The Healer Demands Payment!


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In the past, there was a small cannon fodder who wholeheartedly dedicated herself to the medicinal path.

Only after dying once did she learned that even if she was brilliant, she could only be an insignificant side character used to emphasize the female lead’s limelight. Any relationship with the male lead and other supporting male characters would bring her bad luck.

When going out to collect some medicinal herbs in Qingfeng Valley, she kindly rescued a male side character. The man woke up and saw the female lead and became eternally grateful to her instead. He thought that the monster that hurt him was brought by the small cannon fodder so she was punished.

The cycle repeated and eventually everyone she saved blindly loved the righteous female lead. Ultimately she was killed by one of the men who was entangled with the female lead.


So after her rebirth, she began to firmly adhere to the principle of ‘pay me first, then I’ll cure you’.

Male cannon fodders who love the female lead, charge them triple fee!

Male side characters who ambiguously entangled with the female lead, charge them 10 times!

Male lead, the most important one, charged him 100 times!

She single heartedly insisted on using money to distance herself from those men and drew a clear boundary between them. But her ability was too high, that the male lead and side characters from all over the world always came to her for help…

She finally became the richest person in cultivation world!

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cookieconquerer rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: c130
I'll be honest, this gets tedious af the further you go along. In the previous life the men all attributed her deeds to little miss Lu, in this life they are unreasonable puppies biting at the hem of our FL's clothes.

... more>>
  • They don't listen, they're overprotective to the nth degree and overall I find them annoying to the n^2 degree. The random nature in which these guys remember their former lives also leaves a lot to be desired. At baseline, their refusal to listen to our girl's desire to maintain strictly professional relationships with them is frustrating as hell.
  • I honestly just started skipping paragraphs so I could get the jist of what's going on because the details of cultivation and their word vomit like explanations just get sooooo tiring. The author really needs an editor because this story is just bogged down with extras.
  • It's still a 4 because there's still a story line, even if it is draggingggg, and the FL doesn't change from her goal of being a medical practitioner. I do like the ML, mostly because he's one of the only males in the story who I can stand.
    Gentleman Pei is also pretty ok but that's because he's a confidant and not vying for love. I took off the point because I just stopped enjoying this (mostly due to the following she gathers). I'm not going to take off a bunch of stars because while wordy cultivation-related text isn't my cup of tea today maybe it's someone else's.
  • There is a romantic progression between the FL and ML so far, but it's not obvious on the FL's side because she insists on treating him as a master. (I really just want to bang my head against a wall).
If you like stories that are full of extra information and hot-blooded youths who decide on their own to form a harem without the FL's input, this may be your cup of tea. If you want something well-paced with a clear direction I would skip this.

Our FL's previous life can't be counted on as a guide and her own actions this time are more like a leaf blown about by the wind than someone stepping on a path with a clear purpose. She has this overarching goal to be a medical practitioner, but somehow despite the benefit of her prior life she still seems like she's wandering blindly from one event to the next. The moment the author chose to add in some random ass dude that never appeared in her previous life, things just go off the rails, 10/10 tired of this dude's obsession with making her his apprentice.

FL is pretty ok, I just want to throw away every manchild that has poisoned my eyes in these 130 chapters. I'm not sure if this had more chapters available if I would keep going. I binged to 130 in the hopes things would seem mostly resolved and I could relish the end of a romance. Sadly, I was mistaken and in a way feel like I wasted my time. <<less
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Gabi94 rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: c80 part4
So far the novel has been a good surprise, I hate harem, and also reverse harem, but this novel managed to introduce this aspect without damaging the plot or becoming tiresome.


MC has a lot of medical potential but to cultivate she doesn't have that much talent, it balances the plot so things go at a good pace, she has to think and plan, and she's a good strategist (if you consider the novel genre)

At first, I was a little afraid to read this novel because some reviews... more>> here mentioned that she doesn't defend herself and just let it go, and I generally don't have the patience for that kind of "magnanimous" character, but this author knew how to balance that aspect of her and didn't let things get annoying. And although the reader gets angry, it's angry FOR her and not angry AT her.

