The God Slaying Hero and the Seven Covenants


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Three years ago, to defeat the Demon God who was trying to destroy this world, thirteen Braves were summoned from another world. Each of them had varied ages and gender. Each of them was bestowed with cheat like powers not normal in this world.

One asked for indomitable will against any adversity.
One asked for god-like magic power.
One asked for a power to heal everyone.
One asked for a power to cook foods that will bring smiles to everyone.

And so forth, each of them conveyed their wish and were granted what they asked for so that they could complete their quest. They then departed, on an adventure to defeat the demon god. For two years, they journeyed together and survived many hardships in this world, through joy, sadness, and discord; they persevered and in the end brilliantly defeated the demon god, brought peace to this world and then decided to live there. Among those thirteen is one man that hid his whereabouts and disappeared after defeating the Demon God, but everyone would say:

It is he, the center of the thirteen braves, who is far more heroic than others.

It is he, who valiantly stands on the foremost line, protecting the others behind him.

It is he, the strongest man that killed the demon god.

And it is he, the only one who is blessed and loved the most by the goddess.

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Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to Nanatsu no Seiyaku
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poli rated it
June 10, 2016
Status: c22
People in this world struggle to kill basic monsters like goblins and orcs despite them being common foes that come out all the time. None of the heroes can fight the actually difficult opponents despite their overpowered goddess cheats. The MC whines nonstop about wanting to protect everyone, but instead of putting his power to real use his solution to save people is to wander around saving a minor amount of people at a time or random villages. And despite lackluster responses to everyone all the time, everyone adores the... more>> MC and constant time is wasted with his repetitive whining or people repetitively raving about how great he is. <<less
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tilkku rated it
April 10, 2016
Status: --
Very good series.

Albeit silly at times, overall the writing comes out as mature and thoughtful. The story can hold suspense and the scarce dialogue and plentiful monologues bring out the characters much better than most WNs. Especially the protagonist’s problems with identity and self-esteem are slowly elaborated upon and appear much less childish after getting to know the background of the story.

While the story progresses slowly, it drops subtle bombs just about every other chapter. Even very short exchanges hold a lot of emotion. They are often expanded upon in... more>> the protagonist’s inner monologue, but he admits to being contradictory and dishonest to himself, which makes him that much more human. Kudos to translator for conveying the writing well and with few notable mistakes. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
March 28, 2016
Status: --
Imagine real world elite knights. They are strong, they are skilled, but they are human. They cannot hope to win against stronger and larger fantasy monsters. That is the limit of MC capability unless he unlocks special conditions.

With this setting, MC tends to be pessimistic, since most of the time he couldn’t just power through them. Most soldiers and adventurers are even weaker than that. We get to see the hardship of fighting and traveling in fantasy world. Even fighting goblins is not something that can be done nonchalantly. Because... more>> of this, we can feel the tension of every fights.

An interesting change after reading too many OP stuff in the market.

However, the story pacing is very slow, too slow. It's very good at first. Very interesting when it gets to the interesting parts. But those parts seems too few and too far between in the later chapters. I find myself skimming each new chapter to see if there is anything interesting or is it just another filler trying to build up the next event. <<less
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Crywolf641 rated it
April 22, 2016
Status: c72
Its bloody good. Its takes a while to update but its good. This novel makes it to the Slice of Life which makes it Real and it appears to be Mature Contents well no $*× at least but mature to a degree. Since MC could die if he let's his guard down in battle, MC ain't Rich but could be if he wanted to since you know he is a hero of the human race for god sake's. And also many many Women are in love with him and again... more>> he ain't dense.

All in all if you don't like MC being Lazy, messy, appears to be weak, and brutal LN tat makes you cry then this ain't for you... seriously.

The story is great. Has actual plot and at the beginning you might hate the MC for he is Kinda Lazy which for obvious reasons that is. Has some bad ass moments and good relationship between the other God slayer's. Also MC and s*upid and Dense He is smart and knows others Love for him too some degree at least.

