The Green Tea is Always Targeting the Wrong Person!


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After Yue Chu was defeated and died, he was dragged into another world by a system. As long as he could destroy the feelings between the two protagonists and stop the destruction of the world, he would be able to overturn the tragic end of his original world.

Yue Chu didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. From then on, he began to earnestly study the art of being green tea, walking farther and farther down the path of being green tea.

But why did the green tea keep on targeting the wrong person??

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srrrahim rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: c91
This novel can be summarized with a few sentence :

System : "Host, the target... you've got the wrong target!! 😱"

MC : 🙂

1st world : ABO

My reaction to the 1st world is... wait.. WHAT??!

This is really unique plot. Omega x Omega

... more>>

Contrary to the popular plot, MC didn't choose the protagonist gong, but choose to dig the corner of protagonist gong, and seduce the protagonist shou 😂

Their identity :

MC : crybaby male omega from one of the noble family

protagonist shou : prince, male omega, protag gong's fiance

protagonist gong : future general, male alpha, from one of the noble family

Omega being discriminated and their only worth are as child bearing. It is like women in the past. MC help protagonist shou to realised how wrong it is, and motivated him


2nd world : fantasy world

(human, vampire and warewolf)

The main plot of this world is similiar to romeo and juliette

Protagonist 1 (hero) : Vampire crown prince

Protagonist 2 (heroine) : Human

MC end up choosing the hero's father as his target! 😂. The one who never appeared in the plot

The father here is like the emperor, they are npt actually blood related. The heroine were supposed to die early and become a catalyst for the hero to destroy the world

I love the hidden plot in this world (the heroine is not what she seemed to be. She is not just some ordinary sickly villager)


3rd world : apocalypse world

MC is a researcher, and he decided that the virus is his target!! 😂. It is not protagonist gong, shou, big villain, cannon fodder, or even mob, but the virus!

I can't believe that the plot can be like this 🤣🤣


All those original protagonist gong, shou, villain, big villain, are actually has part of the virus (the virus is actually an alien with unique trait). The ball virus is the main body, and all of them is part of his tentacle. But, even if they have the virus inside of them, they still regain their mind. That is so messed up! I never read this kind of plot (or maybe I didn't read enough novel?). Anyway, this is my fav world


4th world : Escape Game


MC target this time is more unique. Not the hero nor the heroine, but... the ghost king in the escape game! 😂. The one who create and control the fang world (escape game world) 🤣🤣. MC target is not limited to human, so this is really unique


This is 1v1, so relax, and enjoy the unique plot

I read until chapter 91, but I don't know whether that's the last chapter, or there are more extra chapter. I feel like the ending that author write filled all the plot holes, but It still beed a couple of extra chapters to make it more complete

5/5 because all the plot in each world are unique <<less
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Sugaminny rated it
January 18, 2022
Status: c73
This novel is alright, just not my cup of tea.

I'm mainly writing this review to warn that this does get quite dark imo. So readers like me who don't like novels like this should avoid this one. But if you do like darker themes I think you'll really like this one, because the arcs and different setting were not generic and well done :) all in all ~3 Stars, sadly just not my thing.

I think when it comes to world-hopping novels there are two kinds, 1 where the MC genuinely... more>> cares for the characters and enjoyes living their live in the different worlds (these also mostly focus on the sweet relationship between MC and ML). The 2nd type on the other hand shows the MC manipulating the people he encounters in these different worlds (including the ML) and not really caring for them in any way, sometimes even totally disregarding them. In short: while the 1st is happy and sweet the other one is darker imo.

I personally love the 1st kind and really dislike the 2nd kind. I can usually avoid the 2nd type because it's either clear from the synopsis what type of story it is, or it's clear in the first chapters. What was weird to me when reading this one is, that the novel seemingly starts as 1 and slowly gets darker and darker. So reading along I really liked the 1st arc. While the MC does manipulate other people, he does genuinely care for the ML. But he still does manipulate the ML and from the 2nd arc on the novels theme got darker and darker, MC got more manipulative and cared less and less for the people around him and the relationship between MC and ML got less relevant and less genuine. So while the different arcs are all quite unique (see spoiler), they got really depressing to read for me..


1st: ABO but OO couple, 2nd: Vampire lord/king fantasy setting, 3rd: zombie virus origin/lab before the outbreak, 4th: escape game returnees/hunted house/ghosts (haven't finished reading that one)

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Qwex rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Jesus Christ, what a mess.

This novel peaked on a first arc. What followed was a downward slide.

