The Hated Male Concubine


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The only concubine who was hated by the Emperor.

The male concubine, Yeon Hwawoon, unlike his appearance that was like that of a flower, was hated by everyone because of his nasty temperament and evil doings. The day he fell into the pond, a guard died from saving him. And when the body of Hwawoon opened its eyes, the soul of that guard, Hawoon entered.

“This… This is…”

Hawoon, who had transmigrated into Hwawoon, told everyone in the palace who hated him that he had changed, but no one believed him. Yihan, the emperor who distrusted Hwawoon the most, didn’t know the feeling inside of Hwawoon who was completely different from before, kept being harsher to him, but…?

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I Became the Male Concubine that was Hated by the Emperor
황제의 미움받는 남후궁이 되었다
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New JaqiONwbqi rated it
July 20, 2022
Status: Reading
Its wholesome, MC finds/gets the people around him to like and trust him by pure kindness and perseverance after changing bodies.

The characters arent as shallow as most web novel characters are. Though the ML does frustrate me a bit, its only fair for him to be majorly confused at having someone so possessive and jealous become someone completely different overnight.

Its very very slow, though not in the sense that things dont happen- something happens every chapter- more in the sense that feelings dont change over a week or two, and... more>> when they do change eventually, it takes even longer for our characters to act on it.

Our MC makes me major sad though, his self esteem is so low, his willingness to take abuse and still smile makes me cry, no wonder Ahjin became mama Ahjin so fast <<less
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nienienie rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Hello, I am the translator of this novel.

Actually, I never think of translating this one but since I accidentally bought the raw, then read and fascinated by the author's way to tell the story, I decided to share this novel.

The plot is very slow, so I recommend to read when the story is already on chapter 50-ish since I can't promise regular update. I think most of you will only get frustrated with the slow progress. But, I also think that is what the author wants for this story. The... more>> pace of this novel is to be enjoyed in a long time and make you crave for more in the end. (I'm still waiting for the side story )

And sorry if I can't deliver this story as beautiful as what the author did in the original ver.


Everyone is a good people here. The Emperor is childish and Hwawoon will be trapped in guilty feeling for a long time. Both are frustrating but they will make it work. No adult activity but there are some kissing. Ah, in the end you can't completely hate the original Hwawoon.

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