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Lin Qianshuang read a Cultivation Harem novel by mistake, reached a certain point, was rendered speechless and forced to vomit blood.

The male protagonist was a scumbag named Liang Jingxuan who was a bastard even before transmigrating. After transmigrating, the wretched male protagonist counterattacked the tall, rich and handsome villains. His golden finger allowed him to pick up countless girls, treating them as vulgar stand-ins saying, “She is like my white moonlight.” He collected various big beauties in the end.

The girls in the novel all have beautiful appearances, but when they encounter the scumbag, their IQ drops and they end up relying on the male protagonist like little birds, appearing cute and helpless.

▼The Immortal Sect’s Sweet and Cute Little Sister – How could you be so blind! The scumbag is your father’s enemy, ah.

▼The Enchanting and Beautiful Sage of the Demon Palace – Wake up ah, wake up! The scumbag treats you as a stand-in for his white moonlight!

▼The Cold, Arrogant, and Unparalleled Lord of Tianshu City – Leaving such a large city behind, are you going to be the canary of the scumbag?

▼The Hot and Sexy Nine-tailed Beast Emperor – Did you take the wrong medicine? It was the scumbag who dug out your wet nurse’s neidan, how could you save that scum! You even kissed him!!! Kissed!!!


(Your comments have been received. The Lord God has heard your demands.)

(Congratulations to the host for joining the “Harem Rescue Project”, you can successfully leave the world after completing the above rescue missions for each character.)

Lin Qianshuang: ? Oh my god, can someone please tell her why has she become the person with the highest value of hatred among all his partners, the scumbag’s white moonlight!

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lasthorizon rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Final Review:

211 chapters was not enough. Believe me when I say I could write a whole essay on how wonderful this novel is but no one would want to read that so I will try to keep this as brief as I can.

Story 4.5/5

There is so much to unravel here. Truly, the end is in the beginning. This is a very profound and well-written story despite the silly title and the transmigration system. The world here is rich, its history intricate and its characters complex. I can't applaud the author... more>> enough for their exceptional skills in conveying all this without it feeling like a massive info dump. I truly loved every little detail but unfortunately with MTL this became quite a struggle, so hopefully a proper translation will come in time.

My only criticism is that there are some things that could have been fleshed out more:

particularly the whole deal with Bai Ze, Emperor Hongjian, Emperor Taiqing and Zhenjun Yuanhua at the end which confused the hell out of me. If anyone understands this part of the story, please let me know. It could just be MTL problems but I felt like the author just didn't care enough to develop this anymore and only devoted like 4 paragraphs to it. I am still unclear on what Lin Qianshuang's original body is.


Plot Development 5/5

The progression of the story felt just right. Before I read this I'd always wonder how the MC would jump from one character to the next to tackle her missions, but the author's way of setting up the events makes everything flow together very nicely. It's like wizard behind the curtains – you barely notice the transition. It just feels natural.

The only complaint I have is how rushed the ending was. It needed an extra 10 chapters to really settle us, as the reader, down before saying goodbye. The abrupt end felt like being yanked out of the system prematurely.

Taiqing's split wasn't explained too well either and the result wasn't as rewarding as I had hoped. Perhaps because the four female leads are just so well defined that it's hard to believe this one composite of their four souls could possibly be any better. If you ask me, I'd rather have the four FLs rather than one Taiqing. Quadruple cultivation, anyone?


Characters 5/5

* Lin Qianshuang (MC) – my favorite MC of all the GL novels I've read, hands down. She's smart, calm and sensible and some of the things she does to the male lead are just downright hilarious and well deserved. I literally laughed out loud at various moments in the chapters and wanted to give her a high five if I could. She's not weak, but she's not OP. She might come across as dense in love (I thought so too at first) but if you read her inner monologue more you will know that she's really reluctant to being attached to any of these characters knowing that her place in this world is only temporary. So, in a way, I can understand where she's coming from. Sometimes what she says isn't really what she means and what she means isn't really what she says. She is truly one of the few deep-thinking protagonists in the baihe genre and I absolutely love it.

Shoutout to my girl tricking the ML into fighting Han Shengyao, getting him castrated and then revealing his eunuch status to the entire human cultivation world during a sword contest by cutting off his pants. A+ move!


* Han Shengyao – the first FL that Qianshuang meets, a saintess of the Demon Realm who is initially in love with the Demon Emperor. She discovers MC as a demon egg and adopts her as a disciple. I thought midway into the novel that she would be my favorite FL but I completely shifted to Mu Weiyin in the chapters near the end. Some of the things Han Shengyao does can be... questionable. She is very arrogant and proud, possessive and obsessive. Probably the most yandere character of the lot.

