The Ghost Mistress Of The Duchy


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In the midst of a harmonious and blissful newlywed life with her beloved child and dependable husband, she was surrounded by happiness, every moment a precious gift, even if it meant trading her own life.

Or so she thought. But then, she died.



‘I didn’t mean I actually wanted to die!’

She was sure she had only fallen asleep and woken up, but when she came to her senses, she found herself a translucent body floating in mid-air.

How perplexing.

“Hey, can’t you see me? You too, over there? …Butler? Head maid?”

To her utter confusion, not only had four years passed since her death, but she had also become a ghost.

“…Oh my?”


“Oh, oh my, it’s true? … it’s true?”

Apparently, her ghostly form was only visible to her four-year-old son. Left with no choice, she initially pretended to be a guardian angel sent by his mother to watch over her son. However, upon observing the clear signs of neglect he had endured while being confined to the attic of the mansion, her heart sank.

As if that wasn’t enough,

“My baby, how long have you been living here?”

-I’m not a baby…

“…Right. So, what’s your name?”

“… Young Master?”

…He didn’t even have a name at the age of four.

Had my f*cking husband lost his mind? When had he ever shown any genuine gratitude for me giving birth to our child?

She vowed to give her husband, who was currently away on business, a piece of her mind when he returned. She would avenge the suffering her son had endured.

With that thought in mind, she gritted her teeth. But then she noticed…

‘…What on earth is that?’

His once handsome face was now gaunt and haggard, with dark circles etched beneath his sharp, piercing eyes.

She was shocked by the stark difference from the last time she had seen him.

-I can’t quite remember how your voice sounded anymore…

Consumed by grief over the loss of his wife, he had lost his sanity.

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공작가의 유령 마님
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