The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending!


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A perfect status, perfect appearance, and perfect fiancé.

The life of Alisteen, the Duke Quatra’s daughter, had been going smoothly in every way.

She was the perfect villainous young lady, using her position to behave as she pleased within the academy.

One day, the fourth princess from the neighboring country arrives at the academy.

Unable to tolerate the fairy-like, adorable girl who was loved by everyone, Alisteen foolishly lays a hand on the princess.

With not a single ally, abandoned by her fiancé Julian, Alisteen dies quietly in despair.

Or at least, that’s what should have happened.

When she awakens, she finds herself in her own room. Reflected in the mirror is her five-year-old self.

Alisteen, who has somehow gone back in time, swears to live a more honest life this time, so as not to meet such an end again.

However, as she grows older, she finds herself becoming closer and closer to her previous, nasty self.

Desperate to avoid such a fate, she seeks help from her fiancé, the country’s fourth prince, Julian.

In the past, Julian had been cold to Alisteen and never smiled at her.

“You, even with your bad personality, are irresistibly cute to me.”

The situation begins to progress in a direction she did not wish for.

Eventually, the adorable princess from the neighboring country who will captivate him appears. Alisteen tries to create distance between her and Julian before that happens, but…

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