To make it clear: she lets it go because it's tiring to get involved and argue (which I'm sure many of us can relate to) but that's not to say she's the dumb character who lets others step on her. Also, I personally believe that good characters are coherent, and don't have all humanly possible personality traits. So I like that about her

Some people have commented that she has no personality, but I don't believe that's the case, for me she's an introverted person, and just because we don't see emotions constantly doesn't mean she doesn't have layers, it depends on the author being able to convey it or not, and in my opinion, this author did it. First, because she can't let others suffer in front of her, it shows that she has a strong personal ethic, Second, when it comes to her master, practically the only person who has always believed in her and treated her well since her previous life, she shows much more affection and consideration, showing that her coldness is relative and that her respect and affection have to be earned


ML is clearly defined at this point, but it hasn't even come close to romance yet, which I like because we get to see more of his personality apart from what he is like to her. He's cool, but not the psychopathic type, and unexpectedly cute in a subtle way, which I liked because that way I can still take him seriously.
We don't know much about him at this point, but obviously, he's strong, and also someone from her past life.


Some comments said that these "old MCs" are always the same, but I found this one a little different from the others. Although she is also the brainless type, I can still see why she would be the MC of another Novel. Unlike other novels where MC is obviously malicious and yet seen as a saint, here we can clearly see how easy it would be to interpret her as someone fair and courageous, of course, this is not true for readers who are seeing this from the outside, but it is believable that the men in the novel thought she was perfect before.

She is the kind of helpless, naive little girl who still defends people, the problem is that she is careless and doesn't consider the big picture causing problems for everyone and then plays the victim, and others can't help but pity her. "Look at that brave weak girl, she did all this sh*t but her intentions were good" I can totally see this happening in real life, actually I've seen it. So I thought the author was very smart with his/her choice. Much more believable than the "arrogant MC that believes everyone should love her just because and if they don't she will kill the other girl"


Another point I've seen some people comment on is: the men who have regained their memories are irritating, which is true, but they are important to the plot because it's through them that we get glimpses into the past from other points of view and also, how we compare people who have learned who the old MC really is to those who still don't know the truth.
Also, even tho they are annoying, I think that compared to similar novels that I read, these ones are a little less infuriating because they are not demanding, and they don't think they have some kind of "right" over the MC.

I do recommend this novel, I like this a lot, and it is very entertaining and refreshing. <<less
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sovereign rated it
December 12, 2021
Status: c90
I'll be honest. Some of these reviews feel like people don't read it far enough or probably zoned out while reading it.

People kept complaining that men kept falling for MC like ori!FL did in ori story. It wasn't the case. At least as far I've read, that's not the case, but from the reviews I saw most of these people didn't even read as far as I did.

If you read the tag, you can see a tag that reveals why some of the men immediately took to her.

... more>>

two of the male side leads are reincarnated. They were hostile at first because their memories were not yet awakened, but when the MC treated them, fragments of their past lives came together and they recalled their memories. They became VERY protective of the MC afterwards because they knew what would happen and how the MC died tragically for THEM in the past life while th ori!FL laid on the villain's arms, sobbing but also not fighting back.

It was foreshadowed quite nicely even. The first male lead dropped a "You're always like this" to the MC, which I laughed at the first time I read it. I was like, "Bro, you only know her for, like, a week" and the reveal was so surprising but satisfying.

The MC only has eyes for the ML that she kept calling 'master.' in her past life. Dunno when, but I'm sure the ML will awaken his memory one day, but not in the near future.


The MC's personality is stable and sensible. I can respect that she took her path of cultivation seriously and adhered to the rule of saving anyone as long as they can be saved. As a former med student, I really respect her work ethic. No matter how reluctant she was, her conscience and morality won't let her turn away from people in needs, yes, even horrible male leads that would be trouble for her in the 'future.'

