The Girl Who Betrayed Me Reigns in the Top Caste at My High School


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“Im alone because I’m afraid of being lonely.”

Summer of the second year of junior high school.

Shuya saves a classmate from being bullied, but in retaliation, he is bullied instead.

Among the members who bullied Shuya was Emi Sonoda, the girl he saved back then.

Brokenhearted, Shuya tries to make a fresh start in high school by staying away from his past.

However, in the spring of his second year of high school. Emi Sonoda arrives as a transfer student.

At the end of complacency, justice and righteousness are incompatible.

Past and present. This is a story that questions the right way to be a human being.

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一人と独りの静電気 〜俺を裏切った子が、高校でトップカーストに君臨している〜
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New Hokum_33
November 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Fairly well written story, both the MC's family and school conflict have depth. However, throughout the story I expected to have a bittersweet feeling like good coffee but instead I felt like like I ate a bitter melon.

... more>>

Rushed and not ideal of an ending, MC chooses the wrong best girl (I felt that the kouhai's only selling point is that she'd care and go all the way and for him bc she likes/took an interest on him), his past bullies apologizing out of nowhere, their guilt is apparently big enough that they would do that much effort, idiot sister doubting the MC in the first place, annoying that she's going full oni-chan on him are just some of my rants

Ending was so rushed that we were unsure what happened to the girl in the title of the whole novel


Still worth to read in my opinion. It's not butterflies and sunshine but a more realistic approach of resolving conflicts and getting out of status quo. The MC and the plot would lead in a positive outcome but still, you'll likely get little satisfaction reading from it. <<less
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bakquak rated it
April 7, 2022
Status: c12
First off I would like to say that like all novels of this archetype/genre the story is fairly well written and follow the same storyline, albeit I still enjoy regardless.

As seen its best if you take the title and synopsis of the novel literally as that is what's the entire novel revolves around. Essentially a cinderella betraying her own white prince on a horse is the best way to describe it. So far, the story revolves around the MC, Emi, Fukuma, and Sachi (Mc's sister).

slight spoiler for the most triggering... more>> character

Emi has so far been doing nothing to redeem herself or make herself look like a decent human being. She has broken down multiple times when seeing the MC for some odd reason (Shouldn't it be the opposite). I assume it must be because of trauma. As of ch. 12 (the whole reason I wrote this review), in this extra chapter showing her pov, it would seem that she has princess syndrome. She acts dramatically most of the time, and when she gets in trouble she expects to be saved by a dashing man.


Emi really is the most scum character (so far?) in the novel.

Fukuma is an okay character, she is the typical, meddlesome, justice, and biased friend of the fMC. In the beginning she assumes things and starts blaming and investigating the MC. However,

Once she sees the eyes of the MC, she gets a flashback of a girl who killed herself in middle school and they had the exact same eyes. So she decides to help him


Then Sachi is the imouto of the MC, she first blamed the MC but she missed their old interactions when they were children and decided to

forget about everything and live with mc

. So far no major events with her yet.

Oh yeah his mother too, she used to be kind and loving however

after their father passed due to a car accident going to mc's soccer game she became cold and distant. After a while, she began blaming the MC for their father's death.


That's it so far, I've been enjoying my read and looking forward reading some more. As I am someone who's a sucker for these novels, I rate 5 stars. <<less
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Luxraypro100 rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: c61
Although the characters seemed a bit copy/paste, especially the MC. I was pleasantly surprised by how it progressed and strayed away from the status quo. Since it hasn't been updated since November of 2022 I decided there's no point in waiting to write a review. So Lets get into it.

... more>>

Shuya was completely cucked in one of the worst ways imaginable. Of course, this is where the copy paste comes in. Dude is gloomy, pessimistic and is the guy to bottle up his emotions. But that isn't to say there aren't a lot of other genres that have copies of each other. It works in Shuya's case because after you hear what he went though I'd also probably be the type who'd just give and and just go with the flow as well. While I understand his reasoning behind staying away from Maika, I think he should've gone with his gut feelings of her having good intentions to let her help him. I think she should've been a bit more persistent with trying to help him, but I guess at the end of the day it would've just caused more problems than solve them. I also didn't really like how he continued to self loath while none of it was really his fault. His mother's neglect wasn't his fault at all. It was her fault for not taking care of her child and not realizing that 'fake smiles' totally exist. He was literally putting on a smile for Sachi's sake and she completely ignored that possibility. Now Shuya is a bit more energetic and has become more open to those around him. Of course he's not forgiving many people yet. but he understands they want to help him get out of his shitty situation after they showed him where their loyalties lie and their true feelings. Now he's super confident and just doesn't give a flying F*ck about Emi or her boyfriend since he basically has a backpack full of metaphorical nuclear weapons ready to launch the moment they step out of line.

