The Forbidden Fruit


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Beginning a little later, a journey eastward through the continent of Yugena, centered on Anderheim and Jolga.

What awaits them in the eastern kingdom of Hinoe?

The former Prime Minister Anderheim headed for the eastern kingdom of Hinoe, searching for hints to undo the curse of the Asbal Bloodline, with the Knight Commander, who wished to accompany him. As the two were having troubles setting a date of departure due to the prevailing domestic situation, a young princess appeared in front of them.

“…Please, save Hinoe, our country. I beg of you.”

The Show Must Go On Extra 1: The Forbidden Fruit

[Note: The Story is set after the events of c63 in the main story]
Associated Names
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Don't Bite that Apple
Sono Ringo wo Kajiru na
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