite ruthless and pragmatic, but it makes sense given his background.
  • Nice premise. It isn't all that unique, but it is moderately well executed. I like how his father is a good person which is new haha
  • Plot is solid so far.
The bad

  • Bad guys are pretty simple, and it is odd that is wasn't fixed already. It just adds some incongruency to the setting, like this big problem that was easily fixed only existed so the MC could fix it.
  • Forced plot developments. Its a bit like above, but it includes his previous relationships, the people he chooses to train, the girl that spurns him to her regret, etc, etc.
  • The complete superiority of his previous martial arts to current ones. I wouldn't be surprised if he could make improvements or adjustments, but he outright better in all respects. He will probably pick up magic and be better at that too.
  • Randomly testing people, and treating them really well if they pass. Its unrealisitic, and would be better if he made rational systems that rewarded behaviour that he wants to promote, and steadily gained the trust and support of the populace
Honestly, the only thing that bothers me is the forced plot developments... more>> and organic character interactions. Like, he is already stronger than everyone else, so that is fine, so you don't have to make everyone else simpler for contrast, it ruins immersion. I also prefer to be shown, not told everything, because the story answers every question it presents to the reader right away

Still 4/5 though. If magic system is expounded upon and is cool, it could be better <<less
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Aug 28, 2023
Status: c100
Take any random cliche KR novel. Change names. Tada this is what you get. My opinion is that the author didnt even write the story but just copied and pasted a cliche with minor changes in names and world building.

Losing hope fast regarding KR novels. They are basically a worse version of CN novels with slower chapters. Almost always OP protagonist, always handsome, always greedy for money, always flaunts wealth.

The reason I even bothered reading this was cuz much of the reviews were positive. Idk if they were paid or... more>> something, but if you read a basic murim/wuxia/xianxia story and felt it was cliche then this is basically very similary minus the thousands of chapters you can easily get with CN novels.

Everybody is arrogant, evil, foolish, curropt or sometimes all of the above. For some reason, the MC is always smarter than everyone else. Basically something which is obvious when the rest of the characters are dumbed down.

I wanted to stop at the first few chapters itself, like


the MC kills bandits day 1 with his OP abilities.


Like it was so bad


The bandits which were supposed to basically go unhindered in numerous nobles land was killed by the MC easily.


Despite it being a let down it goes on to be worse.


After killing a single one, the other gang members try running away fearing the op protagonist who killed a single person. The OP protagonist obviously kills everyone else.


The MC is everything nobody in the world is- handsome, overpowered, wealthy while everyone despite having one or all of these qualities will always be inferior to MC. Why? Plot? Author?

Regardless, if you proceed to read the story you will notice that the MC almost never on his backfoot and always superior to enemies and always has a plan. No he is usually the only guy with a brain and can plan.

Planning is something apparently only highly skilled geniuses can do. Lol ever heard of study planners? They are only meant for heavenly geniuses of the highest order.

Conclusion: Idk why the author wrote something this cliche. If you like cliche even then its not the best, go read CN novels with millions more chapters.

I wont really recommend it for experienced readers or even newer readers but rather only for those who like cliches. <<less
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Mar 30, 2023
Status: c185
It's fine.

Starts off pretty good but has some issues. Fun action scenes and passable dialogue that becomes much less passable with time.
A world that seemed interesting now feels like everyone spends their time day-dreaming about Roman Dmitry.

"... you are amazing...I should've listened to Roman Dmitry... He stared admiringly at Roman Dmitry... I wonder what Roman Dmitry... Roman Dmitry saw so far...."

Chapter 185 has 13 mentions of the MC's full name.
19 if you only count the first name.
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Mar 08, 2023
Status: c214
It's one of those stories I got interested in after reading a successful manhwa adaptation.
It's Murim meets western fantasy. I had seen the same premise somewhere before, the main character is reincarnated into a world of magic and finds that his cultivation knowledge is a game-breaking advantage.
Character-wise the story is pretty decent for a web-novel, the limited cast of characters close to the protagonist get a chance to shine. The author takes the time to show their motivations, actions and thoughts.

If there is one major drawback to this story, it is the main character. He's a huge Mary Sue with no flaws. He is the strongest, the smartest, the most charming. He even acts according to his real age, like a mature person (something I wish many other authors would pay more attention to). The other characters, even the ones who are fleshed out, exist only to praise the main character and dream of becoming like him. Most of those who exist only to be steamrolled by the main character don't even have a backstory, they live to die and regret having crossed the protagonist's path.

