The Gathering of Women in a Cheap House


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Volume 1 – Tooru was no good with women until he took an opportunity to have s*x with his younger sister. The story covers his journey of satisfying his desires with various women

Volume 2 – Is the story of Tooru’s son Takeshi journey of uncovering the secret of his birth and the various women he comes in contact with.

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Kakuyasu Juutaku ni Tsudou Onna-tachi
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07/26/20 diwasteman c6
06/15/20 diwasteman c5
11/06/18 diwasteman c4
03/14/18 diwasteman c3
02/07/18 diwasteman c2
03/28/17 diwasteman v1c1
03/18/17 diwasteman v1 prologue
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