The General Is Too Evil


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A member of the Tang sect accidentally took the travel documents belonging to his senior brother. This senior brother was currently a wanted man.

The result was that he got arrested.

There, he got to know a particularly evil general.

From then on, his unlucky life became a cycle. He would escape from jail, be caught, escape from jail, be caught, escape, be caught…

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CarinaNovel Updates
CarinaNovel Updates rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: c6
First of, the translation quality is:

5 stars out of 5!

Now to my review of the story:

... more>> I hate it, I hate it, I seriously hate this story. I liked the synopsis and thought this story would be lighthearted, funny and a little smutty. But what I got is a pe*verted bastard and a helpless (assassin) MC who is forced to accept ML's harassment (because he can't resist). He even develops Stockholm syndrome...

I'm a sensitive person who easily immerses herself into characters and when I immersed myself into MC who is an innocent person who was

  1. unjustly locked up,
  2. couldn't even defend himself because no one listened to him,
then unintentionally roused the interest of the disgusting, 'righteous', shameless, pe*verted ML while trying to plead innocence

(who I know will later use the reason/excuse of being childhood friends to soften MC's heart. Who by the way doesn't remember the dog general)


3. had more unreasonable charges put on his head by ML,

was then moved to his residence to be held captive there and he

4. then had to endure s*xual harassment (saying it is punishment for trying to escape is just an excuse to make it sound righteous)...

I cried.

I just. *sigh* Really can't stand this novel. The novel attempted to be funny, but failed in my opinion. Maybe I'm just too sensitive for this novel *shrugs* <<less
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SariSamara rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: Completed
This is just my opinion.

I think that this entire short novel was just making fun of Yaoi stereotypes. For instance the ML in this novel is the biggest pe*verted ML I've ever read. I feel like they took the stereotypical ML and f*cking exaggerated his pe*verted-ness/shamelessness to such a comedic effect I was just dying in laughter. Also the MC was completely uninterested which if you remember sounds like a lot of shous at the beginning of the novel. They resist the ML's advances until they learn his backstory and... more>> then feel connected towards them (another cliché). In this case instead of like 100 to 200 chapters detailing this, the novel is only 8 chapters which is kind of showing to the readers how stories similar to this don't need to be long and can be summed up in only 8 chapters.

As for the backstory:


The ML was about to do the MC but the thing is around that moment MC sees the ML's coin necklace (medallion? I don't remember) realizes ML is MC's childhood friend who he promised to marry. All of a sudden MC reminisces about his childhood and initiates a kiss (Basically a lot more accepting than he was before just because he knew him before. It's like someone pressed a forward button on movie because the MC quickly reminisces about the past. The MC starts spouting off random childhood memories while the ML is taking his clothes off.). I could never think about "Doggy Li" without giggling I'm pretty sure the author did that on purpose.


BTW THERE ARE NONCONSENSUAL s*xual CONTACT/RAPE!! MC is imprisoned so even if the MC says yes it's done under pressure.

I read that someone wrote that a forced handjob is r*pe but I never heard of that. In my country it's only any type of penetration by objects or body part. But I guess it's different in other countries. The more you know. <<less
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btsdynamiteAUG21 rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: Completed
A short smut story.

A pe*vert gong and an innocent bullied shou.

So cute and sweet. The plot is simple and on point no need for useless drama.

Recommended if you want to past time with a few chapters of bl smut :)
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Oxbaris rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: c8
Even for a short story it's nothing special ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

I liked the MC trying to escape and the ML waiting for that opportunity to 'punish' him... but, yeah there is not really anything going on.

Even them being childhood friend feels cheap.


If you want to waste some time it's not the worst story out there, but you can probably do much better.
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orztodaempress rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Simply cute and sweet. But also smutty and funny. I'm not kidding when I say this book is seriously funny. It's been a long time since I laughed while reading a book and I certainly didn't expect a BL smut would do the trick lmao.

