The Gate Of Good Fortune


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This was a fragmented and disorganized world, this was a place that had been forgotten.

That day, was the most frustrating time for Ning Cheng, when on that day, he was abruptly brought here.

Because this world had Ning Cheng, who would imprint his name in the vast heavens, it would finally shine in the endless universe!

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Tạo Hóa Chi Môn
Zaohua zhi men
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TypeFantasyHeart rated it
April 14, 2016
Status: --
I have to agree that this novel should be called the gate of misfortune. The MC gets f*cked every time by another person. So far up to c100
... more>>

MC has meet 5 girls and each and every one got separated and then the girls get owned like this:

girl 1 was a fkng idiot that believed the MC to be a bad guy and broke up the relationship with him leading to his death (first chapter).

girl 2 was forcefuly separated from MC and then sold as an s*ave.

girl 3 was forcully separated from MC to attend a sect academy no info about her situation.

girl 4 was NTR and has s*x with another dude that meet MC and were forcefully separated, cant save her.

girl 5 a prostitute that was later bought as an s*ave to save her by MC and was forcefully separated again.

And this is only counting the girls situation and not the fu***ked up things that happens to MC. Basically each city, village, country that the MC, someone is coming to kill him and he can only escape.

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shuiko rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: --
One of the most annoying, and s*upid stories I've ever read for raws.

In terms of writing and back ground it's good. But the second you get to the story and the characters, it makes you wanna A) Punch the MC in the face for being a pussy, and s*upid B) Punch the author for making random ass tragic moments that come out of no where, only because the author can't seem to transition from one arc to the next without the MC either failing, running away, or getting scammed.
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Polokrik rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: c126
Ok so I tried, I tried really hard to continue this Novel but it's like the author is trying his best to make it f**ked up.

Hoping to find hope in spoilers I was rapidly disappointed as I discovered that It only gets worse whether it is the sense of the series, the ending or the romance.

I can't decently recommend it especially because I don't like series where the MC gets it hard for no reason and everything ply against him permanently just for the sake of making him suffer. I just don't get it. If you want to see someone struggling just look around, there is just enough suffering in this world already.
It may be harsh but this series really makes me feel bad.
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NoobaLoob rated it
December 26, 2017
Status: c335
This novel is criminally underrated. The real reason this novel is rated so poorly is because a large percentage of reviewers want instant satisfaction.

This MC does not have a cheat. This MC did not go to another world and suddenly forget right from wrong. This MC does not have a clan/family to support him. This MC knew nothing about cultivation (didn’t even read novels) and was dropped into a perilous situation where he could only rely on himself.

When it comes to the MC getting screwed over, all I have... more>> to say is that Ning Cheng constantly succeeds despite the odds. By chapter 335 he has more secrets on his body then even ancient ancestor level characters. These abilities/items were not obtained through lazy writing. Ning Cheng only has 2 things going for him; a photographic memory and a mysterious yellow bead that allows him to cultivate.

Neither of the MCs abilities would have ensured success. This MC has had to actually work to become strong.. And it is much more satisfying to read then these critical reviewers claim it is.

Read the novel, don’t expect Ning Cheng to be Chu Feng/etc. The MC obviously kills people but he isn’t a madman who will murder an entire family because of an evil son/daughter <<less
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EzDragOn rated it
June 12, 2016
Status: c134
As long as you can get past the author's hard on for f**king over the MC, the story is both addictive and enjoyable. The MC is cautious to a fault from a reader's perspective. And also smart. The power progression is well done and not reliant on gimmicks like Against the Gods and Tales of Demons and Gods. The story maintained my interest throughout all the chapters I have read; it is far more consistent in quality compared many other cultivation style stories.
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Boon rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: c257
Extremely underrated. I don't understand how this can have such a low rating compared to a lot of the popular generic xianxia/xuanhuan.

A very moral MC who gets transported to another world, who tries to get stronger so that he can go back. Yes, bad things happen to the MC, but he does not become some savage psychopath because of it unlike most xianxia novels. He is simply an honest and upright guy from humble origins who works hard. He has the general OP item that helps him advance, like every... more>> other novel. What he does not have is a tremendous amount of luck and plot armor, which apparently causes poor reviews... The MC gets screwed over quite a bit in the early parts of the novel, but it is not a tragedy as it does not affect the MC's character in a negative way, and he keeps on moving forward. That isn't to say he doesn't get his revenge, but that he is not a vicious sociopath like most MCs.

