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I somehow ended up in the world of a novel with magic and dragons.

Why? I have no idea.

I just woke up here.

I’ve read a lot of web novels and normally you would have ended up in the body of the protagonist with outstanding talent or the tr*sh child of some rich and famous family.

My situation should have been like that too…

‘Isn’t this.. a little too unfair?’


Given my background, there was only one way to move forward and live.

‘Yeah. At the end of the day, money is the best. No matter which world, it’s always driven by money,’

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Geum-yung Myeong-Ga-ui Changshija
금융명가의 창시자
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New SonicWizard rated it
November 30, 2023
Status: c159
The series starts strong, with an interesting take on isekai that isn't normally seen. Unfortunately it drops off pretty hard after a while. The story becomes more like a list of events. The MC's plans all work flawlessly and it's like every victory is given to him on a silver plater. The story quickly forgets the other siblings almost entirely and at most will mention them for a brief moment every now and then. The other side characters have zero personality, even the really important ones. Everything feels very forced... more>> and absolutely none of the characters feel like anything more than plot devices to move the narrative along. I still like it to some degree due to how invested I was initially and i'll read until its completed but things aren't looking great.

Edit: After getting caught up to the TLs I have almost zero faith that this series will be able to conclude in a satisfying manner. There's only 22 chapters left to be translated and there's an entire war and several other plot threads that need to be addressed, there is no way it will be able to stick the landing on this with so few chapters left.

Honestly just avoid it. There's better isekai and if you are really into finance stories, well, you will quickly see this one lacks the depth that you are probably after. <<less
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New RealDankie rated it
November 29, 2023
Status: c180
The characters are so unbelievably bland, it's like the author only let each character have 1 trait that defines their entire personality. Character relationships are as deep as a sidewalk puddle. X character is (something) to Y character. As of the Black Label arc, the most in depth the author wrote about any character relationship are the mc's family which was at the very beginning. Every character could have their name replaced with their job and I would feel exactly the same amount of attachment to all of them. The... more>> "focus" on the financial tricks and ploys only pays off if it's actually interesting. MC has literally 0 issues of any actual consequences bringing financial concepts centuries ahead to medieval times. The fantasy element is only explored to make currency forgery proof and is about as necessary to the story otherwise as pineapple on pizza. <<less
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I am out of names
I am out of names rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: c43
Okay so, I really think, that at this point in time, the story deserves 5 stars. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because the translation is not nearly close to be done, so I can't say anything for sure.

I'm mainly just writing this to refute any claims done by Drakeshade35, whose gibberish I cannot comprehend. I mean, I understand what he's saying but his concerns are very far-fetched, to say the least. As a person born and raised in Germany, we are very knowledgeable in the dark... more>> history of our country, and that includes how jews were regarded and treated back then. We learn of all the atrocities committed to the jews, how and why it took place in the first place, so that it may never happen again.

Having said that, I don't know about korean anti-semitism, neither am I denying how a lot of these translated novels can have very racist and sexist undertones. But what concerns this book, and this book only, his points seem very dubious.

As far as I could read, the MC is an opportunistic bastard, which I like. There is the dwarven race and the Goblin race that live alongside humans in this story. All three of these races have their own country. At this point in time, none seem inferior to the other. They have different attributes that are linked to their race. Goblins, unlike in other fantasy novels, are the moneygrubbing overlords. And yes, I do see how Drakeshade came up with the parallel that "A lot of jews were rich before they were hunted down, and also they were insulted for being greedy for money" but the situation is just entirely different.

Also, in no place, shape or form were Goblins, as a race, ever depicted in a biased way. On the contrary, they were described to have better work conduct than humans do,

since they didn't lace their Gold with copper to get more currency out of it.... like the humans did.

None of the races were either good or bad, all of them had bad as well as good points.

Last but not least. The biggest factor why I think Drakeshades concerns are rubbish, is because there's a big difference between plot points and an Author self-inserting their opinions. As much as it sucks, racism exists. Even though, technically we, as humans, are one race, we still decided that people who had a different skin color were another race. I can only imagine what would happen when there are actually different races. Of course it can't be peace, especially with humans involved. So they were bound to hate each other. It's a very understandable part of the book.

If you read this, Drakeshade, I wanna say again that your concerns are valid in the grand scheme of things, but it just isn't it for this book. Don't hyperanalize things and come to a conclusion all by yourself without nearly enough evidence. <<less
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hou long jhonson
hou long jhonson rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c6
At chapter 6.