And to the people who gave this book a bad review: I've read each and every one of your claims, none of them hold water. I only wish that there was a comment feature so I could disprove your silly accusations one by one. But alas, I realize that including an essay critiquing your reviews in mine would be as unhelpful as the whole of all of yours. 凸 ( ̄ヘ ̄)

And of course, thank you so much to the translators. Thanks to Vivi and the Dummy... more>> Novels team. Y'all always do an amazing job. ღゝ◡╹) ノ♡ <<less
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FrostyDragon rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I was laughing out loud throughout the whole story. The ML is such a pe*vert, and the way he keeps finding weird excuses to "punish" the MC had me rolling.

This is a very silly story, which is this writer's specialty. It's so hard to find genuinely funny stories, but Lu Tianyi never disappoints. This one might be my favorite simply because the comedy is so absurd. Though if you're someone who takes stories to seriously and can't deal with comedic dubcon and explicit smut, don't read it.

I removed the "rape"-tag,... more>> because while the ML does harass the MC a lot (don't read if you can't tolerate this), when they're actually doing it, it's entirely consensual (even if the ML does have a bit of a weird fetish).

Read if it you want a naughty story with a lot of laughs and some cuteness towards the end. <<less
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katiethairu33 rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Well, not that I support power imbalance and abuse of power, the MC here was not exactly seriously resisting. He even had the leisure to make note of how attractive the ML was and how nice his voice was. I'm sure if MC was seriously resisting, the ML would have stopped pranking him. ML was teasing him about the whole imprisonment thing. Was he really convicted for 80 years? I mean, even the guards had exaggerated acting so that even the slow MC could feel how 'not serious' his imprisonment... more>> was. In case of s*xual harassment, is it really? They were childhood sweethearts. In ML's mind, MC is already his. They weren't doing anything wrong. But most of all, the source of ML's anger and pettiness was because MC couldn't remember him. So he was basically bullying the heck out of him out of spite. And MC felt safe enough to act coquettish towards him. Seriously, would anyone normal say, 'You're bullying me' in a soft voice towards someone who was sexually harassing them? There is a point where someone is willing to be bullied and powerless to be bullied. And MC wasn't totally powerless. He could've gone on a hunger strike, hurt ML, tried to commit su*cide. There are a thousand other ways instead of indulging the ML's pe*vertedness. MC didn't do any of that. He was even blushing and red-faced after their intimate acts. Is that the reaction of someone who was forced? If they were unwilling, they would feel disgust at least, no? Crying, despair, self-loathing. None of that was present, which shows MC didn't feel he was a victim. So I didn't feel that their story was too out of bounds. Sure, it's not a prime example of a healthy relationship. But ML and MC love each other. There's no abuse and Stockholm Syndrome and such. Those are serious conditions and shouldn't be applied towards this relationship. Repeat: MC is not a victim. He made his own decisions be it indulging ML's pe*vertedness despite feeling that he was filthy or loving ML despite his imperfections. I mean, if he didn't want his wife to press him down, he was free to break their marriage agreement. <<less
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coconutmuncher rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Translators did a good job, but no amount of literary prose can save this novel.

I somewhat feel bad for the hapless MC, it’s like watching the stray cat you took care of get mangled by wolves.

ML basically s*xually harassed and tormented MC, which isn’t salvageable even with the sudden revelation that they were childhood friends. And misusing the power imbalance to keep MC helplessly in his grasp for longer? REALLY?

There’s a difference between being comically pe*verted and just straight up abusing your power for inappropriate means...
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ysaclr rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: Completed
5 🌟 to raise reviews! (Though I really did love this.)

It's hilarious. That's it. ML's shamelessness is a whole other level. There's literally no plot. Just read for the laughs and snu snu (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Good for breaks from angsty novels.

I can infer that this novel was written just for fun. It's just a light read.
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LouMaknae_KPOP rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: Completed
(I'm French so sorry for my shitty English) 😅😭

I really loved this novel! 😍

I don't have much to say because I don't want to spoil it (and because I'm lazy too) but I really recommend it. It's funny, it's cute (sort of?), There's s*x (including a whole chapter, but you may not read and still understand the story), it's cheeky. It's just awesome! 🥰

And I recommend it 100%! 😘
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izayaYY rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Short, smutty and funny. Obviously written just for fun. Very similar to yaoi smuts out there. It's a light read so there is no need to analyze it so seriously. I did enjoy it, especially the general's pe*verted kinks.
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August 28, 2020
Status: Completed
It sure took me to read ahead and jumped from this chapter to that chapter for me to warm up to this novel.