* Xiao Lanle – the sect sister of the Penglai Immortal Sect where the MC's host body is currently from. She starts off with -90% favorability towards Qianshuang and is one of the most difficult characters that she has to rescue. IMO MC suffers the most for her. Lanle is arrogant but a bit more childish in nature, although she grows up quite a lot with the MC's help (dat character development). She's not as yandere as Han Shengyao but she does have a dark side...

She has a split personality from a childhood tragedy where she discovered that her father brutally mu*dered most of the members in her family including her mom just to get a magical artifact that has been hidden away in her body. As a result, her demon side can come out at random times to protect her but it will kill indiscriminately. This demon side is, unfortunately, fascinated with the MC and is very aggressive towards her.


* MU WEIYIN – the city lord of Tianshu City, a rumored greedy and ruthless cultivator who has reached immortal status but is stuck in the appearance of a child when the MC first meets her. There is a reason why her name is in all caps. I initially thought she was the weakest character of the bunch because of how little impact she had on the plot and how limited her interaction was with Qianshuang, but this all changes very quickly towards the end.
Weiyin is a truly tragic character and also a very noble character once you pick up all the clues in the dialogue and reread chapters 145-150 after finishing. She brought me to tears. I believe she made the biggest sacrifice for Qianshuang and once I went back to these chapters I realized how much of MC's success was entirely due to Weiyin's help. Click spoilers if you want to know more.

Weiyin and her sister Xiaochi were abandoned by their mothers, one the head of the Penglai Immortal Sect and the other a demonic cultivator from the Chen family. When the MC gets transported 500 years into the past, she meets the then young Weiyin who has not yet lost her human emotions due to cultivation. After being rescued by the MC from drowning Weiyin gradually falls in love with her over a span of 5 years as they both become disciples of the Tianshu Tower. MC goes by the name of Mu Qianyu as her identity. During an ambush at a party in the demon realm, the MC reveals to Weiyin that she is from 500 years in the future as well as how Weiyin will gradually become the city's lord. This causes a thunder tribulation from heaven. When MC dies, Weiyin vows to cultivate in order to live and wait for her to come back. During this time, she studies the heaven's formation as well as the magical artifacts that can reverse the fate of heaven to strip the ML of his protagonist halo. However, the ruthless cultivation method slowly strips her of emotions and love. She writes love letters to the MC and buries it by her grave hoping that when the MC reads it later she will remember her. She also created a sword called Qianyu and later gives it to the MC as a spirit sword for her to use when they finally meet 500 years later but since the MC hasn't gone to the past at this point yet she doesn't know the story behind the name of the sword and that it was actually named for her! Weiyin also allows the MC to use one of the magical artifacts that is sealed in her body to complete a task and as a result it will trap her in eternal sleep until the artifact is repaired. :' (

There are lots of clues to Weiyin's past in the things that she says to the MC but you would never notice until you read the end chapters and connect it. These parts alone made me cry so hard and put Mu Weiyin to the top of my list. If I had to choose one female lead who I would say is truly deserving of our Qianshuang's love I would vote for Weiyin without a doubt. She went above and beyond and sacrificed everything for her and waited 500 years! Their last words before she left were just so sad and bittersweet that I wished MC would stop being so sensible for once and reciprocate a bit. :' (

* Xuan Luoqing – the nine-tailed fox Demon Emperor with two souls. I felt like Luoqing had the least story impact because she was absent for large chunks of the time. Aside from her one major assist to the MC at the early chapters, we don't hear much from her until like chapter 150, which is a shame. I also wished her backstory with the MC was fleshed out more. Her love seemed the most shallow and least developed despite how much reference there was in the beginning.

* Liang Jingxuan (ML) – total scumbag, the worst of the worst. He treats all the characters as disposable playthings. Literally calls the four female leads "inflatable dolls." Unfortunately, he comes back again and again like a c*ckroach. You will never feel bad for anything he suffers. You will only wish it was worse!

Character Development 4/5

I am pleased that none of the characters in this world ever felt like an NPC. They are real, they have wants and desire and they can be dangerous. The one frustrating thing that I think everyone can agree with is that the MC never commits her feelings to any of the FLs, not even until the end. I believe the author did this intentionally because I can kind of tell she loves all of them. The entanglement with each character is too deep and some of them sacrifice a lot for her.

