The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School


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Chenghui High School’s entrance fees were cut in half this year, hence Yan Shi who lived alone with her grandmother disguised as a boy to get enrolled in the high school.

Help! She accidentally saw the school’s bad student banging the prettiest girl from the school next door in the toilet.

Getting invited to shower together by her tall and handsome roommate, and getting caught by her classmate when she was trying to change her sanitary pad in the toilet.

The hot boy next door always stared at her meaningfully, and her first time was taken by her gentle senior. She was engulfed into the world of lust ever since.

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3 Reviews

Spatika shetty
Spatika shet
Sep 16, 2021
Status: c53
The story is basically about a girl who pretends to pass off as a male in an all boys school (honestly I didn't really understand the reason why) and she ends up f*cking a bunch of hot guys.

I quite like the FL, she knows that the guys just want her body and she's fine with it because she likes s*x.

The ML's are okay. Maybe only 2 of them seems to genuinely like her, the others just lust after her.

... more>>

I dont really remember any of the guys names.

1. The 1st guy (forgot his name, its liang something), is the one I dislike the most. He's the student council president who's cold and disinterested in women. He takes interest in the FL and tricks her into having s*x with him. He makes her think he likes her so that she'll have s*x with him.

2. His name starts with b and he's basically a player who wants to f*ck the FL. Initially he seemed a bit r*pey but he thankfully asked for consent before the final deed (which is a lot to ask from a ML in a smut novel since they all are r*pey). He and the FL agree to become s*x buddies.

3. His name is nan something and he's the FL's roommate. He's genuinely likes her. He's my favorite because he seems the most sweet.

4. His name starts with c and he's the FL's classmate who openly expresses that he wants to f*ck her. He also really likes her.

5. His name is wan something and he's the school grass. He's the 1st guy's roommate. He was the one who let the FL discover that the 1st guy doesnt love her. He seems to lust after the FL (mostly out of curiosity for sex) .


The smut so far is quite repetitive, I hope that the author tries to be more adventurous with it. Also Dunno why none of them use protection. <<less
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Sep 18, 2021
Status: c35
Hey, I do agree with @Spatikka shetty tho I skimmed it at the beginning lol

I'll not rate it for now but aside from what was mentioned in the other review, I badly want to see the 1st guy, Liang Ziqian to suffer. *Laughs*

... more>>

Since he is being such an a**hole, I would like to keep reading to see his ending.


And another thing is that, I would like to know the FL's ending.

I'm betting that her self-worth will drag FL down in the future, though she also did it for s*xual pleasure just like her various partners (which makes it a win-win situation).

Well anyways, I'm also pretty satisfied that she get to f*ck others without any romantic relations. Her addiction to s*x is satisfied but I just hope she will just be more careful and not get r*ped.

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Jul 17, 2023
Status: Completed
If you are just looking for brainless smut, this novel has a lot of it. The smut is also decent but I have an issue on some of the male leads and how they got together. I would have wished that instead of eight male leads, the author could have chosen only two male leads and stuck with a threesome.

A brief description of the Male Leads are (Warning: Major Spoilers) :

  1. Student Council President (Virgin Senior and 1st boyfriend/scumbag) : I'm really disgusted with this guy. If it was me, I would not have forgiven him. I'm also irritated that he has the most smut scenes throughout the whole story. Even if the smut scenes are hot, I still don't want him to be part of the married harem. He resembles MC's scumbag father a lot in how he acts. He's the heir of a rich noble family that transformed from an old mafia/criminal family that went legit.
  2. Playboy Senior: Got into a Friends with Benefits type of relationship with MC after the first guy broke her heart. Love that he doesn't seem to care if she's a boy or a girl, he's gonna sleep with her either way hahaha. The dude is great as a pe*verted friend, the s*x is hot and I love reading about him but I wish she didn't include him into her married harem.
  3. Lazy "School Grass" Virgin Senior: 3rd guy to sleep with MC. Omg he reminds me of Shikamaru from Naruto with a biting fetish. He's the one who exposed that MC's first boyfriend didn't really love her and was only playing with her. He has the 2nd or 3rd lowest sense presence among the ML's.
  4. MC's Virgin Classmate: 4th guy to sleep with MC. One of the two ML's that loves MC the most even from the beginning. I wish he or MC's roommate was MC's first boyfriend instead of that scumbag. I just love how playful but sincere and caring he is. My favorite among them.
  5. MC's Virgin Roommate: 5th guy to sleep with MC. He's an athlete. He's the tallest and most fit among the MLs. He's my second favorite among them.
  6. MC's Virgin Older Half-Brother: I have nothing against him as a person but I just don't like how he and the MC got together and the family situation. He was drugged in aphrodisiacs and MC helped him get out of being r*ped by a girl sent by their immoral uncle for shits and giggles, he then lost his mind due to aphrodisiacs and r*ped MC. MC was ashamed but loved it so much that she wants him to join her harem. After some time of resisting her intentional seduction in the story, the brother gave in and also became her lover (He had to reject his fiance and oppose his parents demand that he and MC separate). Their part of the story was just awkward especially since the decent/normal thinking father was still there and loves both of them. I wish the brother wasn't added in her married harem. There just too closely blood related not to have issues with their future children.
  7. MC's Playboy Immoral Uncle: He is so weird and crazy. He r*ped MC a few times until it became consensual because MC has a Hentai body, she would always enjoy it after the initial pain. I hate him the most among the ML's.
  8. MC's Assigned Yan Family Bodyguard: the dude has the lowest sense of presence among all of the ML's. He literally only joined the harem after the group decided to get married close to the ending of the story. I wish he wasn't added since he feels like a background supporting character most of the time in the story.
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