There are times where you need to skim a bit, but it is still far less than the vast majority of 4.0+ rated xianxia/xuanhuan.

A solid 4/4. This is far and above average xianxia like TMW, ATG etc etc. <<less
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OTMAN rated it
November 13, 2016
Status: c208
It is very good for what is.

Has all the fun tropes so far. We got mystical overpowered thing that lets the MC cultivate way faster then everyone else, an MC who can learn secondary professions like forging/pill making at ungodly speeds, dire need of insane amounts of currency that just keeps getting ridiculously higher, the most beautiful women ever seen which are progressively outclassed by a new one every 20 chapters, being constantly underestimated even though time and time again has proven that the MC is super strong, bullsh*t... more>> sexual related misunderstandings that almost lead to the MCs death, arrogant geniuses being crushed over and over, and an MC who seems to be the only person in the world offended by injustice.

While the novel brings nothing particularly new, it does the old stuff really well. If you like these types of stories then I'm sure you will enjoy it, just don't come into it expecting anything hot and fresh.

Solid 3.5/5. Would be a 4 but the MC just seems to jump around from place to place only managing to find the next plot hook by pure "Good Fortune". <<less
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Premonition rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: c231
Honestly wanted to like this story, the characters are well built and are interesting. But the progression of the story is hard to relate to, it's painful to keep continuing knowing that something shitty is going to happen next and the cause is really bullshit. Arcs end at timings that feel random and the way it shifts from arc to arc is even worse.

I also still think that the title is incorrect but that is my personal opinion.
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SleepyFox rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c480
I feel like most of the people rating this novel so low have just gotten used to all the other shitty Chinese novels and are now complaining when this novel doesn't include all the bad things they know and love/hate.

This novel is a solid 4 stars. I'm sad to see how underrated it is. Below is my answers to peoples' complaints. (None of it is really spoilers, just a bit long.)


... more>>

Do you go to a horror story and complain that it's scary? There's a tragedy tag, what on earth were you expecting? Lots of people saying the title is wrong because of the amount of tragedy, but isn't a common theme in CNs that good fortune is followed by tragedy (or the other way around).

Some people are also saying the tragedy comes out of nowhere. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. But it would be weird if the MC was always warned beforehand, right? It's a cultivation world, every cultivator is out for themselves so it isn't odd that they would cause trouble for the MC. What would be odd is if the MC consistently caused trouble for himself, but it's not like any half-decent author would actually write that lol (looking at you, basically all CNs -.-)




People complaining about female leads and other women disappearing/being forgotten. That's fair, I guess this could be done better, but I'd hate it to be the opposite. They're are a lot of novels where the female lead stays by the MC's side and becomes some weak willed follower, or they could be more powerful than the MC and become his guardian. It's good that they disappear, they can do their own thing. Don't forget, they're going to live for, potentially, millions of years, a couple of years spent apart is fine.

Also, they're cultivators just like the MC. None of you would complain if the MC suddenly decided he had something to do and left to do it (which is what his wives have done) but you would complain if they didn't follow him. Because they're the wives, they have to follow? They can't have their own story? Bleh. Consider it an actual world, not some causal writing to enjoy.

Lastly, not every woman he meets is a female lead. So far there are two. I don't know if there will be more, MC isn't the collecting type - if it weren't for a certain event, he would never have married the second girl. He also felt like he was being unfair to his first wife.


Pacing and Arcs:


I think the pacing is fine. there are some times when events fly by a bit too quick and I get a little lost but it's good for the most part. Arc transitions... yeah, they don't really have a beginning and end to each arc like you might see in other novels but tbh, that makes sense? I mean, must every arc have a point of resolution? The MC is busy, you know? He ain't got no time for none of your resolution bs!

I don't really have much of an answer for this one. If you like novels to have an obvious beginning and end to each arc then that's on you. I find they slow the pacing down quite a lot, normally I would speed read these parts - they get too slice of lifey a lot of the time.



Stop rating good novels shit, and sh*t novels good! How the hell is WDQK rated higher than this? It really bothers me ; (It infuriates me how people just rate based on enjoyment - don't rate because you don't like the genre, rate based on the quality of the novel in that genre; or don't rate at all.