Well some chapters makes you cry, some happy to the point of saying [ Heck Yes! ]


Well in later chapters you would know why he calls himself weak and not a hero but a detective/broken hero since he’s powers aren’t really that kind hearted of a cheat...

By kind hearted I mean its not suitable for people who would cry and regret why they choose that power kind of thing.


And also this aint reccomended for those people out there who only read main stream LN/WN without much trill like "MC is powered up by sheer will or something like that
And also
Dont complaine about his powers this MC aint like Satou who cojld save a kingdome if not the world kind of a hero and saying things like a goblin is a standard fodder! Why you cant beat it easily!.
Please be realistic for a bit and use your head! To end a life only a single stab at the head or heart is enough to kill you, this novel is like the real world where a single misshap could end you.
So dont compare game logic and some OP world to this LN which is almost Real life kind of thing <<less
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Xerforia rated it
August 24, 2016
Status: c68
This is really good LN. I recommended everyone who likes fantasy setting to read this. This is the story of an OP MC yet at the same times also a weak MC. This is a kind story of Summoned heroes go to journey to defeat a demon god. But with real issue like even though they're OP, a single miss could kill them, a single orge could kill them when they're careless. A story of "If you want to save the world, prepare for casualties". A lot of reader find MC's annoying because his constant whining and low self-esteem. But there's a story behind it. Author always using 2 type of time-telling. Present and past which could confusing some people because when the story focusing in present times then it absurply change to past at next section as flashback, and the changing again to present time.

MC always saying he's not a hero and he's the weakest one in all 13 heroes because he can't use his full power without clearing the covenant to unlock the goddess blessing while the others can use their power easily. The said requirement also the reason why he won't accepting himself as a hero because it's contradicting with heroes image's that he believe.

MC always whining as the story goes, but he have a reasons for that.

1. MC's not whining a lot in the past. Something big change him into his present self
2. MC's a kind heart man that gain his comrade trust as their older brother/father figure. Because of that, other heroes always see him as the strongest hero, stronger than any of them
3. MC's power basically comes from his promises to others. The reasons why he hate his weak self that couldn't use his power without endangering his comrades.
3. Something big changed MC almost entirely and he started traveling by himself to fulfilling his promise to someone


All in all, this is a great story that telling "even if you're a hero, even if you're stronger than anyone, struggle, struggle to live, because a single mistake could cost your life" that other fantasy LN doesn't have.
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Arbiten rated it
June 25, 2016
Status: interlude 2
Decided to post this at interlude 2.

Not a lot is explained about the MC (Renji) in the beginning, however from his monologues and conversations you build up a feeling that he's a good for nothing "hero" who is the weakest of them all.

If you feel that way you couldn't be more wrong. Some of the things he does seem s*upid, but actually have underlying meanings. For instance...

... more>>

He sells his really rare and expensive sword he used from his battle with the demon God to a local village shop for barely any money (something like 3 coppers). So you think he's s*upid, since selling it to a collector would fetch him more money. Then in the second interlude, you find out that he sold it to the village as they were having money problems. So he essentially gave them something extremely expensive to sell if they needed it


Overall, it's a nice read and well thought out. <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
Its a good series but its very slow and the MC's inferiority complex can get a bit annoying.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hawlol rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: c20
5 short lines of plot. 10 long paragraphs of info dump/ramblings. History is really slow paced because of it. Ruins any potential the novel had.

MC is beta male with low self esteem. Thinks he's tr*sh but everyone thinks he's awesome kind of thing. Chapter releases are also slow.