The first arc is perfect. 10/10, will reread in the future. The setting is interesting (ABO, but MC and ML are both omegas), characterisation is on point, the plot and their relationship are interconnected and develop with a stady pace. There are no useless scenes: every scene either push forward plot or show characterisation. This arc is only 24 chapters long, but it felt like I've read a whole novel.

This arc introduses us MC... more>> as a person with high IQ and EQ. He has a combat experience (him being a soldier in the intro are not beautiful words) and some magical illusion manipulation powers (at this point of a story there was still hope that this will be explained later). It seems like he is OP, but his biggest strength is his EQ. He is proactive in a plot and subtly manipulates people to do what he wants.

ML in this arc is an omega prince of an empire, whose purpose is to marry a powerfull alpha for the sake of his family. Throughout the arc he grows from a teenager who accepted his destiny to an adult who is not afraid to change established rules and has a power to do so.

There are not a lot of side characters, but they all have their own motivations (not very complex, but still).

After reading the first arc I had very high expectations for the rest of the novel. After the third arc I was not expecting anything, but the forth and final arc was still a disappointment. I think the reason for this is a poor planning from the author on how the story should progress. In the first arc we are introdused to a system. In the earlier chapters it was a constant presence in the background, but later it started to show less and less. In the second arc it appeared maybe two or three times. In later arcs it never showed. In the earlier chapters system gave tasks to MC. It was forgotten pretty quickly, there was maybe three tasks in a whole novel, all in the first ~10 chapters. That illusion manipulation thing was never explained. It is stated in the novel, that MC was not from a normal world and the war he was fighting in was with a race that have social structure of a bee hive. I was waiting for the "real world" arc to read more about that. Well, joke on me, there was no "real world" arc, the novel just ends.

So, about other arcs.

The second arc is a vampire world. ML is a King of vampires, MC was a pure blooded vampire from outskirts. MC pretends to have purely family love and respect to ML, ML is conflicted between being an elder and courting MC. This is a pretty standart stuff. No deviation from cliche. Executed pretty well, except for one character who appears in the later half of the novel and whose purpose is to make ML jealous and push him to confess. Once it was done, he was put in a box and sent home. Literally: after ML confessed to MC he put that character in the box and send him home.


In the very last arc the author tried to retcon this by saying that the whole purpose for MCs world hopping was to test if he will fall in love with ML and this character was one of the tests. This explanation did not make this arc better, but it cheapened MC's struggles to save the world. Good job on that, author!


This arc was not the best, but still pretty good: cliche was executed wery nicely, subplot about this world's Original Couple is also well done, no boring parts, MC is still proactive and manipulative.

The third arc is a Hot Mess. It is a pre-zombie apocalypsis world, MC is one of the researches. This world originally had a love rectangle that was the reason of the world endind.


There is a Director of this research center. He has an adopted son: Researcher. Researcher was in love with Director. Director also has a nephew: Head of Sequrity. Head of Sequrity is (allegedly) in love with Researcher. Researcher has a cousin, also a researcher: Green Tea, who is in love with Head of Sequrity.

In the original trajectory of the world Green Tea abandoned Researcher to zombies because he was jealous of Researcher being love interest of Head of Sequrity.


Well, more like this world supposed to have love rectangle, because all four people fell in love with MC nearly from the first sight.


It was explained later that they all were infected by a zombie virus (ML. Yes, ML is a virus in this one. More on this later) and while they retained their personalities, MLs emotions still affect them. This is all good and nice, but. Why did ML fell in love with MC from the very beginning? That never happened before, in the previous arcs MC had to work for MLs affection, why it is given to him from the beginning now?


About ML and what was going on in this research center.


ML is an alien/zombie virus who crashed on earth. He is contained in a glass ball. Because he cannot communicate with humans he infected four people of the institute. But comes MC who for some reason can hear what ML is saying. It is never explained. It is never even questioned. He just does, deal with it. And what a lucky coincidence! Hever in his monologues ML mentiones that there are people that he controles. MC is complaining to him (MC pretends like he is talking to himself in hopes that ML reveals some important information) that he is afraid that he will be exposed as a fraud and kicked out (the original owner of the body was a researcher. MC is not, lol). And ML is like "Why don't you hire an assistant to do all your work". Why not "I am controlling this whole building, they will not kick you out no matter what". ML is not expecting MC to hear any of it. He basically does a version of talking to a TV.

But whatever. MC does not realise that people around him are no longer human and does nothing. He leaves all the work to his assistant (Green Tea) and plays with phone all day long. No manipulation, no work, all relevant info is given to him by lovestruck ML proxys.

