The Gardener in a Hunter World


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When hunters enter the dungeon, I fall into a dream.

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헌터세상의 정원사
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Dcrangerange rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: c19
This is a great one. It's a Korean style story told at a Japanese pace. You won't spend 40 chapters getting through the backstory before you get to the present day. Instead you get 1 chapter of backstory followed by actual forward progress of time. Also the story is very well put together. This is well worth reading. Give it a shot.
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Notaborax rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: c2
poor translation quality. Poor writing style. The writing or the translation was so bad I had to write a review. The writing style of the author is utter tr*sh. I have sat through several isekai novels and was suprised that a story was so badly written I had to write a review on how bad it was
i started in chapter 2 and skipped the intro and stuff

very poor writing. Like following example

... more>>

All he could see was an old tree that looked like it had been struck by lightning, a rock, a stream, and strange plants.


so its been struck by all that stuff??? Thats too much stuff how do I imagine this??? How do I picture it getting hit by a plant??? Now that im thinking more of it the tree portion should be in the end, because all that extra stuff sounds like the tree was struck by that all that stuff

the chapter was full of basic ass sentences thay felt like it was written by a 6th grader doing his first story

there is a lot if redundancy


Hunters need ether to use their skills.

It is a kind of fuel and making the consumption value to 0 is a lot effective than just thinking about it.

felt this could be combined

there are a lot of questions which are setup into the next thing. Like every 3 sentences there is a question <<less
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Lucia Morose
Lucia Morose rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: c38
If you enjoy wholesome farming novels and just want a casual read, this might be the novel for you.

However, in an effort to acknowledge the author's efforts and provide an update based on previous reviews that were made during the early chapters it feels necessary to mention:

Recently, the author's made efforts to expand on the source of the MC's abilities and why he was specifically bestowed with them, consequently expanding on other aspects of the lore including the history behind the other worlds aka dungeons.

The author's even decided to hint at a possible main antagonist (an antagonist? In a farming story? It's more likely than you think).


In a fit of whimsy, I've decided I can't hold myself back from mentioning:


The peaceful environment that the MC lives in is actually manufactured by the god that bestowed MC's powers; given this setting, if sh*t decides to hit the fan, sh*t will absolutely smash that fan. Poor MC, he doesn't even know what he didn't sign up for

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Tintl rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: c12
I like the concept but there are too many plotholes.
MC gets a trait for ... more>>

being friendly to animals and plants iirc because he helped plant the branch of a tree in the ground (which I think he himself broke?) and for helping an insect kinda. But then he kills a crab because it's delicious food and cuts palm trees down to build a house. And he wants to eat another crab but he can't kill it so he just stares at it and it actually falls on the ground?! And dies on impact?! This is like trying to get the rare ingredient for potion making to the MC without ruining his friendly to animal trait that was already ruined bc he already killed a crab...


so the plot doesn't really make sense to me. Even the premise so far makes me skeptical. This MC is a (this is on the first chap so I don't really consider it a spoiler) potion maker and the novel is getting him rare ingredients to make his potions super op. But he's getting those animal ingredients easily bc he's got a trait for being animal friendly, yet to get those ingredients he's killing those animals. How does that work? <<less
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izhov rated it
June 11, 2022
Status: c28
if you like to read slice of life genres, then you will definitely like this. The translation is very good and readable considering that it is an mtl. Maybe the person below who said that "poor translation quality" didn't see the disclaimer of the translator who said that this is an Edited Mtl. This story is really enjoyable to read for me, so if you want to read something to take a break from reading novels with angst/breakups then this is for you.

pardon me if my grammars are incorrect as... more>> I'm still not that fluent at english.


his cat-like snow leopard is so cuteee. Though it's still not confirmed if it really is snow leopard because it looks like one.

MC's a worker of the world tree so I think he is also basically the guardian of the world tree (?) i'll edit it later if I read more chapters.

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