I can tell you, if she feels like you're a good person or indirectly responsible of your plight, she will help.

The progress of the story is enjoyable, but lately it's been dragged on. But I'm here to tell you NO ONE fell for her indiscriminately. They all had reasons. Realistic enough, one of the young master who got along with her at first turned distant when she refused to 'help' the ori!FL who seemed to be kept in captive with a dangerous man (simply because MC knew that the FL will be fine, she attracted men all the time after all in the past life).

Disregard the negative reviews who says it didn't have a good reason for male leads being fond of her and still has less chapters read from my experience. They read while closing their eyes. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: c29.1
Originally I thought it would be as the synopsis implies, where she steadily ends up earning money and felling over MLs (without really meaning to) and eventually becomes rich. I was also hoping orig!ML would end up being her ML.

Unfortunately, that's not what this story is. Putting aside how the heck she found such a master just lying around, and why on earth he was willing to stick with her, I also didn't like the other main concept of the story.

... more>>

The MLs randomly regain their memories of their previous life at some point which makes them love our MC and turn away from orig!FL because they end up remembering her lifesaving favours from the past life. However, this just means they end up falling for her super quick, and I really like the process of falling for each other. Thus it's really unfortunate.

Furthermore, the master is someone that didn't belong in the "original story". I personally don't like when that happens because true stories always set the most powerful handsome guy as the ML, so how could this even better person suddenly pop out?? It also makes absolutely no sense to me how they got close... our MC is really a good person, but it really doesn't explain how they got THAT close.


All that said, the story is still quite interesting. Translating team does a great job, and our MC is a good girl (albeit incre~dibly Mary Sue). This story is really a perspective thing; orig!FL seems annoying but that's only because we get the perspective of MC. From another perspective, MC would be the one that's a crazy mary sue.

Edit: The more I read, the more Mary Sue she is, and more important the more powerful her old master becomes. Like I just can't get around the fact that somehow she found this super incredibly powerful and talented and also world-shockingly handsome master just lying around, and didn't really think anything of it...? idk man I just find it so ridiculous <<less
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angeleater rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: c44
Good story, translated well and makes sense. Don't be discouraged by the bad reviews.


People seem to be complaining that the MC has people fawning over her for no reason, even though its glaringly obvious it is because they feel gratitude towards her for saving them in her previous lifetime. Yet nobody is questioning why they liked Lu Qingyan so much.


In my opinion, she is not very op at all, and I think her personality is quite interesting. The reasons for her knowledge make sense. Shes not hypocritical at all.
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albreo rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: c42 part4

The start of the story is pretty interesting with, again, time reversed plot to fight FL halo. A bunch of MLs also able to remember the past time as to how they were fighting over such a FL. That's the initial plot, however.

The real story part barely has traces of FL halo, no cheat, no heaven intervention, nothing that was mention at the start. The actual halo is on MC all along, so, the entire premise is such a lie. MC has all the good stuff to herself all males... more>> fawn over her with no actual bonding. FL doesn't even have a chance to start using a cheat. So, I'm going to cheer for FL instead because MC is such a joke lol. Easy harem is no fun, it's garbage. MC is no different than the FL she despite so much. All the MLs like her but she doesn't like them, the same. I'm salty sorry lol.

It's a pretty generic novel. Translation quality is great, no complaint. <<less
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08phamann rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: c46 part4
Interesting premise, but poor execution. MC becomes just like the lucky Og!FL she despised. She has great luck, all the golden fingers, all love interests cling to her for seemingly no reason, but she obviously is not interested. The premise that she demands money for payment goes down the drain very quickly, as the love interests cling to her regardless. The plot becomes bland very quickly.
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magstralala rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: c81
After reading the translated chapters, I started MTLing it.

I like this story. I'm usually not a huge fan about cultivation novels because they are often too messy or complicated to follow. And to tell the truth, the MTL is even more complicated but after 30ish translated chapters, I was already engrossed as heck into the MC's journey.

