The Forgotten Princess Wants to Live in Peace


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Eluana Vita Spess is a stubborn girl who works as a blacksmith in a village called Aden and raises her little brother by herself.

On the day she receives her alchemy ability, a man in the portrait that her mother cherished came up to her.

‘I’m the young lady of a Ducal family?’

Then she learned a shocking revelation from the Duke as he hugged her in his arms. She’s the last bloodline of the first emperor, all known to have been executed.

“I need to get rid of all the dangers. Because I’m worth it.”

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Ichojin Hwangnyoneun Pyonghwaropkke Salgo Sipo
잊혀진 황녀는 평화롭게 살고 싶어
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
July 24, 2021
Status: --
Yooo, it was good. The MC is the child of the duke who their family the only one can do alchemy. ML is good too. The lil bro is cute tooo lolololol
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