The translation is ok, but is very very slow.

The history put you in the shoes of the poor eldest brother of 6 siblings in the border of a starvation, his mother dead and his father in the way of death. No cheats, no magic, no strength, no money.

The only things for him are that he studied economics and maybe he reincarnated in a novel, but the autor don't give any details.
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Fluffums rated it
November 9, 2021
Status: c8
The concept is fine, the execution seems fine until you consider that it's a fantasy world with magic and powerful monsters like dragons. Everything is simplified and cut short with the simple explanation that the protagonist is always right. I had to stop when he started teaching his little siblings about moneylending, a practice that requires credit and strength. A commoner has no way of implementing that because at any given time, pretty much anyone can just say "he's lying" and not only renege on the debt, but kill the... more>> commoner and take everything. I'm sure that'll be addressed at some point, but the order the protagonist explains to his siblings is way off, and I'm not sure they need to know at that point.

The younger siblings also only seem to serve as echo chambers to let the protagonist explain his brilliant theories and go "wow, you're smart!" (and the little sister has done nothing but wordlessly whine and dine, leaving me to wonder why a toddler was left alone all day while all four of her older brothers went off chasing after dreams of gold)

Some might say that it's too early to judge, but even up to this point there have been opportunities to let the story become anything other than "I know how finances work so I'm better than all these peons who can only swing a sword around or use magic". There's just one character and he's not the kind of person I want to see rise to "greatness". <<less
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NovelSchemer rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: c8
His logic is pretty funny, on how he always thinks that money makes the world go round. He has a pretty unique character, I mean most MCs usually wants to get strong or level up but he only thinking on how to get rich. His teachings to his siblings are also quite ridiculous, on how having money can make you go into heaven, because if you pay the church well, they'll pray for you back to god. I was literally laughing when he said that.
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Morfzine rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Yeashh, this MC is the most anti-hero/morally grey protagonist out there, and he's not even killing anyone! (at least none so far). Honestly, I thought this would be a light read at the start. MC knows future events, he abuses the benefits out of it, and now he's rich. But it got more complicated than that. To the point that you might think money is not real anymore lol.

Yknow with most novels with money grubber tag on it, the worse you can expect is (undiscovered) resource monopolies, tax evasions, or... more>> both at the same time. Here MC actually manipulates the money and currency circulating, ripping off a heck lot of interest from anyone and his mother (the range he's offering is 3% to 10%, if you don't know that is A LOT), nearly causing MULTIPLE bank run AND region financial crisis, plus committing some other 'legal' financial crime that I can't comprehend.

You might be saying "oh that's kinda mild compared to genocide" but the thing is he NEVER really cares who will be his victim. Because most of the 'soon-to-be poor bastards' in this novel are actually decent guys... even by modern standards. Yeah, they have their own 'b*tch' moment, but it is nothing horrendous like what you might expect it to be. They each have their own to protect although it is mixed with personal greed (which MC awakened that greediness in the first place btw).

Those scammer protagonists you have read are f*cking angels compared to this novel MC, Rockefeller is. In the case of protagonists who solve their problem using some deception, it is usually because of one of these reasons:

  1. They are outwitting the enemies
  2. The services/deeds they had done are actually worth the price
  3. They know the guy they ask for money from can easily fulfill their demand
  4. The guy they extorted the money from has done terrible undoing
  5. The benefits they got are to help the masses
NO, Rockefeller's only need for money is for himself (and his family). No matter how rich they become, he's hardly satiated. Dudes just sitting around, never bothered him, heck, might not even know OR meet him beforehand, and suddenly, you lose a ton of cash.

The worst thing is Rockefeller never felt guilty from any of it, but he do aware what he was doing is "wrong". His current family motto is "Rather than being a respectable person, it is better to be someone to be feared" while his previous family motto is "Life without a gamble will never gain true success" or something like that (which also makes his previous life very suspicious... is his family in the mafia or something? or at least they have some barely legal financial business). So... you shouldn't expect any moral compass behavior or moral conditioning from him to his client in the first place lol.

He always plans ahead of time to search for the most beneficial outcome from him. There are a lot of curveballs thrown here and there because he frequently changes it based on the situation and his family member's emotions. For example:


Different from my initial prediction, Rockefeller might not sit on the Lord's seat instead, he turns the current lord into a puppet ruler. At least that will be the current status until I think when things got more 'puffed up' in that territory. He's actually not interested in the Lord's seat in the first place, what he wants in the territory, and the power he will gain from that position (true freedom basically, to do whatever the f*ck he wants in the future).