When it is revealed to MC that people around him are no longer human, it is supposed to be a scary and harrowing experience. We are supposed to root for MC who has to work against four people, who were close to him but now want to detain him, and who have super human abilities.

It does not work because 1) MC was never close to them, he considered them strangers, and 2) in the end he did nothing, the problem solved itself.

The Researcher was not completely infected by ML and created a cure that can kill ML. He injected it into their bodies, MC commited suiside with ML, the virus is destroyed, happy end.

Or is it?

For some reason Head of Sequrity was still infected and the arc ended on him evilly smirking into the mirror. So MC, whose purpose was to save the world, failed his task, but it does not count, he was not punished.


The last arc makes even less sense. MC is a normal human in a world that has connection with infinite flow world. It is a garbage. Burning garbage.


MC approached a bullied girl, who was a protagonist of this world, and was like "I always wanted to have a little sister, are you willing?". She immediately agreed and since then they were living like a real family. Two strangers. Immediately formed a family bond. Ok.

MC actually went into one of the horror worlds, I skipped these chapters, because they does not affect the plot of the arc and are there to show off how cool MC is. We are even introduced to some cannon fodder who are there to gawk at MC and comment how cool he is. You know, exciting stuff.

ML is the keeper of this infinite flow world. His real identity is a Door/Dragon. You will never guess how he and MC met. One day ML mistakenly wrote MC in a messaging app about his secret crush. I have no idea how does this work, it was never expained. Anyway, they started messaging to each other and ML fell in love with MC. Since they live in different worlds ML had to possess other people to be close to MC. The less is said about his behaviour while wearing other peoples skin the better. It was lecherous and disgusting. I feel dirty thinking about it. And it was played for laughs bc MC was able to beat him up. ML was very regretful that while he is himself he is not that courageous. Thank God we were spared another scene of ML literally salivating over MC's body.


After these arcs there should've been a real world arc, but there wasn't one. In the end, MC, ML and the system meet and we are told what was going on. All this take place in the last half of the last chapter (The first half is still the last arc).


ML was a transmigrator to the MC's world. Originally it was MC who was a general who sacrifised himself in the battle. ML fell in love with book character of MC and wanted to save him. ML made a deal with a system, but managed only to buy some time, they still died in the end. The system changed the conditions halfway through and decided to play a game with MC: will he still fall in love with ML in every world or not? So yeah, the reason for all of this is system's whims. Thank God at the end it finally decided to keep its word and leave MC and ML alone. The best part is that it is explained to us, the audience, and not to MC. You can read it yourself, like I said, it's less than a chapter long.


In conclusion: read only the first arc, it is great. The rest of the story is not worth your time. <<less
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UsaYuki rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: Completed
Wow, amazing O-O! I won’t write too much, but I’m amazed! While reading, it was really fun, but some things were kind of blurry and I couldn’t understand, BUT THAT ENDING wow... didn’t expect that~

Ok so first about what I kind of found interesting in the worlds

1. ABO

... more>>

Omega Prince x Omega classmate MC (MC is still shou tho)

Uhm there’s actually nothing much to say, I just really liked it~


2. Fantasy


World with Human, Vampire and Werewolves (who don’t appear) Vampire Lord/„Father“ ML x pure blood Vampire/Prince/„son“ MC (don’t worry, not blood related, just a title so MC can inherit the throne)

again nothing much, also quite enjoyable read~ I‘m sure Vampires are stunning beauties hehe


3. Apocalypse


Virus/existence from another planet that is kind of like a parasite, but highly intelligent x researcher MC

interesting is that apparently ML infected all the main characters (protags, small villain and villain boss) and they all kind of started liking MC also bc of MLs affection for MC. MC was a little overwhelmed with their affection haha

I think... this is like before the actually zombie apocalypse... where the researchers are researching etc. bc when MC got out of the lab, the ppl were all still living a normal life, I think.

I just wonder what happened to this world in the end... since the value of saving the world was so low... maybe bc of mtl I couldn’t really understand haha anyways also quite interesting.


4. Unlimited flow


I‘m not even sure if you can count this as unlimited flow...

Ghost King/door/creator of Fang World x normal Citizen/streamer MC

hmm I don’t really know how all the things that happened are connected. Like, why did MC and group go to the haunted house? And suddenly ppl died but ok? And then there was a series of mu*ders happening? But got solved by ML quite fast?? What was the point hmm... maybe just so MC could figure out MLs identity? Anyway, other than that the world seemed to be quite normal... I didn’t even understand if the world MC was living at that time was the „real“ world of that dimension or what... bc apparently the original MC/„sister“ of MC is part of this Fang world thing where she has to clear worlds to go back? Anyways, kind of hard for me to understand. But it was a fun read haha ML helped a lot, but he also took over other ppl body to harass be near MC haha MC did give him a beating for that later

What made me... like... wow was that the original body if ML is a... door OAO the virus was already a very interesting, but also a door... and if I understood correctly, MC, after finding out, made the door/ML lie down and started... undressing?? Wanting to... do the deed?? Hahaha really interesting!