Basically, the plot is about MC aiming to become the best medical practitioner and find her former master while avoiding to get destroyed by a female lead halo.

MC spent her first life her head... more>> filled with saving people but was unfortunate to cross path with a woman drenched in female lead halo. Every time MC would somewhat heal a handsome youngster, she would one point or another end up either in prison or well.. Dead.

After her rebirth, her goal is simple: saving life and surviving. She died to young in her mind and she really wants to see her Master again. Her solution? Demand payments up front to anyone that would eventually or potentially cross path with the female lead.

Some people say MC is a Mary Sue but I beg to differ. MC might be really good at medicine, but she is quite weak in the end and cursed to not possess a female lead halo.


Her entourage only includes three former suitors of the FL -the two that remembers their past life and one tasked of playing bodyguard that annoyingly keep praising the FL-, a red fox demon that is quite adorable and Xiao Qi. The other people that genuinely seems to like her are the Senior Sister she meets in Beyond the Heaven and a couple of older characters.

Because while people she had healed in her past life will remember her if she heals them again, most people just do not like her. They will low key admire her for a bit until they meet the original FL and immediately start to either distrust or just threaten our MC.

It's quite annoying really, because while the FL might not be a bad person per se, she always has ulterior motives to play the white lotus. Like she said herself at some point, the original FL has always been loved and in the spotlight and try her best to keep it that way.

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Blisfulloblivion rated it
July 8, 2020
Status: c59
One of the bettter chinese stories on NU. It's somwhat similar to Demoness's Art of Vengeance in setting and quality but much more relaxed.

MC is a cold beauty who is very kind but has poor interpersonal skills. She is obsessed with medicine. Her past life her poor social skills and cold attitude led to many misunderstandings and combined with bad luck resulted in an early death. Even though she saved many heros with her medical skills and did many good deeds, others took the credit. When dying, she was told... more>> that her misfortune was due to her good deeds pulling fortune away from a heaven blessed child, her senior sister. Her end was very sad.

This life she is determined to not owe any karma so that she can avoid her previous end. But more things are different this time than just her. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Raizel_Pendragon rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: c54 part3
I like cultivation novels, stories with female MC, stories about cannon fodders dying unjustly cause of the FL's halo and coming back to set things right. I even like stories where the reborn cannon fodder just wants to do whatever tf they're passionate about and live a good life. I also like it when the cannonfodder MC's got to always be vary of and calculate how not to get bad karma from "stealing" the protagonist's luck... I like all these and this story promises to match most of it, yet... more>> smh it still manages to become more and more tedious as it progresses. Here are some reasons why-


1. I get it that she's supposed to be an extremely indifferent medical/healing fanatic, but there's a difference between being indifferent and being a doormat. She almost never counters others when they falsely accuse her. Most of the time the explanations come in the form of the MLs' sword, attacks or intimidating glances... 🙄 I also question why she's never questioned their sudden change of 'targets' from orgFL to her. And also wonder why she never persists on driving the MLs away (even after they've paid back their debts) when she was so worried initially about accumulating heaven's anger from stealing FL's luck.

2. How big of a Mary Sue the MC actually is. Unique pill concocting methods? She's got it. Supremely OPed hitherto unseen in human world arrays? She's got it. Indefinite and unnecessary kindness? She's got it. A bunch of well to do suitors? She's got it~ And the most rich, extremely OP bestest of best in entire existence being her ML? Ofc she's got it too 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ the story starts out well but soon becomes similar to the cliched "OP genius Assassin/Doctor reborn as a waste" story.

3. The annoying and large harem... These dudes just magically get their past life memories back once MC saves them and suddenly don't give two shi*s about the orgFL, who they were simping for till then. I get it that they feel guilty/like they owe it to the MC cause in their previous life they attributed all the efforts and life-saving grace she's given them to the orgFL. But why do they, in this life swarm to & stick close to the MC so much? Why not leave it at just gratitude and pay it back in other ways when their obstinate proximity makes MC uncomfortable (but ofc she doesn't do much about it🤷🏻‍♀️)..

