The General


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Just a brief love story between two young bodyguards-turned-General.

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05/29/23 Lyxia Translations c7
05/29/23 Lyxia Translations c6
05/07/23 Lyxia Translations c5
05/07/23 Lyxia Translations c4 part2
05/07/23 Lyxia Translations c4 part1
05/05/23 Lyxia Translations c3 part2
05/05/23 Lyxia Translations c3 part1
04/30/23 Lyxia Translations c2 part3
04/30/23 Lyxia Translations c2 part2
04/30/23 Lyxia Translations c2 part1
04/30/23 Lyxia Translations c1 part2
04/30/23 Lyxia Translations c1 part1
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some lemonade
some lemonade rated it
May 2, 2023
Status: Completed
Not bad. But the main characters look so much into other people's lives that they forgot to take care of theirs. It's like the focus is on the story of the secondary characters.

The MC watches the circus burn, and ML gets angry at an illusion he created.

The coolest character is the seventh prince because he really learns with the time.

... more>>

And suddenly the conclusion was that the ML actually liked the MC and that the MC had known about it for a long time... Very random, probably because their interactions aren't shown, so it seems superficial.

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