World Building 4/5

The world building is very strong here. The story spans not just between different cultivation realms but also timelines. There is a lot of significance with the magical artifacts of the four realms and a lot of emphasis on the ML trying to obtain them for ascendence. Unfortunately, due to MTL-itis a lot of it was lost on me so I am waiting for a proper translation just to read these parts again. There are various locations through the story but I do think that too many things get described at once so the setting itself can get lost in favor of character interaction, which doesn't bother me at all but may bother people who like descriptive scenery. Don't get me wrong, the author sets up the tone very well, but once things get busy everything can be chaotic and hard to discern at once.

Overall 5/5

TL;DR: READ THIS NOVEL. And then reread it for the clues to be emotionally pummeled. It's worth it, trust me. <<less
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BedBoundedPotato rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Summary of the plot:

Lin Qianshuang (LQ), a regular office lady, had just finished her work and began to read a yuri novel she had bought online. Only to realize that it was a stallion (harem) novel with a scumbag male protagonist. Feeling injustice for the four powerful female leads who were rendered to brainless lovers and sacrificed for the ML, LQ commented down her grievances and was immediately replied to by the strange Author who asked her if she wanted to rescue them. Without an answer, she was forcibly transferred... more>> to the world of the novel as the cannon fodder white moonlight of the ML who died in the beginning with a mysterious system who aids her with strategic missions to rescue the four female leads from their tragic fates. As she fights against the ML's protagonist halo, she unravels the truths behind the system and the world of the novel while gradually coming to realize that the female leads had fallen in love with her!?

(It's been quite a while since I've read the raws, so there may be some inaccuracies in the spoilers since my memory isn't really... decent... and MTL tends to be rather vague.)



    • A nice and steady pace in revealing the setting of the novel.
    • Pretty easy to understand the world's background with no info dumps on the reader.
    • Relevant information is given to the reader instead of diving deep into the world's lore which eventually end up being forgotten/not used in the plot at all.
Plot Development

    • The story develops at a reasonable pace.
    • All events have a reason behind them, MC isn't given conviences/treasures just because of plot armor.
    • Spoiler

      This is proven by the fact that the MC has died once.

    • The plot twists are revealed at a nice timing, with hints scattered around a few chapters.
    • Spoiler

      The harem is resolved with the MC ending up with ALL of them in one person. All the FL's are fragments of the MC's wife, Taiqing. (If I can remember her name correctly...)

Character Development

    • Love interests do not have the 'love-at-first-sight' syndrome, nor do they have the 'falling-in-love-at-the-s*upidest-reasons' syndrome. Every FL starts off with either indifference or hatred towards the MC, and they slowly (and reasonably) fall in love with the MC many chapters later as they divert from the ML.
    • Albeit incredibly slow, the MC's feelings are slowly revealed but that doesn't hinder her from accomplishing the rescue missions to save the FLs from the ML.


    • Cultivation system is rather confusing. (Might just be MTL problems)
Plot Development

    • Some transitions/time skips are rather... confusing. One paragraph may be describing the end of an event and the next paragraph suddenly jumps to the next scene with no indication at all, breaking immersion. (Yet again, may be MTL problems)
    • The ending is rather lacklustre, despite being a HE (Happy Ending).
    • Spoiler

      LQ manages to complete her mission and return to her original world and then suddenly, Taiqing, the combination of all four FL's, appears and reveals her identity. LQ accepts everything and ends up together with her with no questions whatsoever, not even about the history between them.

Character Development

    • The MC is really... dense. She's smart in other aspects but when it comes to romance, her brain goes mush. I guess that's just a common quirk in most harem protagonists. This DOESN'T improve, so don't expect much.
    • Spoiler

      Even if she kisses or becomes more intimate with the FL's, the MC just thinks that it's 'normal friendship' acts between female friends. She'll never believe that they're in love with her unless they confess.

    • This may be frustrating for some readers, but the MC NEVER responds to any of the FL's feelings. Even when she realizes what she feels in the later chapters.
    • Spoiler

      If I recall correctly, the MC is stuck with the mentality of 'these are just novel characters, I can't choose any of them, I'll have to eventually return to my original world'. Which isn't really wrong.

    • For the FL's, some readers may be turned off by some of their personalities. They're walking along the borders of a yandere, but not to the extremes. Some of them can also be really possessive, clingy, forceful, and rather obsessive.
    • Spoiler

      One of them caused the death of the MC.

My ratings:

Worldbuilding - 4/5

Plot Development - 4/5

Character Development - 3/5

Overall rating:

4/5 <<less
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Banban01 rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: Completed
My brain hurts from mtl-ing this for 3 days straight. The machine translations suck (which is why I am thankful for translator) but I think I got the general gist of it. I've never read a chinese GL novel with a harem in it and this was nicely handled. It hurt seeing how the different harem members reacted to each other and the MC, being so overly possessive and the MC not responding to ANY of their feelings. The fluffy moments with each harem member were also very satisfying, like... more>> a moment of peace between cat fights (lmao). At least they weren't all treated as mindless women that fell in love the moment they laid eyes on our new heroine and abandoned the male lead. Like there was actual tension.