4. How brain-dead the side characters are (especially the orgFL). I get it that orgFL has been spoilt all her life but does that necessarily imply that she'll become a s*upid one-dimensional greentea bi~ch who only knows how to jump from man to man and use her beauty & "tears" as weapons? She's supposed to be an extremely talented cultivator favoured by the heavens but ofc her talents could never match up with the MC even with all of heaven's favour~~

On that not there are no traces of FL's halo, she's got no cheats, no heavenly interventions, nothing.. all she's got is her beauty which makes people fall for her left and right (until the MC appears that is.. then they just switch targets) The actual "protagonist halo" is on MC and her alone or she's got some sort of fate siphon skill which is slowly making her the harem lord the orgFL was in last life.

5. How the ML who's supposed to be bestest of the bestest, richest of the richest, smartest of the smartest blahblah just hangs around with her all wounded and weakened. He might be hanging around to find out more of how she knows almost all his clan's secret techniques or/and be hiding from enemies at a place no one would think to look, but does that mean he must remain wounded and weakened? If there are enemies aiming for your life and position, it makes more sense to heal yourself faster so you can be ready to deal with them. And he can just set people to watch her. with all the descriptions on how powerful and influential he is it seems to be quite illogical how he wouldn't get a high leveled healer to heal him first.


The translator did a really good job with the translation so it kept me from dropping the story too early.. But after 50 chapters I really couldn't hold on. I'll come back once it's completely translated and skim through it to get the gist of the story, but till then, adios! I'm out~ 👋 <<less
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cimetovi_polzki rated it
December 3, 2021
Status: c91 part3
I really like this fantasy cultivation novel. It is a relaxing read.

Positive Points:

    • FL
        • is a smart introverted girl completely obsessed with medicine and related topics.
        • is not a boy crazy girl, who blushes at every good looking guy.

          The only one she shows somewhat romantically feelings to is her master

    • ML here is also the typical 100% perfect guy, but he also has some interesting attributes

      for example he is not human and is also a bit of a introverted nerd similar to FL

    • Original FL at first seems like the typical dumb villain who pretends to be a saint, but actually she is just a bit of a dumb and naive girl with a cheat, but is not evil:

      Not really a spoiler but more of guess: OG FL's 'heaven charm cheat' seems to make everyone near her go crazy and evil

    • Side characters range from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional. There a lot of interesting and cute characters, especially among the FL's friends/followers.
    • Some comments say that the side male characters fall for the FL without reason, but this not really correct:

      They remember their past lives and somehow are not under the OG-FL's charm anymore after their rebirth, thus they remember who really saved them when they were in danger. Rather than romantically love, I would say they have a lot of guilt, adoration and gratitude for the FL and choose to follow her to protect her

    • superb translation by aerialrain (not included in my rating for the novel)
Negative Points:

    • Sure, like one comment mentioned it was a bit of a stretch that FL meets OP godlike-ML as a master (which is totally like a cheat). But this was really the only good thing that happened in her previous life. And we still don't know how exactly the ML come to meet the FL and why he choose to take her in

      I personally like to think he recognized a fellow nerd, a girl who doesn't care about her appearance and thinks only of medical research, this could be special enough for a ML who lived for who knows how long with only seeing shallow females

    • Also like some comment already mentioned: It is a bit annoying and uncomfortable when so many male characters follow our FL like little ducklings, especially when one dislikes harem/reverse harem (though it actually isn't)
    • it has some cliches and typical story-lines, but well they are called cliches for a reason and there are also some unique attributes (and a lot is still a mystery, for example the main antagonist)
    • For some readers FL seems like a Mary Sue, but for others it seems like FL finally gets what she deserves.
Overall, I would say this is a feel-good novel up to now: FL had an awfully unlucky (and still mysterious) previous life, so after her rebirth as compensation she gets some cheats herself.

