The Grand Excuse Of Amagi Takami, Who Made S*x Friends Because Of His Philophobia


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Amagi Takami, a game and anime nerd, has philophobia.

Naturally, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But he has a『s*x friend』.

It’s the beautiful girl with large breasts who’s capable of any sport, Kanzaki Mai. It has completely become a norm now for Mai to be by his side, but Amagi, who has philophobia, remains incapable of getting into a romantic relationship with her.

One day, destiny in the form of long fluttering jet black hair descends before such Amagi. Is she a Goddess, or is she a Devil――.

Amagi unexpectedly ends up joining the Student Council to handle the odd jobs……rather, to manage the general affairs.

His『reunion』with Shinguuji Ayano, the talented woman which Student Council is proud of, sends ripples into their peacefulness whether they like it or not.

“Didn’t you recently, join the Student Council. Hahaa, now then, you’re interested in that girl, aren’t you? Ahaha”

“Idio! That’s not it――”

(Hu, huh? Mai, her eyes aren’t laughing?!)

A sweet and extraordinary mayhem every day.

This, is the story of the lengthy excuse of a nerdy high school boy who ponders, worries, and stresses in between his s*x friends.

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