The Heavenly Demon Becomes an Idol


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One day, a mysterious figure dressed in martial arts attire with long hair trailing down to his waist appeared and introduced himself as “Heavenly Demon.”

I wonder how many would simply nod and accept that?

“It seems you find it hard to believe, so let me tell you again, you scoundrel—I am the Demon, Wih Wajin.”

Out of the blue, he barged into an idol agency, causing utter confusion.

So, why exactly was he here!?

“I, too, will become an idol.”

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천마는 아이돌이 되었다
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TakeMeSeriously rated it
April 22, 2024
Status: c3
This concept is nice, new. Surprisingly enough, the story so far is simple and not complex, so it's definitely not meant to be taken seriously. The story is light and the viewpoint is taken from the manager's, not the Heavenly Demon (not a spoiler since it was obvious in the first chapter).

As for his appearance, handsome. For the people who like long-hair MC and idol, this is your book. In the future chapters, I hope they don't cut his hair. And if this ever gets to be adapted into a... more>> manhwa, I sincerely hope the art and translation is good.

This shouldn't be a spoiler since it was literally said in the first chapter, but the concept is murim related; righteous sects and all that.

Since we're only 3 chapters in right now, nothing can be really said. You can read this if there's nothing else to read and you don't want to read heavy novels. So far, I've rated this a 5/5. Translation's good.

(Don't judge my review in a negative way, this is my first time making a review.)

Edit 1: There's only 3 chapters out but someone already rated it a 1 lmao. <<less
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