The Girl Connected to My “Red Thread of Fate” Was My Natural Enemy (LN)


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「Red Thread of Fate Syndrome」

A strange disease that appeared decades ago has thrown the world into turmoil.

On April 22nd, in the year you turn 16 years old, a red thread will appear on the ring finger of your left hand.
It is unbreakable and can’t be burned. On the contrary, you can’t even feel it.

The red thread is always connected to the person of your dreams somewhere in the world of the same age as you.
No matter who you are connected to, you will definitely get married, and you are guaranteed to be happy together no matter what.

Together, the man and woman linked together bring each other good luck.
Hence why it was called the 「Red Thread of Fate」

Yes, even if it was your natural enemy…

Associated Names
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Ore no "Unmei no Akai Ito" ni Tsunagatteta no wa, Tenteki no you na Jyoshi datta Ken
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