Rating a tragedy novel badly because it has tragedy is the dumbest sh*t ever. To people like that, I say: your existence is the real tragedy. <<less
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DavidKim rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c265
First time writing a review because this novel deserves better. Decent story with less annoying tropes commonly found in stories like MGA, PMG etc. I disagree with Trejon on two points. 1) There's no more misfortune in it as compared to other xianxia. (typical rags to riches story). In every xianxia theres always someone after the MC... or there's no point of cultivating lul. 2) The girls he mentions aren't even love interests so I don't understand whats the problem, they're just people he meets.
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TerraEarth rated it
May 11, 2016
Status: --
I've read most of what's been translated and it's been a good read. I think the novel could have been even better if the cultivation system was a bit more fleshed out. The 10x9 system seems a bit lazy and 'un-mystical.' Also, I feel that the author is a little too hard on MC-kun, especially when it comes to women, to the point where I'm starting to believe that the author had many, many terrible experiences with women.

Overall, it's a story about a modern man trying to fight his way... more>> out of a grim, despairing situation. If all you want is a sappy action-blockbuster where MC blows up sects and takes every pretty girl as his waifu, all of whom are heaven-defyingly beautiful and righteous and think of nothing else but the protagonist 24/7, then you probably won't enjoy this novel.

I personally enjoy the gritty atmosphere that the story brings. The MC is a real scrapper, despite him being a very 'normal' protagonist, you can really feel the courage and potential he has inside of him. I can appreciate that in a novel. <<less
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Evil Kirito
Evil Kirito rated it
January 31, 2019
Status: c469

Quoting noobaloob.

I simply can't understand how this novel gets a score under 3! And also how a s*upid review based on 100 chapters (and moreover horribly biased) gets the highest number of views/likes.

This novel has nothing bad enough to rate it 3*. Pace is good, THE MC DOESN'T LOSE EVEN A SINGLE FRIEND/LOVER. It's pretty obvious that you can't have a li quye everywhere! This one starts small but has fulfilling revenges. Yes he does have to escape quite a few times but it's more like a strategic retreat... more>> rather than defeat.

There one also isn't one of those novels with a horribly indecisive MC, this one does what he needs to. There is romance (kinda..) from Ch 250 onwards. 450 ends the current world arc.

Definitely worth a read in my opinion. Unless you like instant satisfaction (reading less than 100 chapters of a 1500 chapter novel. And expecting a horribly op MC for no reason.)

Edit: read till ch 506. The new arc is much better. Can be considered somewhat similar to the realms of ATG. Definitely recommend to try reading this novel.. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya
March 3, 2018
Status: Completed
I have read a lot of worse novel before and ones that even irritate me so much that I wanted to smash my laptop. Some were badly written by underage kids that don't know how to properly set a setting or some that clearly is suffering from chuunibyou. This one is not like them. But is way worse! Clearly the author just got tired of it and ended it in the worse crazy and idiotic way possible. It has such good potential in the beginning. Nice setting and good backstory.... more>> Even the drama is nice. Then the author just decided to smash everything apart and throw everything into the tr*sh can. The ending was the worse open ending ever and the way how he just forget about characters after giving them a backstory just irritate you. A author that know how to set a setting but clearly doesn't know how to continue it and make it interesting. MC jump from one unsolved incident to the next. And let not start about the villains. Author spend massive chapters to gather hatred toward them and in the end somehow the MC always has to work together with them to solve something and somehow the grudge just disappear. After slaughtering massive amount of innocent and hunting down MC, in the end just because MC can't beat them and they also can't beat MC it turn into cease fire. There is a lot of peace talk among MC and enemies which make zero sense. His personality really irritating. Don't know how to describe it but he just annoy you after seeing some of his actions.

Edit: I have finish the novel so I will give some advice for those who said the novel was good and doesn't know why the bad rating. Because at the second half of the novel it goes downhill pretty fast and even you would want to strangle the author too with his s*upid plots and dramatic drama. Is like he just decide to abandon the story and have no motivation to fill up the plotholes and just purely write for the cash. Literally any character the MC met was basically meaningless and the most hated characters actually stuck with him toward the end of the story. Author doesn't know what he the hell he is writing. <<less
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Ginko rated it
April 1, 2018
Status: c395
Read all in one go or don't at all.