I think it is definitely worth a try.
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Queen Satan
Queen Satan rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: --
Okay so initially I didn't really have any expectations but boy was I wrong. This is a cultivation story meaning there are a lot of unnecessary details that are better off not being known to readers (some people enjoy it though) hence the skepticism. I did gloss over many paragraphs that delved quite deep into the ins and the outs of the cultivation, however keeping that aside I actually enjoyed every bit of it. There is something about this story that just really pulls you in. There are readers who... more>> have pointed out the Mary Sue-ish aspect of the MC but strangely enough, it wasn't until I read the reviews after reading the novel did I actually realize how questionably true it is, which I guess then makes it safe to assume that even readers who loathe Mary Sues with every fiber of their being (like me) can genuinely enjoy the MC and like her as well. Either way, it is a fun read that I definitely recommend. Also, I feel that there are a lot of comedic undertones that may have been unintentional, or is it just me? <<less
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Nanya rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: c94
Guys guys guys guys, I absolutely love this novel!!

This novel is based around our MC, Meng Qi who after dying, gets a second chance at life where she first joins her medical league. The MC is enamored with medicine so in this new life she'll continue down this path with new rules (for each medicine treatment she gives to ML's of Heaven's darling (Lu Qingran), she'll demand spiritual stone recompensation).. Along with wanting to reunite with her Master who taught her a lot of the miraculous stuff she knows.

I... more>> won't spoil you guys too much, but I definitely recommend reading this novel! There's a lot of quirky side characters, amazing plot points, and really interesting world building.

As for addressing some of the negatives that some other reviewers have:


1. Do not expect this to be a face-slapping novel. Yes the MC gets wronged a lot of times but after experiencing the disappointments/misunderstandings of the last life, she mostly brushes things off as she doesn't have lots of expectations at this time. She does show some character growth in this regard later on, but the crux of her character is someone who will always choose to help a person that she can.

2. There's a lot of "side ML's" that I know some people might be disappointed aren't more romantically involved with the MC. However the way that I look at it is some grow to respect her for her qualities while others become protectors of sorts out of gratitude (although they do might harbor some thoughts about her ;))

3. Lastly this is just a fun novel (without too much complexity) to enjoy. There's a lot of glorious momenta especially with the last arc I left off on. Man...I'm getting such 2nd Male Lead Syndrome


Anyways final notes are 5/5 stars! I definitely recommend at least trying the novel. It's become one of my favorites!! <<less
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lonelybunny35712 rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: c72 part3
*Warning, mild spoilers ahead*

I really enjoy the plot and where it is heading. The FL is very likable and her choices are rather logical. The same goes for the side MLs. They don't brainlessly follow her because she healed them or for some other terrible reason, but because they regained their memories and hate the villainess. The romance between the ML and the FL is a little slow-moving, but it makes sense and is well set up. There is some rather satisfying face slapping, so look forward to that. The... more>> FL setup is: "money-loving, " revenge-seeking, medical research obsessed, and loves her master (ML). As I can tell from what is released, the ML setup is: aloof, super-powerful, pampers the FL and is helpless towards her. There is character development, the characters feel well rounded, and the world development is okay. Looking forward to more updates! <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: c158 part2
It starts a little rough gets better for a short while, then turns into the worst exposition fest, description binge I've ever read. What's most annoying is the comedy tag. There's maybe 10-15 chapters around chapter 30that can be called mildly amusing and that's it. Tom Clancy novels have more laughs than this.

The plot also veers heavily away from the initial premise of a mercenary doctor that overcharges (nahhh could never happen) into a run of the mill and rather boring soap.

The final killer for me was around ch... more>> 70 when the descriptions started to repeat verbatim and endlessly. I really didn't want the details of a realm of cultivation 20 times, or need to hear that the medical cultivators were nowhere near as combat effective as the sword cultivators. <<less
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November 24, 2020
Status: c30.3
I'm rating it low because its disappointing. MC is reborn after being treated horribly (ignored/ unappreciated) so she starts charging the MLs money to draw a line between them.