P.S. You should at least hang on till ch 7.1 to get a clearer grasp of the story.... more>>

Cuz while mol*sting MC was unnacceptable, there's explanation for ml's (still unreasonable) behavior. Namely, MC hadn't recognized ML even though they're childhood friends (MC even promised to marry ML if the latter don't find a wife). Needless to say MC did mellow out after finding out ml's identity.


P.P.S the title should be changed to 'The General is Too Pe*verted' lol <<less
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lourdes rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: Completed
The general is the most shameless ML I ever encounter so far... ???

On my pe*verted list atleast he belong to top 3.?

Also this funny and crazy story is on my top 3 in comedy. ❤️

Smut, top 3 again. ???

In short for me this is awesome! I love it very much.

A very satisfying short story. ?❤️??
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June 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Freaking hilarious this one! Only for people with a certain type of humor. For me twas light, funny and so tongue in cheek.
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Changingchangie rated it
August 31, 2020
Status: c8
A pe*vert gong?

A bullied shou?

A smutty plot?

Yep. Actually it only has one nsfw chapter and the other chapters are just about groping and kissing. If you're looking for a fast read short story and you want some ?? You can read this short novel.

If you read this it's better to just read it without thinking or expecting something out of it. It has comedy and some surprise plot in it.

In the end it has a fluffy story in it as well as comedy and smut.
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ChimiyaX0X rated it
August 19, 2020
Status: c4
lovely and cute and very very funny, looking forward to reading the following chapters (^∀^●)ノシ
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Qiaoyishanren rated it
June 25, 2023
Status: Completed
BRUH!!!! 🤣 This novel is the perfect example of the saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, or rather, don’t judge the story of the novel base on other people’s opinion or comments unless that’s your opinion too after reading the novel.

Tbh I really enjoyed reading this novel, ever since I started reading it I kept cracking up 🤣, I know some people are uncomfortable with the Prison Play and how Pe*verted the ML is, but once you finish reading the novel, you'll find that it's understandable why the ML is acting like that. Well, it’s true that its unjustified to lock up someone base on wrong accusations but the MC was a Assassin, the document might not his but as a Assassin who knows how many people he killed before he was caught? His work as assasin is actually more than enough reason for a government official to lock him up.


If you think about it he’s lucky that the pe*verted General is actually his childhood sweetheart, his first love. Cause if it’s another shitty smut Yaoi novel again, the MC will probably experience a lot worse than all those teasings that he experienced in the cell.


Anyways, thank you for translating this novel for us to be able to read it. Thank you guys 🤣 looking forward to read more good novel today!
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anotherworld20 rated it
April 2, 2023
Status: Completed
I'll be honest here, maybe my sense of humor is different. I just smiled a little and felt more uncomfortable.

At first I wasn't comfortable with the abuse Tang Li was subjected to.

Until I came back and read the review and accidentally read the spoiler if it turns out they are childhood friends. This encourage me to keep reading. But..... still uncomfortable

The smut makes me uncomfortable, I don't feel this is a love story, more like romanticized torture.
I know Li XinWu is a good man and loves Tang Li. In... more>> the end, he is also so sweet. But 80% in this story make me uncomfortable. Is it possible that I haven't read Smut stories like this in a long time? or maybe I'm getting old and used to reading family novels that don't have smut? or is it just this story that doesn't suit my taste? (Back to 2020 I enjoyed 2HA and hua hua you long)

But really for me this novel is not that funny... I just smiled about Tang Li pants... that's all... <<less
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kaytiti rated it
November 27, 2021
Status: Completed
This could have few extra chapters? I enjoyed reading this short story meant to be comedic ridiculous undertone since the start but uncovered later a childhood promised love. Recommended smut.
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MidnightFoxFire rated it
October 29, 2021
Status: c8
Its only 8 chapters, so its pretty short. There Isn't too much plot development but that doesn't mean It's not a good story. There isnt much politics, court drama.. Other then the pe*verted general harassing a poor prisoner in hilarious ways. If you got some spare time, go ahead and read this story. Its quite amusing.
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