The Healer is Fine, so Go Save the World!


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「 Immunity to pain! You won’t feel any physical pain.

Immortal Body! You won’t die until you usher in a peaceful world.」

Lacking both mana and divine power: the temple’s half-wit Sun Yihan. Thanks to the system, he became the only healer in a party of warriors.

However, failure to complete the quest will worsen his health, and excessive use of his ability will lead to him vomiting blood.

— “I’m not hurt anywhere.”

— “You’re throwing up blood–there’s no way you’re telling the truth.”

He was simply trying to cure others to the best of his recently received ability.

— “Yihan. Was your situation difficult enough that you would throw away your life?”

— ‘Wait a minute, he’s definitely misunderstood something.’

The warriors, working under a misunderstanding, refused to be treated. Meanwhile, the cracks in the world are getting gnarled and increasing in size. Abnormalities that only Yihan can see appeared.

— “I won’t disturb you guys. You don’t have to concern yourself with my well-being either. It’s alright if I get injured, so let me go with you.”

— “…Yihan-ah. Do you really think that? You’re truly fine with getting hurt?”

A healer who wants to heal his warriors, and the warriors who want to protect their healer. Will Yihan be able to heal those that refuse his treatment and successfully clear all the quests?

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힐러는 멀쩡하니 세상이나 구하세요
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Wintercreeper rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: c24
Most Korean novels have a few things in common.
    1. Nothing but dialogues and monologues, nearly no descriptive sentences which leads to everything happening in a void.
    1. First person uber-limited, things the current central character doesn't think about simply don't happen at all, the world is limited to the MC's brain.
    1. Switching POV for no good reason, often mid-sentence, with weird thought-flashbacks to fill in the gaps.
This novel is the same and it's damn exhausting to read. Any kind of information about something that didn't happen to the MC is fed to us in the form of word-vomit flashbacks, there's no "show", it's all "tell". The world isn't alive, most of the time it's like there isn't anything out there at all.

MC's behaviour is irrational, partially downright s*upid, I could have lived with that if MC wasn't such an incredibly boring character and your typical goody-two-shoes who's constantly crying or stressing out over little things.

To sum it up, the novel is extremely juvenile, there isn't a hint of professionalism anywhere, it's a typical mass-produced KH webnovel.
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LoveSweets rated it
October 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm reading this mtl so I'm not confident about the spesific plot details.

Agree to other reviewer said, the dynamic between MC is centered around misunderstanding and pity. Idk could MC tell others about how his healer system works? Cuz MC tells nothing about it, so it's prone to make misunderstanding.

The description write perfectly how their dynamic throughout the story, so if you are looking for this type of 'weak MC and mls who pity and take care of MC with no rivalry', it's perfect.

... more>> What I like from the story:

Author gives an equal emotional scene and development between MC and all mls. MC will have to do a task related to each mls. Spoiler about it :


MC failed to do the tasks in the required time, but he will succeed and it all will makes sense in the end.


There is barely rivalry between mls. They are a team so they act as one, even when taking care of MC. It's not until later chapters that they notice that they all have feelings for MC lol.

Spoiler about the confession and 'final' ml


Although author gives a fair share of sweet moments for each mls, till the end MC only confess (i love u) to the chosen hero and vice versa.

Other mls also confess to MC in some way (?) but not the official I love u. Only the chosen hero says I love u to MC.


MC has been living in the temple for 17 years and no one paying attention to MC. So it's so sweet to see MC make good memories with mls. Very peaceful, sad-tone? And subtle harem, love it. Regarding to the plot, it is fine, nothing groundbreaking. Predictable. It's ok since I'm just looking for smth to fill my harem craving. Sadly I don't see any extras coming till now, I really want to see their domestic life past the final quest/after they are no longer heroes. <<less
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Ugly Squid
Ugly Squid rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: c34
Honestly, I love this novel. Novels with these types of misunderstandings are my guilty pleasure. All the characters are super sweet and although the MC is dense, he is also a sweetheart. I've caught up with the most recent chapters and all I can say is that I wish it had more translated chapters. Also, amazing job to the translator. Compared to some of the things I've read, the translation in this is easy to understand
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 24, 2023
Status: c35
I just like to read these kind of novels for fun. Sure the MC doesn't make sense for like 50% of the time, but that creates the misunderstanding which I love so much!!

Also, Where are you reading the mtl for this novel? Is this dropped? Because I can't find anything after ch. 35... : (
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 24, 2023
Status: c20
currently just up to the latest translation, but as another reviewer mentioned, it feels like there's a lot of tell and not a lot of show? It reminds me of how JP web novels tend to be.

Anyway, there's nothing morally wrong with the story or anything. The MC just doesnt relay his emotions/feelings/words a lot. I recommend starting this for some very, very light reading.
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srrrahim rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: c38
I patiently read until ch 38, but I skip a lot until ch 140

3, 5 stars for me

MC has definitely a serious mental ret*rdation. Some misunderstanding can be resolved with a little hint from MC, but MC attitude etc make the misunderstanding bigger

... more>> The relationship between MC and his mls are based on misunderstanding and pity

I think, even thought the system forbid MC to tell the truth, he should have hint it or something to those warriors. They are not s*upid, and they can see and deduct from an easy hint, but MC didn't give any hint

And this is so boring

It has repetative conflict:

mc's sick - the hero or warriors saw that - MC didn't explain - misunderstanding (repeat)

Hate it

It is a waste of time

The only thing that I was curious of is the real identity of mc's system and the world's truth

I think I will wait for someone who is patient enough to read this to give me some spoiler lol

Bye. I will never read this again <<less
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Haruko rated it
May 10, 2023
Status: c34
Its so-so...

Author is trying to be elogant with their text, but it is just anoying to read and there is a lot of repetition mainly by mc's monologies of how he is fine....

Frankly MC is anoying, but plot is alright and I like other pow's.
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