The GM Has Logged Into A Different World


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The twenty eight year old Toudou, Masaki was a GM (Game Master) of a certain MMO.

In a place where Field GMs patrol, the rumors of the strange disappearances that he had thought were of just some urban legend happened!

When he had come to his senses, he was already in another world.

Fantasy MMO, action, the Sengoku Era, Three Kingdoms, the sea, furthermore Sci-Fi FPS (first person shooter), and also a robot! The story that involves all online games now begins!

A GM equipped with every skill, from magic to crafting, begins his earnest ventures in another world.

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GM ga isekai ni roguin shimashita.
Isekai GM
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Victor DoUrden
Victor DoUrden rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: c12
Really shitty generic power trip fantasy. Nothing of note to point out or make mention of... read another power trip and you've read this one too without actually reading it. Any potential is thrown out in first few chapters. The "gm" part is just a really really shitty excuse for all his power and deus ex machina. GM being nothing more then a terrible plot device it's clearly not going to be used in any interesting fashion. He has the ability to toggle over 9000 on or off, some other... more>> convenient (to absurd extreme) to it pains me to use the word, "ability" and that's literally the extent of the entire GM thing. Pacing and chapter length show, that having room for any depth to the story is as likely as me winning the biggest lottery. <<less
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misotsu rated it
September 25, 2016
Status: c8
Personally, I like this a lot. Be it for the differing perspective from a normal person being transported and what not. The MC is already used to being able to a bunch of rather op stuff. But at the same time, still a bit on the standard side with OP MC getting transported kind of thing. Well with only the first 8 chaps out, there is still room for quite a bit of development so no concrete reviews just yet.
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_Alexander_ rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: c8
The premise of our MC being a game master is relatively cool -- as far as OP-MCs go -- but like a lot of power fantasies, there isn't much essence in his interactions with others. It's just that start, so I'm sure it's going to get better, and there seem to be a few more other-worlders from different genres (mecha, fps, farm sim even?) as well, which should be fun. I'll try to update in the future on how it's changed.
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SunsetChaos rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c11
Premise is interesting but too early to tell. So far, story is meh and generic. Only thing unique is him being a GM with GM privileges. Also,

    1. shitty site linking to shitty ad sites, no direct links to chapters or anything.
    2. MTL with meh English/editing.
Good thing there's a better translator/editor with a new site as of ch11.
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LordGrim102 rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: --
If the MC is really a GM in a game then that game has crappy unbalanced game. Even a GM has trouble casting 5 or more skills with complete set, what about the common high level players? WTF that unbalance game would be bankrupt and shut down due to no one playing in there. The author doesn't know how game balance works and a GM who suppose to be free from the constraints of that game balance has trouble with casting skills and spells.

Crappy logic and game design, poor character... more>> development, poor quality plot and dialog, uninteresting writing style, and bad kind of cliche used in the story. <<less
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PAP180 rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: c10
I'm a big fan of isekai, OP MC, and original concept but it was really painful reading this. The incoherent in MC thought processes and the skill of GM. *Spoiler below*

To name a few problem would be that in the beginning, the MC used skill to make his food better instead of testing out his equipment, tool, and skill for the escape. He foolishly thought that he has time and the author only briefly describe how he was testing skill. Only when he was on the verge of deadline that... more>> the skills appear. He didn't equip or consider using OP equipment that he has to escape. He trusts a random prisoner that is next to him. If I was the empire, I would send in a fake prisoner to discover his skill or to keep a constant watch on an "unknown". In all my life, I have never heard of a GM who has restrictions on the number of skills he can use at a time or that he is not at MAX level. Overall, it was s*upid. If someone read future chapters, please tell me if this novel is even worth coming back to or not. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
March 7, 2019
Status: c38
All characters are poorly written and only vaguely described. The protagonist is especially bad.

... more>>

His first experience with s*avery is being kidnapped and almost ens*aved before escaping, his future wives were captured to be ens*aved before he saves them, and he decides to reaffirm his opinion out of nowhere that there's nothing wrong with s*avery. No qualifiers, not even "Forcing people into s*avery is bad, but..." Just "s*avery's fine. It's better than working at a black company at least!" You'd think at that point he'd have some bad feelings toward s*avery.

Further, he says "I don't want a harem" and immediately goes "oh well, guess I'll marry these two women". The kicker is that one of them hasn't even shown any affection for him up to that point. She just said "I guess I wouldn't mind settling down". He didn't need to get engaged to both of them, and he hadn't shown any signs of attraction toward either up to that point. Why not just marry the one who at least didn't seem indifferent?


There's no world-building to speak of.

There's barely even a story, but there's no real slice of life. And I'm surprised it even has a comedy tag, since there's maybe one joke per 3 chapters and none of them are funny.

Special abilities, strengths and weaknesses, are all very poorly-defined (For instance, Area Heal at one point just takes a decent amount of mana, at another point it almost knocks him unconscious using it). This applies not just to the protagonist, but to other characters.

Combat therefore is "whatever the author thinks is cool". The author puts a lot more description into fight scenes, but the protagonist's fight scenes are boring (he's invincible so there's no tension) so it takes over 30 chapters for a vaguely interesting fight to happen. And even then the fights are nearly incoherent chuunibyou nonsense with most attacks uselessly complicated and random moves being pulled out of everyone's ass with no foreshadowing.

