The Founder of the Great Financial Family


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I somehow ended up in the world of a novel with magic and dragons.

Why? I have no idea.

I just woke up here.

I’ve read a lot of web novels and normally you would have ended up in the body of the protagonist with outstanding talent or the tr*sh child of some rich and famous family.

My situation should have been like that too…

‘Isn’t this.. a little too unfair?’


Given my background, there was only one way to move forwards and live.

‘Yeah. At the end of the day, money is the best. No matter which world, it’s always driven by money,’

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Geum-yung Myeong-Ga-ui Changshija
금융명가의 창시자
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4 Reviews

hou long jhonson
hou long jho
Jun 06, 2021
Status: c6
At chapter 6.

The translation is ok, but is very very slow.

The history put you in the shoes of the poor eldest brother of 6 siblings in the border of a starvation, his mother dead and his father in the way of death. No cheats, no magic, no strength, no money.

The only things for him are that he studied economics and maybe he reincarnated in a novel, but the autor don't give any details.
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Jun 27, 2021
Status: c8
An interesting take on reincarnating. Nothing to his name but previous knowledge, the true epitome of reincarnations novels. Further more he is tied down by his 4 siblings limiting his options and prospects. I hope he continues to play economics by the books and doesn't rely on luck or goodwill.

Translations are very slow so I don't expect to get a proper feel for this novel for another 3-6 months unforunately.
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Jun 29, 2021
Status: c8
His logic is pretty funny, on how he always thinks that money makes the world go round. He has a pretty unique character, I mean most MCs usually wants to get strong or level up but he only thinking on how to get rich. His teachings to his siblings are also quite ridiculous, on how having money can make you go into heaven, because if you pay the church well, they'll pray for you back to god. I was literally laughing when he said that.
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Sep 19, 2021
Status: c18
Early review! 5/5 stars mostly because it seems pretty promising, but 18 chapters can't guarantee it won't go downhill later.

The MC transmigrates into a novel as a poor commoner with little physical and magical talent, whose only consolation is that he knows how to read and isn't a serf or s*ave. He seems coldly logical for the most part and doesn't have qualms using questionable practices to earn money for him and his numerous younger siblings.

The novel also deals a bit with (fantasy) economics, as you would expect from the... more>> title. Also, the world really does appear to be medieval, with a comparatively fleshed out feudal system and medieval beliefs. Looks like this novel will be an interesting read when it's completed, anyway.

The author's naming sense, though... The MC's name is Rockefeller Rothmedici (amalgam of the Houses of Rothschild and Medici? MC gonna be a banker?). And the beekeeper's name is Bikip. Maybe this sounds fine in Korean, but it's kind of awkward in English. <<less
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