The Great Nation Remodeling of Reincarnated Princess ~Let’s Build an Unrivaled Country~


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Because of certain circumstances, I have died and reincarnated as princess of a kingdom.

Otou-sama that loves me, his daughter dearly.

Okaa-sama is very gentle unless she gets angry.

Nii-sama is a noisy sis-con.

I don’t have memories of my former life, but I want to live my new life happily… If only other countries stopped invading ours!

This story advances fundamentally leisurely.

Associated Names
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Tensei Oujo no Kokka Dai Kaizou ~ Muteki na Kuni wo Tsukurimashou
転生王女の国家大改造 ~無敵な国を作りましょう~
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06/30/17 Dogecore Translations c5
08/14/16 LygarTranslations c4
05/24/16 Shinsori Translations c3
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05/11/16 Shinsori Translations Idle talk 1
05/07/17 shadowinterest prologue
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PhoenixVII rated it
August 23, 2016
Status: c4
So far, looking good. MC is reincarnated as a princess who's extremely talented with magic but has no memories of her previous life. Her goal is to save her country from an alliance of hostile nations and the church, both of whom are angry with the princess' country for remaining independent of the alliance and tolerating demi-humans.

This WN is in bad need of translator though (last chapter was a teaser, there isn't a permanent translator currently).
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slay_mithos rated it
August 6, 2016
Status: c3
Starts off in an interesting fashion, but has been abandoned by the translator after the chapter 3, and with only so much, it's hard to know if the story will be good afterwards, so I gave it the "average" score for now.

I still would recommend that you read the first chapters if you are at all interested by the concept, because 3 short chapters (well 5 if you count the 0 and the "idle talk") is not that long, so you can see for yourself if it could be nice.
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Loosergirl rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: c6
The main character reincarnates as a princess. A mysterious creator entity charges her with stopping discrimination of non-human intelligent species and gifts her with spirit magic. The church in this world collects individuals with spirit magic, and surrounding countries are human supremacists. War ensures between her country and other countries.

Her father is a bit funny.

... more>>

For some unknown reason her father and brother, the king and prince, are physically overpowered. Apparently her father breaks doors when using them normally and goes on dragon slaying trips. The main character turns magically overpowered (cliché).


I can't help but feel this novel seems similar to the otome game novels, even though there are no otome game elements. <<less
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