As for romances... it is very hard to say. There are some potential female leads (it's actually one so far), uhh, non-family member females that he interacts with (talked with for like, 2 times). They are no pushovers too as this world doesn't seem to have much sexism anymore (which is great because I hate how the same script is used over and over again in the most 'backward world setting' stories). They are all independent in their own way, and can absolutely fight (had participated in war (s), probably killed some too, while still being 12-14 years old AND a daughter of a prestigious family. And yes, their (her) participation is within her family permission). You might see little difference if you switch their gender.

And this novel didn't avoid 'man and women' feelings either. Though Rockefeller has never touched the topic himself, the side character does. A minor spoiler:


When MC's 3rd little brother expresses his interest to join the church. His first little brother and the 2nd little brother comment that by doing that, you will not be able to marry.


Rockefeller doesn't hit me as the kind of guy that will use HIS marriage to gain more power (and remember, he LOVES his freedom, and marriage is nowhere near that). But with his greed, it doesn't seem to be out of line with his character either. There is also this curveball/plotwist:


His first little brother, Andrew, is in love with the Lord's daughter, Stella (she's very awesome btw, became a squire at the age of 14-15? Sheshh) . She is the reason why he wants to go to the imperial military academy, and of course Rockefeller noticed it. So, while he did permit Andrew to attend the academy (the connections that can be made is a plus), he implicitly stated in his monthly letters, that Andrew should let go of that feeling (estrange her a bit). Because it has just so happened that the lord has what he wanted, the territory and the power it holds.

So that's gonna be awkward if your girlfriend is suddenly your enemy because her dad has beef with your big brother that basically your parent (and had raised you until) now. Anyway, came the time when Andrew and Stella can finally go home for vacation. Stella realizes the problem that had haunted the lord, so she decided to marry to help her father escape his debt. And the only option is now the Rothmedici (our protagonist family) because they are the creditor of his father's debt, and the fact that no other rich family will take her in (because of the debt).

Rockefeller SURPRISINGLY agreed on this matter because he seems to realize that his brother won't get out of his feeling soon enough. So he decided to pick the best outcome that will also make his brother holds no lasting resentment toward him (the main reason is probably he realized that throwing non-business (money) related matters to who is basically your s*ave now, aren't too bad either). And might I reminds you that on the day they reach an agreement, Andrew and Stella is currently 14-16 YEARS OLD? (and Rockefeller as the 'parent' are still 18 years old).

Eh, it's just that underage marriage, especially the ones to pay one side's debt, has low chances to grow any real love between the couple. Andrew sincerely loves (or maybe just puppy love) Stella, but we don't know about Stella's long-lasting feelings for her future husband. Although what she did is entirely on her willingness (even her dad, the Lord tried to dissuade her), I got giddy about what the future holds. Other than that, the confrontation and the events leading to this moment are excellent. So even for me, as an avid believer of romance can and would ruin everything, I can't really hate the outcome.


For me personally, of course, I support a no-romance route, so that we can definitely focus on the actual plot (MC choosing his nephew or even adopted child for a successor sounds great). But if Rockefeller, or rather the author can handle this marriage that will absolutely be a 'marriage with benefits' deal wonderfully then sure? As long as it is not a harem though, hate that shit. And it will take MC's freedom into nothingness anyway, it can even reduce his credibility, thus his profits too despite the benefits that each wife's family offers, so logically, it's still a no.

Edit :

Alright, I take that back, there's no way Rockefeller gonna marry. We got some bromance bait here everyone.

Long story short, Ricardo, the headmaster/patriarch of the Ismail family, a prestigious assassin's household attempted to infiltrate the new bank as Rockefeller assistant. MC naturally finds out about his identity as he has the story knowledge. But still, he let him get the job as to chase away any assassination attempt he will get in the future. The thing is our guy Ricardo, whose entire life views human as just a piece of meat that walks with two leg, actually want to protect a life purely on his own accord, thought of Rockefeller as "Attractive", and that "his thought are so beautiful and powerful" after Rockefeller explain his modus operandi and ambition to him LMAO


Edit (2) :


I half expected our MC's sister will end up with her own specialty, but turns out he planned her to be the empress. Isn't it too cheap? Like idk, even if she's end up be the empress, I want her to be directly educated by Rockefeller because you know the court is a hard place to lived. But at least for now, there's no mention of her having any kind of education. Also she's at most 12yo when it was decided, this MC is really ruthless LMAO, although I know being an empress is the best he can give to her and she's okay with it too. I am just afraid she will be a good for nothing empress tbh.