Overall don't waste your time on this.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Stanman rated it
January 13, 2016
Status: --
Personally I really enjoyed this novel. It doesn't really focus on getting stronger but delves deeper into a more slice-of-life aspect that is humorous but also has quite a bit of depth in the interactions with the characters and makes a delightful read as you immerse yourself with the emotions and actions. The main character's POV is something you would find to be quite different but is an interesting take of looking at things

Overall it's a good read if you aren't looking for fast-paced novel and simply want to layback... more>> and enjoy <<less
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Ispheria rated it
November 18, 2019
Status: c24
Up until this point, literally one of three things will happen every single chapter:

  1. The MC will wallow in self pity about how weak and pathetic he is.
  2. A side character will fawn over how strong and awesome the MC is.
  3. The narrator will remind you that 7 heroes were summoned a while back and they killed the Demon Lord. More often than not this will happen in addition to one of the other two above. If you have the ability to retain short term memories, this will get very annoying.
When I say... more>> this literally happens, I mean it. Seriously, you have been warned.

Since the MC spends all his time feeling sorry for himself, you can't enjoy this as a power fantasy even though everyone keeps telling you how strong he is.

Speaking of telling, this story does a lot of it (aside from reminding you 7 heroes were summoned and they killed the Demon Lord over and over I mean). It tells you who all the heroes are and what their cheats are multiple times but I can't remember any of them because they basically don't matter up until this point. The other heroes don't even show up until the 2nd arc. And once they actually do something the author stops and spends a whole chapter explaining one of the girl's entire life story and why she's so into the MC. It wasn't very interesting (like the rest of this series).

There's another side character who exists to be the MC's damsel in distress and other than that I can't remember any characters.

It's not funny and there's no real plot; Things just sort of happen to the MC and does stuff in response.

Until the start of story he was basically doing nothing for years after defeating the Demon King.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
byunisperv rated it
January 22, 2016
Status: --
If you are looking for a fast pace, action pack novel then this is not for you.

This is a slow paced, story building novel that you will take time to read it and appreciate it. It is a slice of life story about MC one year after defeating the Demon God. You will see MC POV on how he handle being summoned to another world. Being the eldest of the 13 people summoned, he felt responsible to take care of them all despite having the weakest cheat (by mc's standard).

As... more>> of chapter 23, there is a nice plot build-up that will make the novel interesting <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
charioles rated it
November 29, 2015
Status: --
MC is a really good guy but he has self-denial for that. Living the honest life after defeating the demon lord. There are a dozen or so heroes summoned, he's the oldest. Usually there will be friction and hatred, but for this one, everyone loves him. He's like a father figure for the younger heroes.

Mainly a slow-paced action adventure with bits of slice of life.
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shibayukikaze rated it
February 20, 2020
Status: v1c25
Despite a few nice touches overall it's not worth your time due to way too cliche protagonist and too many plot-stitches. What made it unbearable for me was the constant abuse. Said abuse is given here in order of being noticed, but long story short: this is a novel where you should put yourself in the place of the main character and feel like everybody loves you and you just don't realize it. And - as majority in its genre - it's based on misunderstanding that is effectively way simpler... more>> to resolve than the author tries to portray it. So, while the abstract is not bad, I'm not buying the premise' execution.

First abuse

Abuse that Ermenhilde has to "her master", because he isn't behaving "like the Hero that he obviously is". The fact he doesn't believe himself to be a hero? Irrelevant. The fact he doesn't LIKE being a Hero and the price attached? Doesn't even register with Ermenhilde. Yes. She doesn't even admits his words about not wanting this, his reactions and annoyance, etc. She behaves like they never happened or just expresses her disapproval.

For a couple - if you can call a jap-salaryman-summoned-cum-hero-cum-adventurer and a magic medal that is "a Goddess Sword" - with a supposedly deep connection I really fail to see even shreds of it. Honestly, Ermenhilde doesn't even offer a shred of warmth or understanding. She just nags. And criticizes. And subverts. And opposes. And hurts. And sighs. And calls him names. In 25 chapters there are I think 3 praises she tells him and - in total - 5 conversations that show any intimacy.


