The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm


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In the tenth year after the new era, the world finally came to an end. Zhang Mu truefully waited for his death, but unexpectedly found that he had returned to ten years ago. With his memory about the future, he swore that he would change the calamitous history, saving the earth from being destroyed! Walking dead, zergs, evolvers, and various mutated animals… nothing can stop him! The first step is to retrieve his identity as an era merchant , then find all the treasures he can remember to enhance himself!

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November 13, 2017
Status: c5
Not bad.


    • Guy probably knows what he's doing lived for like ten (10) years before fighting the Hulk.
    • There's no B.S "I had X with me in the future. I now have X in the past/present."
    • MC doesn't get O.P powers for changing what little time he's spent in the past.
    • We get a brief but basic introduction to MC's preapocalypse past.
    • Not a harem...... so far.

    • There are only 5 chapters out. I want more.
    • Minor and ignorable grammar errors. Like 3 maybe 5 tops...... Unless I'm seeing things.
    • Spoiler

      Fool! What are you doing looking in here tsk tsk.

Anyways not enough chapter for there to be any significant Cons so until 20ish chapters no star rating.
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Greater thunder
Greater thunder rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: c24
Better than God and Devil World for now at least. MC shows knowhow of the future enough to capture opportunities but he is not omniscient and in line with his identity as a small merchant makes mistakes aside from that you can criticize his choices only in that he acts according to his preferences and tends to forget that while starter enemies are weak he is weaker.

Remains to be seen how it will continue but for now it is a solid average 2.7
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Har D Rai
Har D Rai rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c72
Actually it should be a 3 star but still rated it 4 because it is a light easy read if you want a change of pace from usually well tense novels. MC is alright not the brightest bulb but not a dimwit either he can be considered well merchant like. Romantic interest is annoying though an young adult acting like 5 year old (typical airhead) and although she have abilities to heal MC but so far she have done more harm (potential harm) than good even more annoying is MC... more>> goes above and beyond to help her and breaks his character as a merchant. The familiars have way more personality and individuality then the RI. Overall it's a nice light read if you don't mind the technicalities. Read it for a change of pace. <<less
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oblueknighto rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c60
It's a pretty good read so far. The main character was super weak in his past life so he's still taking risks right now to somehow get stronger.

The system is a complete mystery. We have no idea why things are so game-like. They have things like walking dead and zergs but none of it is explained. 4/5 so far and I'm still reading it to feed my curiosity.
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reddir rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: c60
This is a fun story that doesn't sink into melodrama, an easy light read.

The setting is modern post-apocalypse, super-power "evolutions", aliens who trade power boosters and food with only a few people, and a main character who has come back in time.

To me, it reads a lot like LitRPG without too much focus on hard numbers (I assume they are there, just not the main focus for the reader).
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