The Happiness That The Shinigami Gave Me


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As a child, after being abused by his mother, Yuuma was almost killed by her. But at the brink of death, he was saved by a shinigami. At that time, he promised to sacrifice his life to protect his ‘fated girl’. “My life is worthless, so I will dedicate it to that girl.”

He became an orphan and was taken care of by the Yamaoka Family and lived in Setagaya. He was shunned by his step-siblings, but he managed to live a quiet life nonetheless. He only had one wish, that was to save his fated girl.

He found his fated girl, a beautiful and strong, yet scary and lonely girl at the same time, at his middle school entrance ceremony.

It was a fateful encounter arranged by the shinigami, an encounter that would change their lives.

But there was only one future that was set in stone for them.

‘Either you die, or I sacrifice my life for you.’

This was a gentle love story about a boy who rose up from the dead to protect the girl he hadn’t met yet.

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