She supposedly feels for the guy, if author's innuendoes are to be believed. She "gets angry" (yes, a medal / sword gets angry) when he looks at girls and calls him names. She also expresses less strong emotions at not being used. Fortunately, author outright tells us (in around chapter 10 I think?) that she's a weapon and is considered a partner by Renji hence he doesn't see her as a weapon and once during those 25 chapters she outright tells him "don't deny me" and he answers "I refuse".

That's it. Two dialogue lines. Between the "oh-so-deeply-connected" partners. What?

What makes this abuse worse is that Renji takes it. And even when he's right, he takes it. For some - I guess - that would be funny. Because it's how females are frequently portrayed, as the ones that abuse "poor clueless males". I just lost interest in the novel little by little, when another scene was made just to say that Renji looked at someones' chest and nagging was heard. The entire 'gag' - if you wish to grace it with such name - was cringe-inducing.

Second abuse

Abuse of the plot. Each and every time something important happens... it's brushed aside. Former hero meets a creature that behaves different from the usual. Not just "oh, that's a bit unusual" different. Crazy different. Then, he meets another. And another. And 20 more. And... "that's definitely weird, something's wrong" he thinks. And does nothing more.

Same person meets - on continent A - a creature that should only appear on continent B. And... doesn't even get their curiosity stirred. There are (at least) two explanations. One: this person is portrayed as lazy. Two: plot needed stitches because we had to be given information and the author didn't do it skillfully enough (happens to the best of us).

Lazy-bones defense is nice, but at the same time, this person often states that "he cannot leave people alone if they're in trouble". And they acted on that impulse. Leaving those dangerous creatures alone definitely means leaving nearby people in trouble. But that's fine, because? So - plot stitches?

Among nicer accents here is the fact, that combat is portrayed as a dangerous affair. Goblins kill people and are good at it. They use terrain, they surround, they attack in groups, they try to use numerical advantage... Perhaps not as terrifying as those in Goblin Slayer, but as of chapter 25 I've yet to read "oh, it's just goblins" and this one is something I really want to praise the author for. Our main character also doesn't dare taking them lightly.


even when he meets a goblin that behaves in a crazy and un-goblin-like way... he does nothing with this. He kills the goblin. That's it. No investigation, no checks, no preparation to reduce the incoming combat or to lessen the problem or to at least ensure this is just that goblin. When he later learns this isn't just one goblin...

again, nothing.

When he's supposed to report something important to the higher-ups in the guild, we aren't shown it. Despite the potential urgency of the matter he spends days lazily because... plot. Because of plot (and probably author's skills or priorities or preferences in focusing on or writing other things) :

  • He doesn't send a letter to his companions with important information
  • We aren't told how did the guild react to his revelations.
  • We aren't told if he was worried about orcs attacking the village when he went drinking to the bar or what did he do to NOT allow this to happen
  • We aren't told what he thinks about a magic user appearing where he shouldn't have appeared
And a few more.

I can fill in some plot-holes. Light novels aren't supposed to be on par with novels (hence the light) but even then there's a limit. I also can't honestly make up my mind if the fights are dangerous or not. On one hand, they kinda are told to be. On the other, the way they're approached by most characters kinda defies that (knife to a gun-fight trope affirmed). Not that it cannot be explained somehow but I'd appreciate some consistency here without me having to stitch the plot together to have it.

Third and fourth and further abuses

Abuse of my patience. Be it a problem between Renji and other Braves in their perception of the title "Hero", be it a tragic past and incoming (for 25 chapters now) reveal, be it clumsy shoehorning a promise delivered into a nefarious main villainy, be it the "tragedy" of the covenants requiring unlocking, be it the awkwardness of Renji with other people...

There is a simple problem between Renji Yamada and the other braves. Renji - despite being the oldest and most mature and all that - believes that Heroes' powers should work at a drop of a hat. Danger - power used - resolution. His power however is based on unlocking the covenants, so conditions need to be met and one such condition is "a person in danger".

Now personally, I don't believe the next paragraph warrants the spoiler tag, but author tries so hard with this reveal that he has even written a mini-build-up prior to it. So... in deference to work put in, I'm enclosing this as a spoiler.