Other than that, Rockefeller is confused by the appearance of Ricardo's supposed dead twin sister. I am fairly certain that is Ricardo because novel knowledge seems to be a certain thing here. Which beg the question WHY Ricardo exposed himself with his dead sister identity. Bro trying to get into MC's pant or something? Is this what the tag means by "Handsome male lead"? It's refer to Ricardo? Because to be fair we never hear anyone describing Rockefeller's look other that he is young and perhaps blue eyed unlike the cover illustration.


Edit (3) :


News flash, Lucia's (MC's sister) arranged marriage pretty much a done deal here as he met the second prince (although he haven't told his sister yet smh). But what I don't expect is Rockefeller ALSO need to marry one of the Ismail family member. Guess who it is? It's Sylvie, Ricardo's supposed dead twin sister! In their mouth they said that it's instead Ricardo are the ones who had died.


Edit (4) :


Never mind, I think Sylvie is the real Sylvie (a woman), we got baited. Still kinda don't believe it though, there's no 'romance sub-plot' tag nor is there a 'beautiful female lead' tag. But ehh, what they did IS an arranged marriage sooo..


Completed :

Hahh, what should I talk about first? Pacing, I know A LOT of Korean authors having this issue, either the POV changes faster than a train crash, or inconsistency development in each arc. Here, the pacing is quite normal, albeit a bit slow at the start but at a certain point, it is quite decent. UNTIL YOU GOT INTO THE LAST 40 CHAPTERS. Jezz, that 40ish chapter it's just a train wreck. Why is the actual world-building only appear in the last 3 chapters??? And why are the actual biggest deals MCs made just crammed over near the ending like an insignificant role?

WHY IS THERE NO HAREM TAG IN THIS? Because I'll tell you this, the protagonist marries 3 women. Yes, it is purely benefit-based, a contract marriage if you will, BUT STILL, he had children with them goddamnit. And the worse thing is, it came out of nowhere. Beforehand there's no romance whatsoever, or even some build-up, that MC's going to be their husband! The only thing we had before the marriage, is that they had met each other in a purely business discussion. Then boom, suddenly the head of each family offers their daughters to the protagonist.


These daughters are supposed to be the original protagonist's love interest mind you, but because they (the major families) fear his (MC) power, they want to make him their ally as soon as possible. MC accepts because he knows the war is nearing and he wants to consolidate the empire's power more quickly. Because his soon-to-be wives are f*cking war machines and he really needs that.

Might I remind you these 3 women are the only women introduced/with names in the entirety of the novel beside his little brother crush and his own little sister? Like-WHY, the author should have known that building a platonic/business related is better than whatever the f*ck is this. And you know what? I am right, in the epilogue we see how dysfunctional MC's family is (except his blood sibling of course).

I know he's a bastard, I mean this is a man who never gets enough money even when he basically holds the entire continent's fate in his hand. He even requested the painter of the new church building to make the god painting as similar to him. The reason? he hates women now (after his second marriage) and even considers the word 'marriage' disgusting. So you know how much he hates his marriage as much as his wives are. They will never love each other. If not for the benefits, I think he rather be a bachelor for the entirety of his life. The result is, he almost never goes back home, basically neglecting his wives and children, leaving them with money he can print out of thin air. What I want to see is the rise of a great financial white shark who wants to conquer the world and end up enslaving the whole world, not a bad husband and an estranged father.

So I'm thinking, why not get a divorce if they don't like each other that much? MC's ambitions are pretty much a done deal anyway, and he is the most powerful man in the world, there's no family going to annoy him, not even other countries. Yes, we nearly get that but author said nahh, it's not a harem if it's just two wives. So MC's makes a deal with one of his wives who is a great mage, in exchange for whatever she wanted for this marriage (if she wanted a divorce or not). Ofc she accepted the deal, but somehow??? she takes back her word just because MC says he will try to love her even though she also knows that is pretty much bullsh*t anyway.

In the epilogue, even his first wife (the one who I think will develop a romantic possibility because their marriage, although arranged, is discussed with both of them present and on equal footing) already regrets her decision when she saw his inaction (not helping a girl sold in front of his window, haven't met his son for god knows how long). All of them were tempted to sign the divorce paper but end up not because you know how much a hassle it is to divorce a wealthy pair be it, men or women.


