The Guy Inside Of My Bed


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Even in the second time, would time be always their enemy?

How can you fight for it if at first you already know that you should not be together?

Are you going to surrender or will you take the risk?

Because maybe you won’t know if it will be your last. All for love.

The Guy Inside Of My Bed average rating 3.7/5 - 14 user ratings
Associated Names
One entry per line
Ang Lalaki sa Loob ng Aking Kama
The Monster Inside of My Bed Book 2
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The Monster Inside Of My Bed (Prequel)

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klaxir rated it
May 13, 2017
Status: c9
My first Filipino novel. I'm happy I gave this a try.

The translations are good and the story is sweet. I'm really liking the characters here and can't wait to find out more! A nice, simple read.
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lottie rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: Completed
Just read this for the sake for reading the book 2 of TMIMB. The settings of the story of the 2 books are differeny. In book 1 the setting is always in the room, it only change for 3 times and there are only two lead characters. But the book 2 is different, there's more settings and characters. If plot wise I still prefer the first book even though there's unanswered questions.

I don’t really recommend to read this story because of the inconsistencies, but it's not that much. It won't... more>> really make a difference in the story.

It’s a good read though, to past time. You can’t predict what will happen and it’s a unique.

And it's a happy ending.

Unanswered questions will be met.

Just imagine that this story happened in an alternate Philippines because of the differences in the history. Remember that this is only a fiction story. <<less
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