The Great Genetic Era


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“Old Tang, you activated speed-related Genetic Base Points. What’s the direction of those Base Points?”

This question caused Tang Ting to have a melancholic expression.

“It’s… Hand speed…” “And the right hand at that!”

Xu Tui slipped onto a daze.

Hand speed and the right hand. This image…

Didn’t the teacher say that it was easier to activate the Base Points of the areas you use the most?

“Old Tang, just what do you use your hands for?”

“According to that explanation, did I activate the Genetic Base Points in my stomach because I’ve eaten 18 year’s worth of meals?” Cheng Mo, who was on his way to becoming a glutton, looked up and sighed.

Xu Tui stroked his head, “Could it be because I’ve used my brain for 18 years?”

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reddir rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c27
This is a pretty light read, with heavy story elements but written in an easy light manner. The story and mechanics are pretty good, the characters so far are a bit shallow, the world building is... not well presented but seems complex and possibly thorough.

Also, the website has up to 40 chapters, none of them locked. is there a way to get Novel Updates to notice this?
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