Honestly I was expecting Maika to become his love interest but I guess since she semi basically gave up on him after he told her to mind her own business basically said he wasn't going to develop any sort of feelings for her any time soon. The Love interest being his Junior makes a lot of sense to me since they spend a lot of time with each other and she constantly got mad of his sake and had his back even before she knew what really happened and the fact she only reinforced her loyalties to him afterward just makes you scream 'put a ring on this girl immediately'.

Now Emi... Now I get that she's still a victim in some way, but she mostly stopped being the victim after Shuya moved away. It completely makes sense that she'd be traumatized and mentally damaged after going through that and being forced to bully Shuya. But instead of solving this problem by exposing the bullies and properly apologizing on her hands and knees to Shuya. All she does is threaten them slightly and made a run for it. Then after that instead of moving on with her life like Shuya obviously wanted to do. She spread bullsh*t for no f*cking reason other than to secure her place as someone who can't be bullied. She plays the 'damsel in distress' you'd expect in princess stories. She even had the nerve to be distraught when she dramatically tripped in the hallway to get Shuya to help her but he didn't do shit. This girl is disgusting. Even her closest friends have basically given up on her. Itakura is basically the only one who's semi on her side. I can totally understand her point of view and the fact that she still cares for Emi despite knowing she has done something unforgiveable. I think she understands that what Emi needs is help aside from punishment. Emi needs mandatory therapy. In fact it was shocking that she wasn't already in therapy after what happened. As for Emi's future, she's probably going to remain as a mentally unstable mess if not she's going to completely snap. She knows she's already backed into the corner but still is playing the victim card while saying those around her are selfish. She's going to try something and force Shuya's hand to set off one of his many nukes which will obviously finish her. He doesn't want to do that though. He knows that Emi is a screwed up girl but wants her to fix it, get help just like Itakura wants, and move on with her life.

Itakura was kind of surprising to me. I mean it was obvious from the start that she was the one spreading bullsh*t about Shuya. But what I'm surprised about is how easily she switched gears. But Frankly I'm also disappointed because she should've known instantly who was her imposter. Who is she closest too to get her information? Who gains the most from putting Shuya's reputation into the dirt? Any guesses? of course it's Emi you freaking dolt. But I guess they realized that rather quickly after the meeting. As for Itakura's future, she'll probably spend most of her time trying to fix Emi unless after Emi snaps she may just give up on her.

Maika's future? We more or less went over her stuff throughout the review so I don't really feel the need to cover her, side from her sense of justice that everyone knows is pretty accurate. Which is kind of a head scratcher because then you'd think that people would start to question why she's suddenly on Shuya's side. I definitely would realize something's fishy and ask her myself, though she'd probably just tell me to mind my own business -.-As for her future. I'm guessing there's a slight chance she'd end up with that guy who has a crush on her, but I doubt it considering what he's done to Shuya. She'll probably stay in the friend circle with Shuya while reluctantly promoting the love between him and the JR.

Kana was also a surprise yet not a surprise. A lot of people have been approaching the MC out of guilt and curiosity I was surprised that she'd spend so much time gathering evidence and was bold enough to confront one of the original bullies and get him to confess basically. Dude is still a dickbag BTW. But if Shuya uses the recording he'll get what's coming to him I'm guessing. I'm not sure what she'll do after this, unless we go full harem status and she starts advancing on Shuya I'm guessing she'll probably just return to minding her own business.

As for Shuya's future. I'm guessing he may just follow in his father's footsteps while going out with the JR. Going through college and stuff like that. Of course he's done with just standing by while people belittle him so I'm guessing the second Emi provokes him he'll bury her under all the evidence he has and that'll be the end of it basically with him not really 'being bothered' by it as he always been doing.

I think the approach is rather semi realistic. I can understand people's wanting of drama, of the thing blowing up. For The villains to get their just deserts. But I think just trying to get them to just drop it and move on is probably the more realistic and ideal approach to it. There's no real point to cause a scene as they've already been through enough stress. And if they do have to do something, it's not like they HAVE to just reveal it to the whole school. Just send it to the school board and let them deal with it honestly. Again, there's no real reason to cause a scene or ruin their disastrous lives even further. It's too bothersome to keep this bullcrap up. P.S I think I think it was hilarious when he told the guy he wasn't going to touch him. Because his friends were going to decide his fate while he goes off to hang with the Fam. So he was right, from a certain point of view.

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rae2feaz rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: c53
usually I don't read something that might depressed me. but always reading easy to digest story become tedious. so here I am breaking the taboo. and to be honest this with it gloomy setting is written really really well! that I don't care about the threat of getting depressed. lol ! that I want to cheer for MC to live through the storm ! that I want to be selfish too and do flying wizard to that scum girl and the bully's and their school too !

edit: I read... more>> to the last raw chapter available...I'm curious about his incoming retaliation <<less
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vasiliytheworm rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: c28
In the begining this novel can look like just any other standard past trauma story. It's not bad, but nothing good either. But c27 give something that other novels can't - deeper conflict and main (anti?) heroine character. It's so refreshing when conflict in novel is not just some kind of misunderstanding and Emi is not just a girl who mistakenly accused a boy who saved here but something more.
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