But it gives the opposite impression? And then the MLS remember their previous life where following the old FL led to disaster. Therefore they decide to follow a different FL, who is the MC. They're just huge simps.

I read other reviews hoping it gets better and she gets with her master/guy related to him?. Someone who isn't simp. No, doesn't seem like it. It sounds like unwanted reverse harem. The guys decided one-sided that they want to be in her harem, but she just wants them out of her life so they don't give her bad karma.


Untagged reverse harem
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Eclat123 rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c134
Superb worldbuilding and strong plot, but the character development is quite bad.

The side characters are basically sheeps who can't think on their own. This is extremely visible especially in the earlier chapters. And even up until 100+ chapters, most of what the side characters do don't even make sense. They're just like those sidekicks whose purpose and actions are only centered along the MC in superhero novels. MC is a total mary sue, which is funny considering how bad she was treated in her previous life. Overall the characters are... more>> very 2D and non-humanlike.

But the plot though, it's really good that it takes away all those lacking elements. If you're a fan of xianxia, you'd love this. The intricate fantasy setting alongside with adventure-like arcs is the main focus of this novel. And the worldbuilding is just plainly amazing. Seriously, this is one of the few xianxia novels that has minimal plotholes with intricate worldbuilding elements.

The one thing that's bothering me is how the author struggled with writing technique. Xianxia novels are never easy to follow since it usually have a fantasy world setting, but here the author didn't give enough explanations for some key elements that'd make the readers confused. The writing is a bit hard to follow because of those unexplored ideas that kept jumping around.

You want some romance? Meh, don't expect much of it. <<less
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January 21, 2023
Status: c52 part2
I really enjoyed this story and hoping to catch up on it but as of the evening of January 20th (PST), there are some issues with the site. I'm hoping it's just server stuff but there's a non-zero chance the website was deleted or taken down for some reason. Just posting this review to let people know.


Nevermind! Looks like the site is back up!
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ragingmisandrist rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: --
I absolutely adore the MC and how she handles her rebirth. She is smart, kind hearted, and down to earth. Some say she is op but honestly she only has one real ability (medicine) which she is able to use for multiple things making her seem super strong. I also love the male lead and how the MC handles the other men who treated her poorly before. Their relationships are realistic and the world building is quite well done, so it's not too confusing.

Anyways the translator did an amazing job... more>> so I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves a strong & smart female lead! <<less
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silva2345_lady rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: 38 part3
I only picked up this novel for a casual read. But there is so many things that I have an issue with that I had share my opinion.

... more>>

I thought the plot was going to be MC trying to rectify her past mistake of being too kind and a pushover and try the hardest to keep a distance between the FL and her entourage or op suiters.

Instead, it's about her trying the same thing as past, just charge money and pretend to be cold and aloof. Like yeah, she has a cold face, but that is it as far as trying to change her fate.

And for the other main issue I had was how dumb all the characters are, to the point if feels like except for a few characters that are on MC's side (of course), everyone had a giant hole for brain.

And the FL is nothing more than a pretty girl who just happens to be the one loved by fate or whatever. But the FL never does anything besides fainting and causing trouble to the people who are trying to help.

To me, she feels two faced. Because there is no way she is not jealous of MC. She keeps trying to steal her credits. When the male interests ask her if she is the one who helped them, she never refutes their claim. Which totally gives me the green tea bit*h vibe.

And the last thing, and the more irritating is, the MC herself. She keeps trying to have this image of an unnerved passerby. But when the male interests trys to stick to her, she never tries to make them go away.

The only thing that interests me in the story is the world building and the rather relax paced cultivation described here.

I especially like the beyond the boundary description. Which the whole Amazon feel.

The story pacing is good, except when it comes to conflict related scene. It either seem to relaxed or too fast paced.

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