5. End


He cleared the four worlds and wow! Didn’t expect that twist!! ML is the general (I was already wondering how they’re going to explain that this was all 1v1) and yeah I’m not going to explain now, just read it haha it’s more interesting to read yourself hehe anyways, just didn’t expect that twist~


And what made me... kind of confused? •7•) /~


I think some mentioned it already, but MC is quite... manipulative (I don’t mind tho hm) ? He’s always smiling, and ppl just love it haha I just... tbh I couldn’t really figure out MCs real personality... The way the author wrote this, also sometimes described MC how others thought MC was thing, based on his expression... now, since the author hardly distinguishes the descriptions between MCs „real“ self and the self that others interpret (as far as I can see) it’s hard for me to see the real MC... I never know if he’s just acting or really smiling affectionately ahhh tho, it’s also not that important^^‘ all in all I was quite happy to see how general and MC could reunite! And love each other! And MC giving him a slap haha nice nice

OH and also, I thought... the worlds each ended really abruptly and suddenly it’s said that he’s cleared the world! And I was always so confused! But that’s really some small detail, I didn’t mind anyways~ seeing MC and ML together is more important!

oh oh! And, I thought this title really... it’s funny, and is what made me want to read this, but not one of the major things happening in the novel... I was expecting more green tea hahaha and... that system... appeared less and less with each world... in the last one, it never even appeared!! But I guess MC didn’t really need it anyways, so yeh haha MC always going his own way on hin own pace~


All in all a really good novel! Ahh and love the translation! Really well done! Do give it a try! With 91 chapters, it’s a nice and fast read ^^ and with different worlds, it’s never boring~ Recommend~ <<less
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chemaMissTea rated it
February 28, 2022
Status: c46
I just finished the second arc and I'm so satisfied with this novel

if you want a novel with smooth events

And a very resourceful MC with little emotion who can manipulate the thoughts of those around him, you are in the right place

Especially in the ABO arc ... more>>

we have an O*O pairing here! Where we can see a reorganization of the whole racist society OMG it was really good

the ML was not that usual piece of ice to that overpowered character!

His personality was completely engaged in the ABO society and its ideas, He believed that A are better than O and despised his gender until he met the MC and I liked this setting very much!

the second arc is a fantasy setting where you have that ML who is a piece of ice so yep you can find everything in this novel to suit your taste!

I agree with the comment that says the MC is so manipulative but well we all know he will fall in love in the end so I don't think this novel deserves to be dropped because of this

anyway I really enjoyed it so far and the mtl is easy so yep I give it 4.5/5 <<less
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Poor rated it
February 11, 2022
Status: --
At first I felt that I should not read a novel like this because of the title, I read a lot of novels of reincarnation and jumping between worlds, I did not like the setting of the character of "Green Tea" in particular, I felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when I gave this novel a chance and did not darken it (after I ignored it for a week I am completely sorry, translator) and now I am like a dog in the camp dying from the intensity of enthusiasm.... more>> Please update!!_ (:3」z) _ <<less
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erialolita rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: Completed
4 ⭐ for the first 2 arcs and 2 ⭐for the last 2 arcs. The ABO and vampire arcs were well written and the start to an entertaining read. The zombie arc was weird and I didn't like it, and the last arc was just bad.

Reviewer Qwex said everything, this could have been a great story, but was such a let down.

MTL was readable, only had trouble in a couple of parts of the last arc. If this ever gets fully translated I may give it another go, but only... more>> of I'm really desperate for something to read. <<less
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Suisui rated it
June 4, 2022
Status: Completed
The ending 😂

Okay, I'm really split regarding the rating, I'd give it a high 4 stars, maybe even 5 even though I almost never give all 5 stars.

There are some things that I usually don't like, like ML quickly falling for MC but considering the background of this and many other qt webnovels, it makes sense, so I'll let it slide. It was really fun to read, I binge read it in 2 days and felt really happy after finishing it. There aren't many angst moments or misunderstandings, the plot... more>> flows very nicely most of the time but it was a fun read for sure. I do have to say that MC and ML felt a bit confusing, I couldn't really get a grasp on their personalities, especially ml, he felt like a completely different person throughout the arcs which made me feel like I'm reading a story of a MC and multiple mls even though it's a 1v1. MC was consistent most of the time, outwardly nice but actually a manipulative character but in a good way, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, definitely give it a try~ <<less
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February 24, 2022
Status: --
I really really can't wait for updates!!