There are two substantial things that make this novel drop a star each.

- The MC is without a doubt a genius transferred to another world. BUT HE MAKES HORRENDOUSLY s*upid choices the further you read. He never bows his head, which ends up with him killing young masters, becoming wanted, and always on the run. Why? Because his pride is as high as the heavens... but he's a genius right? Rather then smile and get revenge later, he'll just kill if he... more>> can win and deal with consequences later. Real smart...

- HOW does their society even function if it's legal to walk up and kill / r*pe someone just because you are stronger? Almost EVERYONE in this world robs, steals, and kills if they are stronger. I can't even explain the quantity to which this happens every other chapter. A small example - the MC literally walks into a normal city, and two rich young masters try to make him a s*ave... just because... Of course, he kills one of them shortly after and goes on the run. How can you have cities of 500, 000+ if this allowed everywhere?? And I mean everywhere...

Another downer is that sometimes an entire chapter will be devoted to breaking through the next cultivation barrier alone. Mildly entertaining novel with vivid world building, creatures, and characters. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
pomoli rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: c374
This was way better than some comments made me think it was. I recommend it, it's a really good story. Pros

    • Good natured MC, retaining his Earth morality and not becoming a psycho.
    • He actually has a goal, and do everything to attain it, way better than nonsensical power ups for nothing.
    • Many characters are kept all along the story, instead of being thrown out after a chapter or so.
    • Long fulfilling chapters.
    • The romance is cute.
    • The harem is not badly done, as all the girls have their own goals and things to pursue in life. It's not overbearing, and that's a good thing.
    • Latter parts actually surprised me.
    • Friends exist, not everyone is a crazy sociopath.

    • Dude has too much coincidences going on.
    • Some classic style dumb characters unable to contain their evilness.
    • Sometime some concept are badly explained.
    • Would have been better with some more chapters not about the MC.
    • Ridiculous laser like ability from antagonists to know exactly that it was MC who has done something, even in the absence of any witness.
    • The overuse of vague duration expressions is annoying.
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Vincent1873 rated it
April 17, 2016
Status: c200
Very entertaining story. It’s somewhat repetitive but it’s not done in a terrible way. The story is internally consistent but that internal consistency doesn’t often make sense to me. For example I’m not sure why lower ranking schools are so eager to send away talented students to better schools. Anyway the story is a good waste of time without anything terrible happening to ruin it. So basically one of my favorite stories on the site.

I don't have any problems with the MC being unreasonably unlucky because he's also unreasonably lucky... more>> at the same time. Might as well have it both ways. Besides if you have bad luck, flee into a cave, and find treasure then can that even be called bad luck? That's basically just the same kind of thing most MCs go through.

I'm not aware of any girl being take from the MC and sold as a s*ave. The NTR girl is a girl who had s*x before even meeting the MC and was just his friend. My advice would be to not consider random side characters as romantic interest if you want to enjoy the story. <<less
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Eccentric lezmier
Eccentric lezmier rated it
February 21, 2016
Status: --
The Author should go write romance novels, I feel he had an edge for it (purely based on opening chapters – ch33) other than that, he cannot make a solid connecting plot and his fight scenes are really bad.

I mean the novels has good elements but they don’t connect and the arcs just don’t have that beginning and closing an arc should have since nothing is being resolved most of the time. There is also no bigger plot to look forward to at all, it’s really just bland. The one... more>> thing the author did really bad was putting a thick explanation paragraph between conversations and pretty much anything else. It's lacking other novels but it's just too much here.


Also for those who need clarification, the MC doesn't comprehend stuff, he has this bead that comprehends and improves stuff for him and that's just the tip of the iceberg of it's abilities. It pretty much allows him to learn anything, one time, after he had only seen a guy dodge his attack with a skill once, the bead fed the info to him when he was in trouble and just like that he could also do it. The most ridiculous plot armor it had was when the author put in this ghost character who only served the purpose of giving the MC the best info jade scrolls of almost all the fields the MC is to be part of, truly laughable.