Renji believes he isn't "suitable" to be called a hero since his power requires unlocking the covenants and only with multiple unlocked covenants Renji has a suitable power. And main covenants are placing somebody in danger or even unlocked upon their death - un-Hero-worthy. Others believe he is a Hero, because what inside matters. And because he - despite being the weakest - always took everything on himself and spared no expense at saving others, studying, learning, trying to be helpful or even lightening the mood. Ironic, isn't it? The most mature (with perhaps one exception) among the summoned believes his cheat isn't good enough to call himself a Hero, completely failing at realizing what heroism actually is, while he praises the effectiveness of others cheats.

Sure, there are explanations and double-standard may be one of them (there are praises sung at how others live and their characters). But... it didn't make for a more entertaining read, it strained my patience even further.

Long overarching reveals are nice. Build-ups are great. Provided... you can pull them off. There are several mentions of our hero's tragic past that convinced him he isn't a hero. And yes, that is a nice concept. But I am really baffled that on one hand we had 13 people who had gone through thick and thin together and they should know each other incredibly well and in-depth and yet they can't talk over something as simple as differing definition of why they were summoned and how should they behave. Some people in reviews here put it down as inferiority complex and it certainly can be thrown in the mix too. Unfortunately all this together pretty much murders the character of Renji:

  1. nothing interesting aside from abuse from his closest companion - the barely-hinted-at main theme between weapon/partner Ermenhilde not withstanding
  2. main plot... not really
  3. glimpses of a past don't even give us names of "those who died" - are we supposed to grieve for them somehow when they don't even deserve a mention?
  4. we're told multiple times Renji's not a Hero but... so what? he can be or he can NOT be for all I care, just give me something to care for, that's just a false drama and a luxury choice
  5. girls and Renji - UGH. I won't even go there. Let's just say I don't know how old or experienced author is but upon reading I didn't really feel that romance or physical attraction is something author is comfortable with.
  6. Renji's power is supposedly too powerful and therefore was sealed and can be unsealed only through covenants. But... in the end, many others asked for god-like powers. Even directly using the word god. So... is this a god-like power or a power above a god-like power? Food for thoughts. ;-)
At 25 chapters I can tell this much: the only saving grace for Renji would be his somewhat shown and not entirely told maturity and the fact that author portrays him in two ways at the same time - which may - at the end - be just author's way to play with "misunderstandings". Prime example would be the fate of his mithril sword. This is a minor reveal, told in-between lines almost, but serves as a great example here.


In this word silver is the king, gold is second. Mithril therefore is even better. And Renji pawned his mithril sword in a rural shop, where they couldn't offer him much. Renji says he needed the money. Others say he wanted to save the village. If it's the former, he's a lazy bum or an anti-hero. Who still can be misunderstood and glorified as a great hero. If it's the latter, he's very thoughtful and noble. And could do so because mithril sword was very Hero-like, therefore getting rid of it was the right thing to do when one wants to signal one isn't a hero.

Unfortunately author takes this really interesting motive and bundles it among generic nagging from Ermenhilde and some wishy-washy "Renji is great" sighs from others.

Final abuse

The repetitions. Oh Lord in Heaven! The amount of time I read same thing over and over... I do subscribe to the saying about repetition being the mother of study but come on! Renji not being a hero, medal nagging him for something, repetitive gags, Aya and Souichiro being close, Aya admiring Renji but not being clear on her feelings, Renji being admired as a hero and not feeling like one, Renji battling Demon God alone, Souchi doing that, Aya doing that with magic (I guess they did it in a row or at different times but with author's style you never can be sure) etc. etc. etc.