Related to that is the emotional aspect. There's none. For me personally, what hook me the most to further read this novel is when the siblings promised each other to always stick together, no matter in sickness or wealth. That is just a bait unfortunately, as they did always love and trust each other but their interaction, written, is almost abysmal. That is also the case with all interactions of major characters. Even random beggars on the street have exponentially more emotional depth than MC's sibling who literally sticks with him from the very start. A shame because MC's family, the Rothmedici, all have a ruthless side in them, but ofc the author also gives it a minimum screen time of a paragraph.

I don't think the author doesn't have the ability to write an emotional interaction that is not related to business. You can see the character personality he designed is good, wonderful even. But he doesn't give them any scene to grow visibly to us readers. Suddenly he got married, suddenly his wife got pregnant, suddenly it's wartime, suddenly it's over, like dude, you gotta let us reader take a break in between conflict. This method just makes a lot of us burned up and dropping the novel. That why emotional sequences are so important, it makes us bond a lot more with the character and a sort of healing after the high. But nope he just gonna cut ALL the normal human being interaction and only keeps the loser gambler sh*t talk.


Lee Han's gutsy and "I do whatever the f*ck I want" personality is great, usually, the 'original' protagonist is just an edgy punk. No further development.

Isabella's critical thoughts and suspicion regarding MC's scheme to the point of almost destroying MC's planning early are very engaging. Make her MC's wife (even though she can literally go everywhere anytime she wants, but she decided to lock herself for some reason).

Ricardo's prudentness, detailed planning, and decisive personality as a fallen family patriarch is very relatable to some extent. Make him a her and make her MC's wife too.

And many more, hahh...


Even after an important moment, the author ain't gonna sit down and talk about each character's point of view related to it. He just skips it like it's any other Monday and goes back to money. No, let's not talk about the point of view, the author doesn't even give us a clue on how things going on after those events other than of course the money aspect. Originally, okay, I understand that you want to focus on only the economy but bruh economy it's not just a number, sometime you gotta observe the social changes for better decision making right? Example :


Andrew's marriage. We don't know how the couple's dynamic are and their opinion of each other after the marriage. Did Stella dropped her military education? how did she cope with her sudden marriage even though she prepared for it? How did Andrew feel about his marriage that is based on debt solving?

Leo's life in the church. How did he feel at the beginning compared to now? No, we don't even know what his feeling are other than he is happy that he can help his brother. But no way that feeling will remain pure forever right? especially as his own big brother is the one who make the entire world a 'better' place.

The new emperor's feeling of being used constantly and knowing what he allowed to be done will have negative impacts. Well-informed noble reaction to MC's unusual rise of rank. Other races' reactions. And many more!

Thing is, I think the author knows all that jazz and decided to wash over all the bad things. Because he thinks that will just be a useless emotional burden to us the reader? But I think those conflicting thoughts from various individuals, are one of the charms of reading morally grey characters.


This is just another list of my butthurt moments :


Ricardo being Sylvie is such bullshit. All this time the novel is like a god's word, all in there is a must happen. But YOU just gotta pull that out of your ass (a plot hole) just because?? Not only you baited a lot of readers who are fans of male-to-male friendship and appreciation, you just HAVE to make all the named females as MC's wives. Ugh, can't male authors realize that platonic relationships, whether it's same-gendered or different-gendered have more potential, and are very high on the market right now smh. Don't tr*sh your own plot.



Making this a book transmigration novel while never explaining the supposed plot is terrible. Then you just have to make the original protagonist go back home so that the females can go back obediently to be your main character's wives...



Lucia being the empress without known high-end education just bugs me a lot. The only thing MC teaches her is when she is already married and it's words like "don't let them trample you as we are now higher than them, but don't be a b*tch, you understand right?". That makes a new low to a parent's (big brother) advice.



No explanation of MC's origin... author just gonna give us a very suspicious family motto, past betrayals experience, then leave it as it is



No explanation about Andrew's military school life... alright. The mana tanks that MC's ardently invest in also have no further explanation other than it used in war...



Again, if you don't want to world-building alright. But if you put em at the end of the novel, it seems like you put it purposely to belittle us, readers.



No further explanation on the big three families of the empire other than their specialized talent. Like not discussion of the scope of their influence? their main business line? how their clan dynamic work, the ranks, etc.