Don't worry though, it's not like ACTUALLY different women ;)


Ending felt a little lacking though in my opinion, but it was still HE so all's well that ends well.

Can't wait for the translator to finish this novel, cause the xianxia part just completely evaded me and I may have misunderstood some parts. <<less
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M I S O rated it
June 21, 2021
Status: c2
I've read the translation by BedBoundedPotato and I must say, this is a great novel I look forward to reading more of. So far I've only read 2 chapters and it's so entertaining. It's literally as the description says, a woman reads a novel, but doesn't like how the male lead is a complete ass that gets away with having a harem and the poor women even die.

Anyways the woman transmigrates into the novel and she has a mission sent by a system: she has to save all the female... more>> leads. In chapter 2 she's a demon egg and meets one of the female leads. It's really funny because the female lead is a demon cultivator master and you can tell she's already fallen for this demon egg she's found.

I have a feeling our MC might end up with all the female leads falling for her, but I could be wrong. It might just only be friendship. But, either way, I love how nice the translation is. It's clean and the grammar is lovely. It's literally a smooth read. I'm looking forward to reading more chapters. <<less
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SymphonicDisasters rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: Completed
This was a roller coaster!!! I read the first 15 chapters which were translated well and made me interested enough in the story and Qianshuang's journey so I was able to push through the choppy translation and read the rest of the story, although it made it somewhat hard to understand certain contexts and scenes, that didn't stop from binging the whole thing in a couple of days, I was able to get a good grasp on the characters and understand what's happening generally. Though I do hope this continues... more>> being translated!

I believe there are reviewers who broke down the story better and gave better review for those who are curious but I just want to add mine just to say how much I enjoyed it. I really like the MC (Lin Qianshuang), I didn't feel like she was overpowered and her building the relationship with each FL took effort (some more than others), knowing that she isn't staying in this world made me understand her not reciprocating and responding to any of them but it was still frustrating on many occasions. The ending was kind of rushed imo and I hoped there would be more time to get used to the new developments at the end, not that they came out of nowhere but I wanted to spend more time with them.

I like all the FL and their arcs, I found all of them to be fleshed out well. In terms of romance, you should expect all of them to be possessive but to varying degrees, and their interactions with each other can be... interesting sometimes. My favorite has to be Mu Weiyin, her story hit me the hardest and I found myself re-reading some of the chapters she was in with how impactful she was, especially when you know her backstory and how it affected her interactions with Qianshuang later on. I really want to read more about her and for the MC to spend more time with her but alas. <<less
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ALKimC rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: c9
So far I've really enjoyed the story. The MC is really dense and misunderstands a few things which I assume is going to continue but that makes things fun. Plus the beginning of the story gives you a pretty good reason to hate the scum ML which makes all her actions so much more satisfying.
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yamibae rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Good novel all round. The length of each character’s arc could have been extended but satisfying nonetheless. There are 4 women in this “harem” that the Female Lead needs to save and they are all unique with different charm. The ending only has 1 person but it’s a bit of a surprise gotcha which I was surprisingly okay with. The novel should definitely keep Lily fans occupied but if you’re reading this for cultivation there is not much here, MC isn’t too interested in cultivating haha
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Twistedfire425 rated it
December 27, 2022
Status: c21
It’s pretty ok, it’s a really interesting concept and from what I’ve read, it’s well executed, and I’ve not seen anything wrong with the novel, my only thing are personal issues. I dislike what’s going on in ch 21, and how the MC and Bai Wan decide to fool the MC’s master at this time. I just think it’s pretty dumb given that MC has a 40%+ favourability with her master rn. Like with favourability that high, it’d be super unlikely that she’d be unhappy with you drugging the Demon... more>> Emperor and making him think he had sec with you when he didn’t. It’s just dumb that she thinks she’s gotta fool her master abt something so insignificant when her master has such high favorability <<less
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Seeya rated it
October 1, 2022
Status: c37
I began reading this novel like how the MC of this novel came into reading the stallion novel. I had no idea this was a harem. Once I re-read the tags, things made more sense.

The characters so far a pretty standard, meaning they're basically very similar to other characters in other novels.

The plot is pretty standard, too. The MC is intelligent and all that, but she seems to always cause more trouble to herself.

... more>> The worldbuilding is satisfactory. It might be the MTLing, but I always seem to miss something.

Overall, this is a pretty standard novel. <<less
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