The Goddess and the Ugly Duckling


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A counterattack love story between a campus goddess [popular girl] and an ugly duckling [cannon fodder].

In the beginning of the story, the warm and sweet campus goddess, Lu Xiaobei, meets the unconfident and adorkable ugly duckling, Xiao Ya…

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06/21/22 CN Translations c13
06/14/22 CN Translations c12
05/27/22 CN Translations c11
05/23/22 CN Translations c10
05/21/22 CN Translations c9
05/18/22 CN Translations c8
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05/10/22 CN Translations c4
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05/04/22 CN Translations c2
05/01/22 CN Translations c1
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lilytan rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: c1
So far, really good read.

... more>>

I feel sorry for Xiao Ya (MC), she has no friends at school and can't speak during class, of course this is more than enough reason for her to have rock bottom grades. Her father hits her with the sole of his shoe! How dare he! Who does that to a daughter???!!!! GRRRR!!! She's obviously going through depression but both parents have no idea and they fight about how her grades suck and it's because of the other's fault... and sadly Xiao Ya overhears. What makes it even sadder is that she has acne (kids get bullied a lot for this) and she hears other people calling her ugly behind her back. Her self esteem is at rock bottom.


The 1st chapter ends with her arriving at the school winter trip of 21 students and it turns out she will be roommates with the school's popular girl, Lu Xiaobei. It seems like there's potential for Lu Xiaobei to save her from her depression and hopefully improve her life. <<less
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