It's still a 4 stars... My suggestion is to read until chapter 141 (yes I clearly remembered the exact chapter of the huge turning point, don't ask why...) then drop it unless you want a boiled-in-a-pot torture. No matter how you hoped it to be, it will never be near the ending you've wanted and waited for so long... It's just a disappointing mess... <<less
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aShinyVaporeon rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: c18
Early review! 5/5 stars mostly because it seems pretty promising, but 18 chapters can't guarantee it won't go downhill later.

The MC transmigrates into a novel as a poor commoner with little physical and magical talent, whose only consolation is that he knows how to read and isn't a serf or s*ave. He seems coldly logical for the most part and doesn't have qualms using questionable practices to earn money for him and his numerous younger siblings.

The novel also deals a bit with (fantasy) economics, as you would expect from the... more>> title. Also, the world really does appear to be medieval, with a comparatively fleshed out feudal system and medieval beliefs. Looks like this novel will be an interesting read when it's completed, anyway.

The author's naming sense, though... The MC's name is Rockefeller Rothmedici (amalgam of the Houses of Rothschild and Medici? MC gonna be a banker?). And the beekeeper's name is Bikip. Maybe this sounds fine in Korean, but it's kind of awkward in English. <<less
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June 27, 2021
Status: c8
An interesting take on reincarnating. Nothing to his name but previous knowledge, the true epitome of reincarnations novels. Further more he is tied down by his 4 siblings limiting his options and prospects. I hope he continues to play economics by the books and doesn't rely on luck or goodwill.

Translations are very slow so I don't expect to get a proper feel for this novel for another 3-6 months unforunately.
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Rakel89 rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: c33
Love the story so far. It's fantasy but the details is awesome and I like how sly the MC is. It's quite realistic with how the MC is neither bad nor good, like how human really are. I hope this will continue being translated. Thank you for the translation !!!
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Chiechan_ rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: c50
I gave up reading this novel... It's too boring in my opinion, I'll give 2 stars for it.

At first I thought this novel was really good because it's not a typical novel where the main character is OP or naive.

I liked it at first because the character of this novel is as expected anti-hero, cunning, scammer and cold-blooded.

I have read till chapter 53 and it was so bad for me. I don't mean to be mean or anything it's just that this novel is in 1 issue, takes dozens of... more>> chapters to finish.

I mean if it was a matter of intrigue or organization or politics, I would understand that it would take dozens of chapters to finish. But this novel is not, it is just a matter of borrowing money, from borrower to borrower, it takes dozens of chapters to complete the scene.

I was in agony reading this up to chapter 50, and the vibe is still the same.

The plot is very, very slow to the point that I think 1 day in this novel takes about 6 chapters.

I am very disappointed, this novel was very interesting at first but over time the story is very boring, there is no physical picture, I don't know what the main character is like, I can't imagine because it's not explained?!

Every character here is not explained in any way, place, setting or anything about background! Even the most frequently mentioned things like currency are a bit difficult to judge because there is no specific description, only a perfunctory explanation!

Whereas the currency is the thing to watch for as the story is centered there!

I'm done, that's all. <<less
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Drakeshade35 rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: --
I have very mixed feelings about this book and a lot of translated books in general. On one hand there are a lot of great books on the other hand a lot of those great books are very racist. Take this book as an example it has a very interesting premise and it is executed extremely well. However, this book is also very antisemitic (the goblins are are very clearly a Jewish character and the main characters name is Rockefeller). This is probably because of the huge problem of... more>> anti-Semitism in Korea. This is of course not just a problem in Korean novels it happens with a lot of other translated novels. I am sure people on this site are aware of the large amount of Chinese novels that are very racist, although many of those novels are not good enough for me to overlook the racism and continue reading like this book. I have even seen a lot of racism in Japanese novels however in those cases it is lite enough that if I didn't have a background in sociological media analyst I would not notice it (of course there are more egregious example in manga however this is a post about novels. Now what did that rant have to do with the novel itself. Well this novel does something unique that I have seen in few novels it has explicit antisemitic themes and was still a interesting enough book that managed to keep me engaged. The only othe book I can think of off the top of my head is Harry Potter. That is not to say that it is a perfect book and that if you where more sensitive then me that you could stomach it. So all in all I give this book 3 stars because in many ways this book is just average however it is interesting enough to give the book a try <<less
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Sky liger
Sky liger rated it
September 6, 2022
Status: c80
I gave this novel 4/5 stars. I've read the mtl ver of the novel and it's very interesting but lacked something that keep it out of 5 stars. Below is my reason. Sorry if my english sucks because I rarely write review and english is not my main language.