Of course, with such a main character, there is no suspense in the story. The protagonist deals with problems in a perfect way, which eventually makes you feel bored. Take Mahouka for example. Everyone and your grandmother hate Tatsuya for being too perfect, but even he had his kryptonite, namely the sister and his social dysfunction. This makes him an interesting character, whether you like it or not. Baek Jung-hyuk, on the other hand, is absolutely brilliant in every aspect, and at the same time he is also quite boring, because his way is always a smooth sail. Fool of Dmitry? He repairs his reputation in a heartbeat. Unusual opponent? In his previous life, MC was a bane to such opponents. The author doesn't know at all how to foreshadow real threats or how to show difficult problems that have to be solved.

I can't help but also compare this novel to RTW. Remember the mountain near the Border Town and how the giant worms and insects were foreshadowed from the beginning? Well, the HDCLNL has the same mountain with dwarves living in it, and the author didn't mention anything about it. It was just that the miners found a door, MC opened it and met the dwarves inside, said hello to them and got a quest. And all of a sudden we have dwarves, elves, world tree, and other ridiculous stuff.

In general, it feels like the author didn't expect his novel to be popular, so he didn't plan a big overarching plot. Right now I'm at chapter 214 and it's good enough for now, but somehow I'm expecting more retcons.
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Jan 23, 2024
Status: c276
Regrettably, the translation came to a halt a few months back, leaving only half of the novel translated.

The setting is simple but how so exciting: mixing xianxia with medeval fantasy.

It embodies all the elements I seek in a novel: a ruthless and charismatic MC, interesting subordinates and antagonists. There is no good nor bad, only powerful and weak.

The story is gripping so far, leaving me with nothing to critique.
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Oct 21, 2023
Status: c377
The rating should be 5 stars from me but by the half of the chapter,

I was already fed up with how bold the MC doing things. No breaks between the conflicts at all and this made his allies confused and doubt if they could survive. The allies think with a sane and normal mindset, they need to survive after all. That's why I'm so annoyed, sigh.

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Dec 11, 2022
Status: c125


I'll be honest, it's too formulaic for me... to the point where the "twists" feel telegraphed instead of foreshadowed.

A non-pretentious man that keeps measuring the people around him through his meritocratic eye, implementing the betterment of those not trough "talent" but by "hard work" and their "will to succeed"

It's basically every single Wuxia.

Except in a "different world"

Where the difference doesn't matter anyway since it's the exact same system, the ingredients are just named different hahaha.

Since the MC is so perfect everything feels kind of dull "Immovable conviction" "Never ending will" "superior understanding" yada yada.

Be prepared for the MC to be slaughtering anyone that looks at him the wrong way with "1% of his true power"

Nice power fantasy TBH.

Although it follows the formula to a T making it a bit repetitive and if you've read these kinds of stories before, predictable.

"MIGHT MAKES RIGHT" is an apt description of the premise.

I agree with the_black_gift, he does come off as the "villain" explaining his plan to whoever, but that's the point, he's so powerful it doesn't matter anyway... he prepared so hard to attain 10% of his power for his first battle only to kill the dude in one swing and feeling disappointed, he's just that OP and perfect.

His overly kind and endearing nature towards "his people" is likeable so it does paint a stark contrast that feels interesting to read.

Being so brutal while at the same time having an iron set of morals make for an engaging character.

But a character "without flaws" does get kind of boring after a while, and the author going out of their way to reaffirm everything we already know by repeating the same set of convictions over and over and over again feels overly preachy sometimes, he is never wrong, he can't be wrong, he will never be wrong.

I'm not that into stories that preach so much, but hey! that's my personal taste.

I don't dislike the MC, I just find him too "perfect"... which I guess is the point... not really my cup of tea.

But I'm liking the characters, so I'll keep reading.



All the previous review still applies, but it seems the author is intertwining "Character growth" in their story... which was surprising.

So as promised, I'm raising the stars, because with character growth, this has been elevated from an "ok" novel to an "Excellent" novel.

All that preaching in the end resolved in the own character growth of the MC...

IF this continues through the story, I'll love it even more.

but just that instance speaks volumes of what "could" be, and I have HIGH HOPES.
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