***2/5 is the best I can give this*** <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mousa4 rated it
October 20, 2015
Status: --
There are a lot of things in this novel that are similar to other novels of the same genre. But one thing that has been unique so far (15 chapters) are the characters. Our main character even though he is the generic op MC, what makes him unique is who the person that the mc’s soul had been transfered to, use to be (the original owner of the body his character and personality). The other major character is the MC is fiancee she has a unique character which makes her... more>> different from the other females in other novels that I have read. So far she is my favourite character in the novel.

In conclusion, even though this novel only has 15 chapters translated so far, I still recommend to start reading it. ps. I like to mention in this in all the reviews I write, I am writing this review when the translation is at c15. So if anything major happens in the later volumes that drastically changes the novel (could be bad or good), I will update this review. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AMereHill rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: c932
These negative reviews are so bad, all of them.

If there is one gripe with the story, it's that for the first 100~ chapters or so the translation is a little broken. Once that gets fixed (and it does, more than half of the novel is translated very well), this is one of the best xianxias out there, period.

You guys are clueless about his luck. He's not "super unlucky".
In terms of romance, yeah, he doesn't try to date literally every woman who is described as beautiful.

The tragedies are more nuanced... more>> and meaningful than a lot of other novels. The scope/scale of the setting is really cool.

The women don't always "just disappear". They are cultivators, a lot of them have their own lives and their own goals pursuing cultivation. I know a lot you think that they should just sit around wholly independent on the MC to grow their cultivations, but personally, it's nice seeing the women being independent and growing in power on their own.

I've read plenty of novels, and this one is top tier. If the translator goes back and re-polishes the early parts of the novel in terms of translation, this is a top 5 novel. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
vkg313 rated it
May 30, 2019
Status: c395
I agree with GingerMessiah. He has a good review contradicting all of the negative points of a previous poster with many likes.

Although a lot of bad things happen to the MC, a lot of good things happen too. And it is his fortune to survive it all and get stronger. Most people would have died.

Harem elements in this story are lower, and I like that the MC can actually be friends with multiple female characters without either side feeling the need to get into the other's pants. It's refreshing. If... more>> you want to read about a regular harem, there are like a 100 stories out there. You don't have to read this one.

I also like how the cultivation struggle seems more realistic. The MC can be attacked by people multiple realms above himself, versus a cookie cutter one where they are just a few levels above and the MC can overcome them with his talent or flees and comes back later stronger to kill them. And you won't really see people who are a realm above, but "disdain from taking action because its beneath themselves" or "disdain from taking the treasures of weaker people". Stronger bully the weak period even across realms.


What I don't like is the blatant waste of cultivation resources being used from his personal stash for the war. You know you require a ridiculous amount of resources, yet you still waste 1000 high spirit stones per shot, telling people that they shouldn't stop shooting and use all the stones they can. It's like a bad joke when the MC has resources to cultivate for a long time and then wastes them on a fight that doesn't affect them much once your loved ones are not in danger...

He also wastes cultivation resources on other people even when they have no way of ever paying him back. Generosity only goes so far, especially when you're weak. He also reveals all his greed inducing treasures a lot, which makes him enemies with everyone. Only a moron does that, and his yellow bead of good fortune can only do so much against poor decisions. He is unable to be respectful to stay safer like a normal person.

Even worse, when he does have a decent amount of resources, he "conveniently" does not cultivate and get stronger faster because he just wants to explore or something. Plot device to keep the MC weak happens over and over again.

Also, giving a fake name where all you did was switch your first and fast name is s*upid. The fact that this is a common thing in chinese novels is really sad. It feels like all MCs are universally s*upid.

I also find it s*upid when a MC intentionally leaves behind tracks for this enemies just so he can taunt them. I find that to be really s*upid. He takes a high number of c*cky moves that backfire greatly.

Another Unfortunate thing is that some of the plot threads get resolved in terms of enmity really quickly through a few chapters. All of those people that tried to kill him over all of the continents are killed off one at a time over a group of chapters. It doesn't ruin the story, but it leaves you slightly unsatisfied, even though thats how the real world works. Unlike other stories, the MC doesn't always kill off strong antagonists. He just finds a way to escape, and both continue living their lives until the MC runs into them again when he's a lot stronger.

Another thing I found weird is that people kept trying to kill him claiming he was a devil cultivator, but as the story went on, that stopped completely. Now they just say that they want to kill him for his treasures instead of lying about it, although he never stopped using that devil axe...

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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