The latest few chapters are better (2/5) because they focus on the combat scenes the author puts more effort into, but even if you skip the first 30 chapters or so it's only worth reading if you absolutely love chuuni stories and fight scenes. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
May 13, 2018
Status: --
The novel is generic and should probably be marked as a slice of life novel since at first the novel is about the MC and his merry pirate band about 5ch, then it sinks into simply being about the MC flirting with girls while the battles are mostly just described in a few sentences the characters are also poorly fleshed out and at least in the first 30-40 chapters new harem members are introduced every few chapters. So there is no time to get to know the dolls in the... more>> doll house.

And frankly the introduction are very generic and simple with emphasis on one body part. Cute fox beastkin with normal sized chest -> beatiful true vampire with large chest -> japanese neechan with huge chest -> japanese tsundere with large chest -> and so on. And I kid you not that is basically their introduction, a word on their overall looks like cute/beatiful etc and their chest size.

After the girls start being introduced it's all about the MC and the girls.

The MC is also "s*upid" and/or the author forgets his own settings. For instance at first the MC spends three days doing nothing since??? MC pretty much eats, sleeps and works our for three days instead of doing anything productive, except for noting down meal time and upgrading his food.

It's explained he has access to all skills/abilities/spells at the start and this part is never explained but somehow he is restricted to 10 passive and active skills/abilites, + unknown amount of spells since they can just be added removed as he wants, which is weird to have on a GM. But even then he just randomly chooses them from time to time like one ch he has MP and HP regen (medium) as two different skills then the next he has a HP/MP regen (medium) as a single skill to then have HP/MP + MP regen. And why does he keep using the small and medium boosts when he has small -> medium -> large -> extra large lvls for them.

Also in ch 2-3 it is shown that he can directly share his GM privelige and skills by touching someone and wanting to share an effect. But after that he or the author just forgets it. Having to risk his life to remove ens*avement or use tools to remove s*ave collars (his immunity to all status effect skill instantly breaks these two). Needing to almost bleed to death to heal the vampire or casting a healing spell untill he almost dies because of mana overdraught when he could simply share his regen by touching them.

Oh and did I mention he has invincibility from the get go he just doesn't like turning it on at first while status immunity is weirdly enough automatically on when he arrives while nothing else is turned on.

Also girl hugs are appearently the weakness of invincibility since every time a girl hugs him it is explained that they somehow move through the invincibility.... <<less
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September 29, 2017
Status: prologue
I expected at least more chapters before it turned into basic isekai but didn't even lasted 10 chapters.


novel became indistinguishable so fast that probably the mere -suggestion- that there [could] be a plot is very fast disintegrated, and that it's really just an excuse to what's the central theme in this novel ; safety, stability. It's so pronounced that I only imagine the MC filled with some sort of terror for a challenge and desperately tries to evade the mere consideration of danger or the possibility of discovery for some... more>> ethical truth beyond " I'm my brother's keeper". It's like the rationalization of a universe where he can live with unthinking.. Seeking some sort of metaphysical warranty seal over human experience or existence in general.

He cares only about commodity, in this novel, the feeling is like a dog with a tail behind his legs living in this collective pretending game, no clash of values, not even the slightest doubt over right or wrong-no drama- because the only priority is security.

the novel it's more like if an altruistic all powerful nanny suddenly came to be, only to take care of all the people of the planet and be responsible for any one that ask to be nursed.

or an attempt to assure any seeker of automatic safety and rationalizer of mediocrity, worshipper of the indistinguishable, a compassionate rationalizer of irresponability, specially for incompetent authorities and in general if you are feeling apologetical for your existence, a man without lust for improvement on the given but filled only by a desire to be liked by society in general, motivated by conventional morality (justified by social conformity as in contrary to common sense) to seek peace by commodity rather than a fight for meaningful values. <<less
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Fraiziar rated it
September 19, 2016
Status: c8
I think that the Idea of a Game Master being transferred over instead of a player unique and interesting, but at the moment I don't really see what will motivate the MC to 'do stuff'. Obviously it's still early in the story but I don't have much of a grasp on his personality or goals so he feels a bit generic at the moment. I think this has great potential so I am looking forward to future releases!
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Diskat rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: --
Has an interesting premise, but the beginning is rather lacking. I am currently trying to decide whether to continue reading on or not.

... more>>

Dude got transmigrated to a new world with GM powers. GM skills have limitations with the number of, but even with the limits, he hasn't bothered to explore his skill. He wasted the first day alone in prison with nothing else to do basically doing nothing with death hanging over his head in a week. I don't really like MC's who wouldn't at least try to satiate their boredom trying to at least something productive like in his case, at least try to figure out plans to escape or explore his skill.

Then, when he got food and upgraded it, I wondered why couldn't he just make food appear? Or create any items? He has GM skills. It's not like he can't swap skills. Are you telling me that as a game master, he can't spawn items?

Then, when the broken s*ave collar was thrown away by the mage, he didn't do anything with it. It would have more amusing if he did something with it. Like for example, repair it, upgrade it, use it on the mage. Then ask the mage whether he was summoned, and then send the mage off to its death to explode in front of the king or something.

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Anthenator rated it
October 27, 2017
Status: c8
The premise of the plot seems interesting, and it would be unfair to judge the generic components after reading all those other LNs of the same genre. The execution however, is lacking. I'm not sure if its the author himself or the translation, but the story does not seem to flow well and intent are often not clear enough to build the character.

For me, this was greatly hindered by the mandatory ad-link for each new chapter, which itself are pretty short. So while it takes me a minute or two... more>> to read the chapter, then have to wait 5 seconds for the link, it does not make it the greatest reading experience at the early chapters.

So I would suggest you to go try some other LN, and come back 2 months later and see if the novel has progressed. <<less
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