The Girl of My First Love, Whom I Met Again After Seven Years. I’m Falling in Love With You for the Second Time


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“Hiroto-kun, take me as your wife when we grow up!”

“Yeah! All right! I’ll protect you, Haruka!”

Two people born and raised in a certain town in a certain region…

They lived next door to each other and were the same age, a boy and a girl.

They smiled at each other and said, “We’re going to be together forever…” Their parents also smiled at them.

Some time passed, and just one day after I entered the third grade of elementary school, such a routine came to an unexpected end.

“Haruka-chan….I’m moving far away from here…”


“I’m sorry…Haruka-chan…”

“Hiroto-kun, I don’t want you to go…no…don’t go…”

The last time Hiroto saw Haruka’s face, it wasn’t smiling, but crying…

Hiroto and Haruka then grew distant.

Seven years have passed, Hiroto and Haruka, who are now in their first year of high school in a faraway place, different from where they were born and raised, unknowingly meet again.

They meet again without realizing it, and the cogs of their stopped clocks start to turn once more.

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enkiros rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: c25
seems like it's been dropped by the tanslator but I read ahead a little bit and didn't really like what I saw. The MC is the typical prince in shining armor but, as in typical Japanese WN fashion, he's "insecure", he's the second coming of Jesus Christ but he's super dense. The FL too is the usual shy girl that's also literally perfect and beautiful but doesn't like guys –except for the protagonist, of course– and she's also dense, how curious.

Overall, the story seems like a super slow burn, just... more>> looking at the titles I believe they get together in around a 100 chapters more and as of chapter 25 there's still no signs of them even realizing that they were childhood friends even though they've spend plenty of time together so far. It didn't click with me, can't say it's bad but it's just another slice of life imo. <<less
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