The Greatest Genius Alchemist of All Time Want to Retire


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The Kingdom of Canovaria. It is the country where alchemy is most developed. Many yearn to become an alchemist and enter the Canovarian Institute of Alchemy, but it is difficult to enter and even more difficult to graduate. Even if they are able to enter the academy, many fail and give up on their dream of becoming an alchemist.

Then, like a comet, a genius appeared in the history of alchemy. His name is Elweed Willis. He had an overwhelming talent that overturned the history of alchemy. And that genius would graduate from the academy in 1994.

Rumors about his career path are constant. Becoming a royal knight, an alchemist directly under the royal court, and even marrying a princess… but what is the answer he has chosen from the choices he has made?

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Shijo Saiko no Tensai Renkinjutsushi
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