... more>>

This will be main reason why I read this novel. The novel is about MC that that rise to become a financial superpower by becoming a banker. MC is from another world and just finish his study on financial and history. That's the main focus of the story. This novel is all about banking and financial stuff. You won't see any fighting or war scene. There is a mention about war or fight, but you won't see any detail describing the said fight. So, for those who expect some physical fighting, you won't see anything of it here.

This is the part that manage to gain my interest. The only fighting scene you will see is how people fight using money. That's what makes this novel interesting and fascinating for me. This novel will explain with detail how banking system exploited and gain money. Even me that doesn't know anything about finacial found it quite easy to understand most of the explaination. Its not like most Chinese novel where the MC just said banking term and throw money at investment and stock. This novel made me understand how money works. For example, why did people change using from gold coin, something that very valuable to paper, something that is worthless, or how they manage to convince people to use the paper money. This is just to say few of them. This kind of thing for me is very rare to see in any novel, so its very fascinating for me. This point alone made me gave it 4 stars.

From this point, I consider it as a minus.

First, this world setting is a fantasy world in a novel. That's fine for me. The thing is the author doesn't elaborate about the world at all. This novel doesn't have any world building at all. The author just tell us the MC is reincarnated in a novel just for convenience and the MC just unexpectedly came into the novel. This world has multiple races such as Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc and Goblin. I don't see any races other than what i've mention before and the only races that MC interact is Dwarf, Goblin, and other human as they are the only financial superpower on the world. So you wont see any interactions with races that doesn't have any connection with money.

This is the main reason why I gave this novel is a 4 star for me. There is no other main focus on the novel other than making money and become financial superpower. That's mean no romance whatsoever. The MC did got married with the girl he interact with, but there is no romance involve, only business. For me its quite dissapointing, but maybe because the author doesn't have any expirienced on writing romance so it can't be helped


Other than the points I wrote, I don't there is any downside for this novel. <<less
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Rinae rated it
December 5, 2021
Status: c28
The MC's morals are really questionable. I'm not fond of scummy MC regardless of gender but honestly as of now I like rooting for Rockefeller. The one commentor fr just read c4 and already gave a one star💀 The prologue isn't even over yet and in a 181 chapter story the characterp Development hasn't even started

I must admit though, MC's siblings really make up for his points

4 stars for now because because it s not yet over, it needs more coverage
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ADDDDD4455 rated it
July 21, 2023
Status: c56 part2
Very much like it. This is probably the only novel about money that sounds legit. Like I think this is kinda possible, especially if it's in novel, to happen. Nice to read. I would recommend it. It is hard to find money novel that is good so. Go and read it.

Edit: Im at 86 chapter now. It is as good as it was. And I know a bit more about banks now and how to do business. Even if it is not 100% accurate it is interesting. (U know I'm... more>> not a banker so I can't judge accuracy) <<less
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starlet rated it
November 4, 2023
Status: c40 part2
this novel feels like the history of evolution of economic!

... more>>

this novel tells how the paper currency was born, how the banks works, how people with only has money can stand together with people with strong power or status, and even how the cryptocurreny was born, all in isekai!


no matter whether you are in real life or isekai, everythings needs money!

this novel tells that no matter how high your status, no matter how strong your sword skills or magics, no matter how good your reputation, what you all need is same, and that is money!

i usually read isekai novel that focused on power like sword and magic, so this novel is really very fresh to me, so I really recommend it! <<less
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Lovise rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: c37
Not bad, the author knows about finance. To be great at finance, you need to know accountant and economic as well. As of 37, he haven't demonstrated what he knows about accountant and economic yet.

One of the things that I like about the novel is the mention of the use of debts. Debt is one of the core aspect of finances. A topic that crosses over with risk-management. I hope the author would also go into swaps and derivatives as well. The author did mention collaterals ; so hopefully he... more>> will mention leverage as well.

