The Girl and The War


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The girl was a rare hero.

The girl was a great militarist, politician, scholar, chef, musician, architect, merchant, and inventor.

The girl was humble, arrogant, cunning, realistically pursuing her ideal.

This is a story about a young girl who reluctantly got involved with a war in another world.

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Shoujo to Sensou
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1 Review

Nov 01, 2018
Status: c11
Before reading my review, I want to apologize in advance since this is my first review. And I am rating this 5 since ONE person rated it a 3. I think it deserves a 4.

This story is the typical transmigrate into a game, but it seems to have potential. The MC isn't overpowered at the start nor can her (his?) knowledge really help him change the game's "history". Right now, there aren't enough chapters to definitely say whether or not this series is good, but right now, it has a... more>> lot of potential (in my opinion, that is. Keep in mind, this is my first review). I would give this series a chance, and there is no definitive rating. Warning, the chapters are rather short. <<less
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