The setting in the first arc is so delightful I absolutely cannot wait to read this. This looks like a good quick transmigration novel. I really shouldn't have started this when only two chapters were translated ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

But the translation is great so far and I can't wait to read more!!! I will patiently wait
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Silent_passerby rated it
December 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Just finished reading MTL version. Rationally, I want to rate it 4 stars or much lower but I've also enjoyed the reading jouney. Definitely recommended for those who wanted a unique yet easy read. I also guarantee that those who can abandon their brains and ignore plot holes will like this 😉.

The first world (ABO), in my opinion, is the most exciting of all. The second world (vampire) comes second. The third world (apocalypse) has a great potential but the author ended it at the climax (slightly disappointed). The fourth... more>> world (ghost/horror/unlimited game) was nahhh. As for the ending....... just read, to understand. 🙂 <<less
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October 15, 2023
Status: --
I kind of had trouble starting this as the first two arcs are settings that I very rarely enjoy. I hate both ABO and vampire stories but despite the negative impression that came from the settings I found myself enjoying reading it despite having to stop and groan about the annoying setting frequently. I will update my review when I reach arcs I can look at with an unbiased gaze.

I'm back. The first two arcs that I already had trouble getting into were the peak. It was a genuinely good... more>> ABO story and the vampire thing was interesting enough to reach the end but then the author went and butchered my two favorite settings of zombies and horror games. The romance was iffy the plot was weird and the MC didn't seem to have any of the charm he had in the first arc. What the heck happened? Rather than writing a system story with multiple worlds the author should have just stuck to the first arc.

I have rated it 3 stars but all of that is based on the first arc alone if I were to rank the arcs the first is 4 stars the second is 3 and the rest are 0 <<less
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Morfzine rated it
July 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Quite standard for a quick transmigration novel. The plot is mid-to-high, with Arc 1 peaked like Mt. Everest, arc 3 being a sh*thole of aneurysm, while the rest is alright. The thing is tho, this bad and mid plot CAN be actual good stories. Fr, this happens to a lot of danmeis, especially in the quick transmigration genre. They (the arcs) each have a lot of potentials but were cut short immediately after the main characters achieve their union. Especially the last Arc (Arc 4), it was an unlimited flow... more>> world with a good twist in it and a good dynamic with other characters that was NOT MC and ML.

Here, MC basically adopts himself a little sister, and it turns out his little sister's other identity was quite surprising. BUT THERE'S NO FURTHER DEVELOPMENT AFTER MC AND ML GET TOGETHER. Even again, the little sister he protects just becomes an afterthought. Why do you throw an interesting setting and dynamic away just like that authorrr.

And this happens to every Arc, even Arc 1:

    • Arc 1 = Why don't you continue to write about ML's and MC's regency? They are 2 omegas for godsakes, you've ditched the literal core of your story.
    • Arc 2 = What even is the point of making MC stronger if he just end up in an eternal sleep with ML, and with no chance of showing his prowess? And hello?? What about the human kingdom? The holy church? You just gonna leave it as it is???
    • Arc 3 = This arc can actually be interesting if the MC just didn't just decided to be a virg*n Mary and sacrifice himself to be with ML (and saving the world).
I actually love the MC's personality, but it seems like he was quite limited by the author's own writing, or perhaps limited by the CN readers' moral standard for a protagonist. MC is a cold-headed yet playful and proactive protagonist. He's not one to mingle too much about feeling, even the writing itself acknowledged that, yet he turns into yet another "I'll definitely find you in the next life" loyal and affectionate protagonist. It'll be fine if we were shown a considerable amount of character development for the MC, but we got none, and it happens just after arc 1.

ML is your average male lead template, but with a dash of silliness. Idk what to say about him, except for arc 1, he just seems like a plot device with personality. The relationship between them was quite okay, yknow, you got a proactive shou and a somewhat shy gong then boom, you got a nice chemical reaction right there. But if you look closer, their relationship was quite confusing, mainly because of the lack of context and not-so-smooth coherency from the author. Heck, their history in MC's original life was just an afterthought consisting of 3-4 paragraphs of words.

Read this only if you are searching for a specific dynamic/setting. I disagree with recommending this to newcomers though. Obviously, some parts of the novel will only be confusing if you were not used to the usual quick transmigration danmeis cliches. <<less
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