Now our MC is a modern day criminal. He aint an opportunist; just straight out a criminal. The author talked about the three step thing. And labeled step #3 as lending money that you don't have. Actually lending money that you don't have is step number 2. You are lending other people's money, not yours; hence "lending money that you don't have". The author is wrong; because a bank run can happens on step #2 IF everyone comes to the bank demanding their money. You lend out their money; how can you expect to returns everyone's money if they comes for it? Modern banks do lend out other people's money. However, step number 3, I read it as lending out imaginary money. It is money that doesn't belong to anyone. Not your money and not your costumer's money; it is money from thin air. This is Fraud. The MC did this step; so he is committed fraud. In modern days, it is a crime if he get caught. The FBI will knock on his door.

On the other note, Carter is correct and the MC is wrong. There are clearly problems as the US history have shown. JP Morgan tried so hard to save our economy (1907) and even the US passed laws in responds (1913). However the bankers and financial peeps learned jack shet from it. 17 years later, the Great Depression happened amplified by the tactics that the MC uses. Honestly, if you were to analyze the panics and recession of the economy, you would take the side of Carter and not the MC. XD

But hey, the real world is cruel, some sucker needs to lose money, crash, and die so another can prospers. <<less
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SussyReader rated it
February 24, 2023
Status: --
I finally found this novel after two years finally ToT

My basic review for this novel: (I read until chapter 32 until I lost my tab for this novel)

Great start 10/10

MC 10/10 (He is smart and can adapt well)

Side Characters 8.5/10 (The brothers were really fun to watch)

Plot 20/10 (It is really hard for me to find similar tropes of this for some reason)

Overall rating: 100/10

If you stumbled across this novel, then let it be known that was called fate and u should absolutely read it
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YeongEunJi rated it
May 27, 2022
Status: c73
I really like this! ML is good! It's quite refreshing! I love his character and his point of views in life. I also like his family and how he take lead. I can't wait how his brothers and his family would grow! Can't wait for more!
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Himitsu_desu rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: c28
It is fun to read. Especially when he tried to brainwash and taint his siblings at every single opportunity that he got. When he did the not so ' clean' stuffs, I couldn't help but to laugh. Laugh bcoz those are the truth and reality that we are living in!! The irony XD
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mysticalvoid111 rated it
October 27, 2023
Status: 126part2

The MC Rockefeller is someone with gray morality when it comes to money. His father is a tax collector and his grandfather is a famous doctor. He is the eldest of five siblings where his oldest younger brother goes to the military and married the daughter of the debt-ridden lord of the land they're living in by exchanging the rights to manage and the MC taking responsibility of the lord's debt, the second oldest younger brother became the MC's right hand man, the third oldest younger brother became a priest due to his desire to repent in the place of his siblings instead, and the youngest has shown interest in getting involved with the imperial court. In the beginning, the MC and his siblings went to a nearby stream to get placer golds out of desperation, and succeeded in collecting a large amount of it which he secretly exchanged with a goldsmith named Carter by projecting himself as a middle-man for an imaginary smuggler. The dealings continued for a while before the MC decided to become the goldsmith's assistant which raised the profits of the bank that the goldsmith managed through several schemes the MC orchestrated. The schemes are burying the lord to debt with the land as collateral, introduction of paper currency in order to expand the loaning business and get the lord into debt, short-term monopolization of beer to sell to dwarves, and having the local church deposit their assets to the bank with positive 3 percent interest. Several years have passed and the MC managed to usurp the management rights from the lord by marrying his brother to the only child of the lord. A sudden earthquake revealed a massive gold vein located in the MC's territory so he went to one of the largest guilds whom his bank is a member of, to get more power to deal with it but the guild leader is an as*hole so he replaced him with the support of the church and several other guild members that are disgruntled with the now-former guild leader. After becoming the guild leader, the MC introduced modern banking techniques and wages financial wars with other rivaling banking guilds.

I haven't mentioned a lot of details so read the novel if you want to find out.


The story telling is your typical Korean style. The procession is slow-paced or rather it focuses mostly on finance. The characters could have been more developed but it might have made the pace much more slower. There's also several grammatical mistakes but it doesn't affect my immersion too much. It might be because I'm jaded when it comes to novels but this one doesn't seem that special. It's certainly better than some and is quite enjoyable to read but my impression of it is quite mild.
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Smallblackcat rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: 70
The story is really good since the MC is a breath of fresh air for me, and I'm expecting more on to his sibling they aren't a carry along characters they have their own ways to help the MC in the future like the one who likes to be a knight or priest since connection can't be bought by money that easily and there is a slow development of plan you need to read indepth to know what the mc's future actions and he's willing to wait to get something... more>> out of it, the MC also don't have op skills and relay only to his meager knowledge about money. <<less
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