Summarizing: I really couldn't enjoy Ermenhilde and I see her as a detrimental element to the story. Covenant weapon - sure, but I honestly don't see anything in her that would make her the strength of a hero during that arduous journey to defeat the demon lord and even the god. The summoning isn't explored (as usual in isekai) and relationships are a bit shallow (though better than many light novels I read). The author's style could use improvements especially when it comes to clarity or requiring less stitches. So far it abuses the reader's patience in many ways (especially repeating same sequences over and over). Finally the main character is murdered through the combination of the above. I found too little here to enjoy. <<less
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October 10, 2017
Status: c74
This LN is rather unexpectedly mature despite its premise and setting. The story begins slowly and yes it goes slowly at its own pace while hinting many tragic events in the past with the least amount of exposition, it starts slow for a reason and you could only appreciate that slowness and stillness after your second read.

The MC was painted extremely well through the lens of other people, those who knows him barely and those who are close to him. The other casts around the MC is unique and likable,... more>> especially Eru who is all but a talking medallion.

Again this story is rather mature, not in the content but in the taste. It lacks the appealing hot blood hero you can find in a shounen tag story. If you are looking for a hotblood and adrenaline packed story, this is the wrong story for you.

The story is not about a hero who against all the odds fighting and winning against his greatest enemies. This story is about loss and acceptance, a very grim but natural aspect of life. The MC in this story while whining and behaving irresponsibly and thoughtlessly is trying to cope with the loss of his dear one, being unable to forgive himself and his failure. Through his interaction with the people around him, the MC slowly moves forward little by little, finding pieces of himself and slowly patching them altogether, showing a glimpse of who he was before and a glimpse of who he would be in the future.

The narrative in this LN is extremely powerful at times in how it painted the MC in the past and present events. The only reason I would not give this story a five stars is that it has yet to be able to vividly paint the world around the MC despite all the unique and likable casts it has.

Again, this story is an acquired taste. Those who don't appreciate it would not able to cope with the narrative of the story. <<less
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The Manager
The Manager rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: c74
If I'm going to rate this, then 7/5 would be the best....

  • Typical 'Transport to Another World', at the same time, the aftermath of what are they doing.
  • 'Full Pack Recommendation' for those who like Action, Fantasy, and Adventuring (Just like me)
  • and Lastly, a .
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sol.arin rated it
July 23, 2019
Status: c78
oh my god why do I always fall in love with WN that translator stopped translating??? Definitely 10/10!!!

initially MC was built by just his monologue and his tiny little interaction which comes off as someone who is just slacking off and lack of motivation but as the story goes on we get to know him more from those who knew him for a long time and those who just got to know him which shed light to reasons why he views himself as such
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Cryarc rated it
September 22, 2016
Status: v9
Early part is hard to read mainly because the MC's inner monologue of being extremely lacking in motivation is rubbing me the wrong way, though as the story goes it's revealed why he become like that. If only the author toned down the amount of it and not repeating it every chapters I think it will be a lot better, as long as the basic traits have been established excessive repeating to reminds the readers become annoying instead.

Actually I liked the concept that he's not so OP and have to... more>> push trough with both will power and preserverence, and to get more power he have to go trough certain unfavorable situations to activates, it's just sometimes the author makes the end of the arcs very anticlimatic after a seemingly good build up chapters.

And even the ending is somewhat anticlimatic, not that it's bad, it's good, it's just feels, "That's it? It's already over?" even though all the plot resolved neatly I still think there should be something more from it...


In conclusion, it's a good series but the first trial for the reader is the author is excessively mentioning the MC's lack of motivation can be putting off potential readers, the MC is not OP so the fight is a shown in desperate measures, it's just sometimes the conclusion of some arcs/chapters are anticlimatic even though the build up is good. <<less
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Hamsta rated it
September 13, 2016
Status: c72
4/5 Recommended read but it's starting to fall apart as the novel progresses.

Starts off with a great premise & interesting world: Basically the end/aftermath of a generic magic & swords reincarnation novel which explores more of the realistic issues faced with such things and how one would actually "win" such a scenario. This novel (realistically) presumes that the MC (s) would get their ass kicked if they were just to be sent into battle with the blessings of a goddess against an actual demon god.

