The Girl Who Ate a Death God


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What happens when one eats Death?

Personally, I don’t really know. What I do know is merely one thing.

I’m hungry.

Therefore, I’ll take the heads of these guys and deliver them to my superiors.

Surely, I’ll be able to eat delicious food.

Come, if preparations are in order, we depart.

Associated Names
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Shinigami wo Tabeta Shoujo
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asdasdgfrw rated it
March 11, 2016
Status: --
This novel is way better than the title and synopsis would suggest.

The story is pretty refreshing, and the fact that this is completed with 34 (+2) chapters in original and got printed as LN means that it was well received in Japan as well. Looking forward for the ending.
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February 15, 2016
Status: --
just story a about gluttonous girl who on a rampage. That pretty much it. She defeat her opponents so easily. It light hearted webnovel.i think there no romance in this story because most of the time the poeple grossed by the way she eating.
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