Thus it starts off quite well... more>> with a very interesting MC who actually realizes most of the dangers/consequences of reincarnating into a magic & sword world to kill a god.


He knew that he couldn't just ask for magic/power/etc directly (since no matter how much one get's it'll always be inferior to the actual magic/power/etc of an actual god) like how the rest of his comrades did so he asked for a weapon to >kill Demon god's decedents --> MC's hero companions which have blessings from the god/goddess --> MC's non-hero companions/strong adventurers --> demons/beastmen/humans. So the MC isn't being a pu*sy for no reason, he's actually very clear of his own ability & how frail he is without his power boosts but also very aware of the cost of unlocking his stronger powers.... mostly.




Solnea's appearance LITERALLY OUT OF NOWHERE (found sleeping in a crystal from a magic cave that appeared out of thin air) just for the sake of providing a quest for the MC is ret*rded. Seriously the Goddess' best plan is to take a completely clueless, potentially evil robot newborn and make her the new demon god? And everyone just agrees to it? Wut?

Nobody figured they could just hang out for a decade or so to subjugate the demon decedents while seeing how she develops instead of just chucking her into the role of demon god? I mean MC's & co's presence should easily deter the other demon decedents.

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Anonymousbb rated it
August 25, 2016
Status: c30
I might just be overly sensitive, but I feel like this novel should also have a 'Tragedy' tag. It isn't very noticeable at the beginning, but around where I currently have read (30), it expands a bit on the background behind why the main character constantly underestimates himself and doesn't feel heroic, and it is pretty heartbreaking. Fairly heavy spoilers:


The MC is very likely depressed because he failed to keep a promise with Ermenhilde and she died in his arms while they were fighting the demon god, and they seem to have been in love with each other. Something happened afterwards, but the current Ermenhilde seems to be different from the human version who died, and he seems to be trying to get the current one to be more humanlike. Since he was unable to protect her, he is trying to carry out his promise with her with this (different?) Ermenhilde, and it seems like he hasn't been able to get over her death, causing him to lose all confidence in himself due to his inability to protect her.


I might come back and edit this when I've finished catching up to what is currently translated. I hope this has a happy ending and not a tragic one.
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December 6, 2022
Status: c78
this story is almost like a poem, the journey of the story of a former hero who defeated the demon god.

Just with this sentence alone already explains this story as a whole, although I must admit that this story is a little too slow in terms of the process of events that should have happened, you could say, this story should have been completed in only 5 volumes, but for some reason the explanation of this story is very interesting and has its own charm

Starting from the protagonist, Yamada Renji.... more>> He who should hold the title of hero, he is actually very against it, with the trivial reason that being a hero doesn't suit him. He said that a hero wasn't someone who should risk one's life for the sake of power, but from what he experienced at the beginning of this novel volume, explaining the real reasons and from how each character's sentence structure was displayed, shows that he himself, whom he considers is not a hero, instead shows that he is a real hero from the hard work and pain of the journey he has experienced.

I try not to be too biased with this novel, but for me, this novel is very interesting because it tells something unique and different from everything I have read. Starting from how the world is structured, to the background of Yamada Renji, everything is very well structured and follows the main plot without giving unreasonable plot holes.

I don't know why this novel is very similar to a fantasy story that I once read with a setting like this, a story where an adventurer wanders in search of answers while remembering his own identity which he still questions to this day, sounds very childish but that's the feeling I got from this novel.

I know there are those who complain about why the world seems like all humans seem weak, just remember this, "humans are born as a weak creatures, even if you bear the title of god slayer doesn't mean you can't die" That's Yamada Renji's word in volume 2, completely contradicting the many Isekai novels that don't show this dark side, as if ignoring the fact that this is reality. I am very happy to be able to read this novel, and at the same time I regret that I did not know this novel.

Anyway, I think this Novel with this setting are perfect and I hope you think the same way just like I did <<less
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